Sunday, October 23, 2011


A great big God Bless you all the way from Chester, PA with the Harvest Time Choir.  After watching God mightily move all day, there is not a shadow of a doubt that we have been sent by God, for such a time as this, to be with Pastor Catherine Jacobs and the Faith Tabernacle Church. 
Saturday we began our day with members of the church going out into their community tracting, like mighty warriors for Jesus, letting people on the streets know that Jesus is love and encouraging them to come to the house of God and seek a new or renewed relationship with him.  We ran into one woman outside her home and began talking to her about Jesus. Upstairs a window was open where we could hear yelling and fighting going on.  She looked as if her spirit was broken and had such sadness in her eyes.  We told her that Jesus wanted to change her life and her circumstances.  She knew about Pastor Jacob’s church and told us she would come to one of the services.  She was so close to the church, so we told laughingly told her we'd come & 'get her ourselves' if she didn’t show up, which made her eyes light up as she laughed.  Meanwhile Pastor Kalinsky and Pastor Jacob’s group went door to door.  They came across one home and when the door opened, Pastor Jacob’s got so excited yelling to the young woman at the door, “Oh, I’ve been looking for you!”.  God's perfect timing puts us in the right place, at the right time.  He is an On Time God! The cares of this world had taken this woman out of the house of God, but on this day, God prepared the way in advance to snatch His child out of the hands of the enemy.  Both of these women walked through the doors of the church Saturday night, determined to make a change! 
Oh, and as the choir sang song after song, anointed drops from heaven went from a sprinkle to a raging downpour in the church. The church was on their feet, and the Holy Ghost was moving.  We sang “Lord, Whatever You’re doing in this season, don’t do it without me.”  Psalm 69:13 says, “But as for me, my prayer is unto thee, O LORD, in an acceptable time: O God, in the multitude of thy mercy hear me, in the truth of thy salvation.” The woman we met tracting began to weep in her seat choir members went to speak a word to her and pray for her, and God continued to move. He moved from person to person, with people crying and speaking in tongues all over the place.  The woman from Pastor’s group just cried and praised God for the rest of the night. One young lady who had been so bound came to the altar and God set her free, emptying her out, so He could move in.   The church members began to rise up with God’s anointing power and began praying for others, with people screaming, shouting and being loosed from bound chains, getting saturated with the Holy Ghost.
God is not through. We believe Sunday that He has another level He wants to bring this church to.  He has a challenge for Pastor Jacob’s church and looking for whosoever will rise up and take their place in this house of God.
God Bless You & Thank You for Praying
-- Harvest Time Choir

Last Day in Nauta (Peru)

Joy like a River!

The last meeting with the pastors was awesome! We had made so many new friends and had spent so much time praying and crying, laughing and fellowshipping, talking and walking, preaching and shouting, singing and dancing together that we have truly become one. The Bible explains it best when it says in Psalms 133: 1-3 “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron's beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments; As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life for evermore."  We all have become one! We are brothers and sisters. It does not matter where we were born or what color our skin was our heavenly Father has joined us together and that brotherhood, that’s strong sense of family that is willing to fight for one another could be felt in the church. All over the church today pastors were praying for one another and speaking words of faith and encouragement to one another! I have never felt such unity. There was healing and power in that unity! Pastors leg pain and back pains disappeared as the love of God flowed from one heart to the other. As the pastors continued to pray the power of God feil in that church and God spoke sweet victory into the lives of many men and women of God! Shouts of praise, tears of gladness, groups hugging together all over the church! There was truly joy like a river and it was flowing all over the church! As the Spirit of God continued to move pastors fell out all over the church under the power of the Holy Ghost! The Lord took eveyr opportunity to saturate His precious people! Saying goodbye was not easy. Many tears where shed! Some of us held on to each other for sometime! Our hearts were joined together, our lives and destinies were connected! But we knew we had to go back and do what God has called us to do. Many pastors will be working together to win their villages! Pastor William will continue to go down the rivers and train! Pastor Gustavo will be back with a team from is church in January 2012 to do youth meetings! And we must continue to give and to pray to keep theses meeting going to give glory to God! The next conference will be in March 2012. We are expecting double and this year the church was packed! So I encourage you to make a generous donation today and invest in the men and women of God in the jungles and you to will have joy like a river!

Love you all! Thank you and God bless you

Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

Victorious Day in Nauta - (Peru)

He poured out His Spirit on all flesh!

Today’s entire meeting was just incredible! From morning to night the Lord just poured out His Spirit without measure upon His sons and daughters here in the jungles! There are many women pastors and leaders that have come for the first time.  We also have many young pastors with us. Every meeting is filled with excitement and great anticipation for God to pour out His Spirit.

There is no way I can accurately describe what happen in this meeting! All I can say is that somewhere in the middle of the preaching The Glory of the Lord came down like I have never seen before! It filled this house with power! Brother Chris said “ It was like a bomb hit this building” People were running and jumping, talking in tongues and shouting! It was unbelievable! Pastor Johnson said “I have never seen the Holy Ghost move so powerfully in all my life, I thought the entire church was going to come down!” As the Spirit of God moved people were being healed, others were being filled! Testimony after testimony came in that God spoke to people, God took people's pain away! And God was not done that was just the beginning! Pastor William said “I have never seen such fire fall in one place, this is what God showed me nine years ago and it has come to pass this nigh.t”  As the Holy Ghost moved, He swept cross the front of the church and then to the back of the church! Old men walked around the church crying and talking in tongues! Young men and women danced before the Lord with great joy! Our old friend Pastor Moises was set free like I have never seen! He was crying and shouting and completely out of control! The Holy Ghost had him running and jumping and dancing and then down he went talking in tongues! When he got up he was another man! A free man! He said “I will never be the same again! Wave after wave of the Holy Ghost moved like fire all over that building! After a long while of the Spirit moving! People were on the floor, on the benches, outside in the doorway! Dancing in the isles, speaking in tongues, praying for one another! I personally felt like God picked up the church and just danced with us all night long! God shook everything in the building that could shake even us! Our meeting started in the afternoon and now it was going on dinner time but no matter what Pastor William did people were still shouting and dancing and talking in tongues! They were staggering like the drunken men and women on the day of Pentecost!  So Pastor William just put the microphone down and threw up his hands and God just has His way! It was past 7pm and God was still moving!

Jesus said you shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you! God has filled these pastor and leaders with power from high! I know that some people may say that it does not take all that jumping, shouting, dancing and talking in tongues to reach heaven but all I have to say is this. If you could fell what we felt as the Holy ghost filled with house, Then I know without a doubt that you would have done what we did! Jeremiah said “It ‘s just like fire shut up in bones!"  Oh Glory to God! What American needs is an outpouring of the Holy Ghost! What the world need is an outpouring of the Holy Ghost! And God is ready to pour! The windows of heaven are open and I hear the sound of thee abundance of rain! So whatever you have to do! Let the Holy Ghost rain fall on you and experience the outpouring of the Holy Ghost for yourself! The song writer said “I got it, I got it, there's something about the power of the Holy Ghost! I can’t explain it but I got it! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Oh Glory to God! This is a good time to give God a Praise! Give God some glory! Shout unto God with the voice of triumph! Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!
God bless you

Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

Friday, October 21, 2011

FGIChurch Choir is on a Mission!

Our Church (Full Gospel Interdenominational Church) has sent it's Harvest Time Choir down to Chester, Pennsylvania with the mission to encourage a wonderful Pastor & Church in their desire to reach their community with the Gospel of Christ... God is doing such great things on their visit, that we just had to take a minute to share with you....     

We bring you greetings from Chester, PA where God is moving by His Spirit!! Our first opportunity to minister started right as we reached our hotel.  Upon entering the hotel lobby, our Pastor, Rev. Eleanor Kalinsky introduced us to a server & asked that we sing her a song.  As we raised our voices, tears began to stream down her face and she put her hand over her heart and said "I can feel it right here!"  God's presence is beautiful.  The first night meeting in the Faith Tabernacle Church was unforgettable.  The choir sang "Something Happens" when you call upon the name of Jesus - and this set the tone for Pastor Kalinsky's powerful message where she talked about the blind Bartemaus who called out to Jesus, "Thou son of David, have mercy on me!!" and to make a long story short, when Jesus finally called unto him, he arose from the place he was sitting in & removed his cloak & walked out to Jesus -- Pastor Kalinsky spoke so powerfully about when we call out to Jesus & he calls back unto us to come, we must remove the cloak - or the the thing that is identifying us with our problem & binding us to our problem - we must remove it & step out in faith and God will take care of the rest!!!  Hallelujah!  God truly moved amongst the people, especially taking time to minister to many of the young people- stirring them to allow God to move in their lives!!     After the service, we had a wonderful time of fellowship and wonderful food, which included the best seafood gumbo we've ever tasted!!!    God is knitting our hearts in His love and a fellowship & friendship like only God can do in such a short time!!  Praise God - continue to pray for us as we ask for God to lead & direct our song, words, life & testimony for the strengthening of this Church, and the deliverance of their community!  
--- Sis. Cris Mack & Sis. Abigail Sanchez, FGIC Harvest Time Choir Directors

My Burdens were rolled away!

God bless you!  This is Pastor Pelayo Pena from El Faro Church in Lima.
It was a great pleasure for me to join Rev. Sanchez on this trip to
Loreto for the Pastors conference. Even thou I was filled with
excitement it was hard to leave my wife and son. Even while I was
traveling I thought of my family and all the things that God is going
to do in our lives.

While we were traveling down the river with Pastor William, he said
that he was driving the new boat for first time and inside of me I
was thinking, “Oh my God, where I am and why am I here?”.  We visited
Vista Alegre (a happy view) and as we traveled down the Ucayali River
God spoke to me and said, "Have faith and stay on the Rock."  That
Word was so powerful that I wasn’t hungry, even when there was
abundance of food. On the way back, the heavy rains started.  It was
cold and uncomfortable but something worse was happening to a pastoral
family that was coming to the conference.  It was so uncomfortable for
me because this pastor and family was stuck in middle of the storm
and the boat was sinking but we were on time to rescue them.

In these two days of the conference God had moved a lot, more than I
ever expected. The Holy Spirit moved with great power but also this
trip is of great value for me - like an entrainment place.  God is
preparing me to do greater things. At night in the preaching God
touched my heart again and I only cried and cried. Now I am realizing
that my burdens have been lifted! I will go back to Lima more light. I
feel like I am leaving a weight behind me because the Holy Spirit is
touching my heart so much. God is moving on many pastors.

Now, there is still more days of conference left and I don’t know what
is going to happen, but one thing I know, is that I will be
transformed into what God wants me to be and He will do the same in a
lot of pastors and leaders here in this conference.  To the Pastor
Kalinsky and the church in the U.S.A, thank you so much for helping me
to come to Nauta, I will never be the same!
God bless you a lot.

Pastor Pelayo Pena

First Day of the Leader's Congress in Nauta

Surviving the Storm!

Today pastors and leaders came from everywhere for the Congress.  Some came by boat, foot, and motorbike.  It took some many days to get here. The amazing thing was everyone was caught up in the tropical storm that hit yesterday. The wind, heavy rain and lighting made traveling very difficult for everyone. It was a wonderful time of hugging and crying. We laughed as we saw one another. It was great seeing our old friends, Moises and Teresa and meeting new friends. There is also a young missionary here from Granby, CT who speaks a little more Spanish than I do (so you know that is not alot) but he left everything at home at 24 years old to obey the call of God and come here for 6 months.
So the church was filled this morning with people from all over. My intention was to greet everyone and then begin to teach but God lead me down another path. I began to talk about the storms of life. Pastor and leaders were weeping and crying. God just reached down to were many of these leaders were and began to heal and encourage His people in deep places that only the Lord knew how to reach! I stand amazed at what the Lord did next because when we came through the storm the power of God hit that church with explosive Holy Ghost power! We survived the storm! We made it to the other side! There is a work for us to do! Pastors and leaders were running and jumping! Dancing and shouting! The Lord, strong and mighty, the Lord, mighty in battle! He swept through the church and many were healed! Some spoke in tongues for the first time! As the saints began to praise God we could no longer hear ourselves speak! Jesus was in our midst and He was doing wonders! For the next hour the Glory of the Lord filled that House! Men and women could no longer stand because the presence of God was so strong! There was a mighty river flowing, a mighty river flowing in this place, and it was full of passion, full of power, full of glory, full of healing and full of grace!
God bless you
Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

2nd Day in Nauta -- On the River

My first Day in the Amazon!

Greetings!  This is Pastor Devin Johnson from Tabernacle of Deliverence and Praise Ministries in Norwich, CT.  It took me four days to join Rev. Sanchez and the mission team in Loreto, Peru.  I had to deal with two flights being changed, my luggage was sent ahead of me, the team had to go on without me, but I was determined to do what God had called me to do and nothing was going to stop or discourage me from obeying God.

It is amazing that no matter where we travel the true people of God, take what they have and make the best out of it!  The truth is God has provided a pulpit everywhere! While on the plane I had the opportunity to sit next to a man who was a fruit vendor from Chile.  He began to tell me about the fruit in Chile and how much of the United States fruit comes from there.  He told how he was in Atlanta, and all the fruit vendors from around the world met there at the conference to establish new accounts in the U.S.  Then the Lord really gave a vision or more so a revelation, that we in the church are vendors for Jesus!  Even though we don't sell the gospel (well, we're not suppose to) we have stations set up all over so that many will taste the fruit!

Rev. Sanchez preached  a message to the people in the Amazon out of Luke 5:18-26. In the message he focused on verse 26 and told the people of God Strange Things were going to begin to happen!  The Lord spoke through him a word of exhortation as he begin to tell them not to place their faith in each other, missionaries from the U.S., but in Jesus!  It was amazing as I looked around and saw how the people of God took what they had and made the Lord a sanctuary. 

So we got back into the boat and began our travel back down the Amazon, as we got a quarter of the way we were met by a storm!  Talk about strange things!  It was quite interesting as the waves began to flow harder, the rain beat on the boat, the wind rocked the boat, the thunder and lightening worked together in unison, and I began to think about those disciples, Lord have mercy!!!  Even in that, God wasn't done using us. The Pastor that was in the front of the boat working as guide spotted another boat that was sinking!  When we got to the boat we saw there was a family on it!  This man that Rev. Sanchez instantly noticed was on that boat with his family (6 children) were on their way up the river to come to the conference and hear us preach the Word of God!  Boy, the stuff you'll do when you really want God to do something in your life.  It humbled me as they got on the boat with no complaints at all just happy, as if they knew God was going to intervene on their behalf.  With God no mission is impossible! 

Rev .Sanchez  and I would like to thank everyone for giving and praying because God is already doing great things.

God bless you
Pastor Devin Johnson

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First Day in Nauta - Loreto, Peru

Down by the River Side!

After a wonderful visit to El Faro Church in Lima, we flew to Iquitos and then traveled by road to Nauta for the Leader's Congress.  Before the meetings start we are traveling down the river to visit some villages.   Here is our first report:

Today we walked down the side of a semi steep dirt hill until we came to some thin handmade wooden steps leading down to the bank of the river. We had to walk across a few boats that were on the water to get to the boat that Pastor William built. It was not easy keeping our balance.  A few times I thought for sure I was going to be baptized but I made it safely to the boat!   As we pulled out into the center of the river Pastor William asked us to join in prayer because this was the first time they were trying out the boat on the river. This was great motivation for the team to really reach heaven!  As we travelled away from Nauta there was no doubt that we were in the jungle.  My I-Phone no longer had service. There were no more cars, no electrical wires and no buildings. We were headed for a village that can only be reached by boat.  As the sun beat down heavy on us we passed by fishermen and farmers.  We passed by children swimming in the rivers.  We saw birds flying and butterflies were landing on our shirst!  As the small breeze hit my face I thought of our forefathers who had gone before me to reach villages with the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ and began to thank God that He has counted me worthy to continue such a magnificent calling.  

After two hours in the boat we could feel every muscle in our body.  It was not an easy journey.  It took over four hours of traveling down the river before we saw the entrance way to the village.  We got out of the boat stiff with a few aches and pains but the pains all vanished the minute we saw the people!   The people greeted us with great joy which was a healing to our bodies. The long journey meant nothing compared to the love we felt as the children laughed and hugged us. The pastor showed us his little wooden church that he built for God.  And soon after we got a tour of his village. We were joined by a small host of parakeets that were rather friendly.  We were welcomed to a home for dinner along with the local pastor, a few visiting pastors and a group of people.  They served us little black fish that while they were still alive made little high pitched squeeks and grunts.  I told the ladies that were cooking, that the fish were saying “Please don’t eat me, nice people.”  Everyone laughed!  We had a great fellowship and then headed over to the church where we encouraged the pastor along with some of his congregation.  As we prayed the power of God filled the House and all the people began to gather in the doors of the church. The whole village grew silent as we began to pray. God was visiting that village! Soon it was time for us to say goodbye. We got back in the boat and traveled down the rivers.  As the sun began to set it got dark on that river! Guided by the hand of the Lord and a small flash light we made it back to the banks safely.

Love you all

Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez