Thursday, December 22, 2011

Let us go and see!

One of the greatest messages that I have ever heard is about those wise men that left their homes and followed a star. They knew that a king was born and they brought gifts to lay before him.

The shepherds had a different experience because as they were tending to their flocks by night, the angel of the Lord appeared and the glory of the Lord shone round about.  This angel came with a message that would change the world forever.  In Luke 2:10-12 “And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.  For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.”

Wow, what an awesome message that was and if that was the only thing that happened it would be enough to rejoice about!  But there’s more, the Bible goes on to say in Luke 2: 13-14 “And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men”  Heaven got so excited about the good news that the angelic choir had to break out in song!

Why did they get excited?  Because the One who would save humankind from sin, the One who would heal the sick, deliver the captives, break bondages and chains off of peoples lives, He was born!  The answer to every problem, the remedy was here!  Jesus, the Christ, the Son of the Living God was born!  Born for you and I; born that we may live and have life more abundantly; born to bring us into the presence of God!  The greatest Gift to man had taken His first breath! 

In Luke 2:15 it says “And it came to pass, as the angels were gone away from them into heaven, the shepherds said one to another, Let us now go even unto Bethlehem, and see this thing which is come to pass, which the Lord hath made known unto us.” Once the shepherds found out He was here they said ‘Lets go now! We have got to see this for ourselves, the Saviour is born!’

That’s how I felt when I heard the good news that Jesus was born.  I said “Lets go now, I have to see this for myself.”  And the day I sought after Him, I found Him!  But He was no longer a baby in a manager.  He grew up and went about doing good; healing and delivering those that were oppressed of the devil.  He gave his life on Calvary and shed His blood for the remission of our sins and rose again with all power.  

This Gift has given me joy, health, strength and peace!  That precious new life that God had given to the world is now in my heart and I have this gift with me all the time.  And now everywhere I look I can see Jesus!

I see Him at the altar when a soul is being saved
I see Him in my Pastor when she preaches the word of God
I hear Him when the choir sings
I see Him in the tears of brothers and sisters who give to the mission fields
I see Him on the smiles of children that have food to eat in Africa
I hear Him in the laughter of boys and girls that are able to go to school
I feel him in the embrace of thankful Pastors in the jungles of Peru
I hear him in the sounds of the waters traveling down the Amazon River

This year, as you celebrate the birth of our Saviour, I want to encourage you to give generously to missions, for by doing so you will cause someone to experience the joy of Christmas each and everyday of their lives.  

On behalf of our Missions Ministry, Thank You & May you have Very Merry Christmas and most blessed New Year!

--Rev. Sanchez

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dominican Republic - God Did So Many Great Things

God did so many great things while on our visit to Dominican Republic - it's hard to capture it all in words, but here are just a few more great things that He did!
One day we went tracting in the Haitian village.  Young girls who attend the main church were excited because their unsaved families invited us in to pray with them.   People started lining up for prayer in the street.  God moved and we invited people out to church. Two souls that we testified to on the street came to church that night and the church was free as the power of God came down in the worship.  The church exploded as God really moved.

We have been having several different 2-night revival meetings in Pastor Apolinaria’s various churches.  In one church the local pastor seemed a little discouraged, telling us not to expect many people to attend the meeting.  He shared that many people in his congregation stay home during the Christmas season.  But God filled the church that night!  Several souls came to Christ for salvation; others that had left serving the Lord came back to Him.  As we prayed for the children the presence of God came upon then so quickly.  At one point about 30 children were slain out on the floor under the presence of God.  What a beautiful night in His House!

A great testimony:  Last December when we were here, one of the local pastor’s wife was quite thin and weak due to many pressures she was under, she now has gained weight, is full of joy, and looks strong and very happy.  

It has been such a blessing to join the young people who, most nights, sit outside Pastor Apolinaria’s church talking over the Word of God until past midnight.

One night I (Rev. Teachman) greeted the church in English so Sis. Candy could understand, and then in Spanish for most of the people, and then I also greeted them in Creole for the Haitian members of the church.  When I gave the Creole greeting, one sister shouted out for joy – what a blessing!   On that same service, Sis. Candy sang a song in English and all the people joined her in Spanish.  She also shared a powerful testimony of something that happened to her while on this trip:  Her nose had become infected and it seemed that a small growth was forming inside of her nose.  It was red and painful and only continued to get worse.  Well, she went to pray for a woman who was in great pain in her feet.   While praying for this woman, God instantly healed Sis. Candy, and a small piece of flesh came out of her nose and the swelling and redness left!!  What a miracle!  God sent the Holy Spirit down like a fire in that service; people were rejoicing all over the place.

God bless you from the Dominican Republic - Thank you for all your prayers!

Rev. George & Sis. Candy Teachman

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Lord is Moving in Dominican Republic

The Pastor sends us out to many of the local homes to pray for the people some are members of her church, and some are not. We went to the home of a sister that the Lord raised from the dead back in June. She is eating better and she praised the Lord with us as we prayed.  In one home the power of God came upon the children, and all three children were slain out on the floor under God´s power. At that point a family member walked in who was not saved, we asked could we pray for her, she said yes, and the power of God also descended upon her. God gave me a very strong word in tonight's meeting, as he was dealing with many lives especially the youth.  Here as well as else where, there is a very strong pull to go back into the world and many people are in the valley of decision. God gave witness to the Word that He gave me to speak as a very strong presence of God and anointing came upon me, and it come upon those that we prayed for. This power came mightily upon many people as God was dealing deep in their hearts.  Candy has been teaching the children English songs, she has also been teaching the children how to make paper mache flowers and other arts and crafts. Candy has been as happy as I have ever seen her in my life. When she sang in the service tonight the presence of God filled the church. Even though it was English and the people didn´t understand the words they were praising the Lord.

God bless everyone with all our love from the Dominican Republic
 --The Teachmans

Dominican Republic- Candy's Words

What a blessing to be back in the Dominican.
We have been greeted with much love.  It has been raining every day and unemployment is very high here. A lot of the men were discouraged because there is no work. Pastor Apolinaria said we were right on time. Everyone needed the encouragement and strength!  Souls are getting saved and others are recommitting their lives. Many new souls have been added to the church. We went up a mountain to see where land has been donated to start a church. We had service in a home there that had great needs. We prayed and God moved. Torrential rains came and we walked down the mountain which was now all mud in the dark. Some places had a sheer drop. God´s guiding presence was with us. We sang "Marching on in the Light of God" coming down the mountain. The next day we went house to house praying for souls - a 10 year-old boy came with us and carried his Bible and read scriptures. He wants to be an evangelist. We went into homes and prayed for people who were not saved. They all received prayer and were really touched. The women at the front desk to our hotel all want to come out to church. Please pray the rain stops so we can have revival meetings outside. God is on the move.

Love in Christ,
Candy Teachman

Dominican Republic - Trip Beginning

We arrived safely in the Dominican Republic. When Pastor Apolinaria met us she was so happy that when she hugged Candy, she hugged her so hard she broke part of her glasses (no worries - they are fixable!).  When we went to walk into the church we heard the music playing, the singing and the shouting coming through the open windows and the front door of the church. The music is heard in the church yard and all the homes closely surround the church. The meeting was wonderful as the Holy Spirit was falling upon the people.  Candy and I sang a song; "I Give Myself Away", which everybody loved.  At the altar call the power of God was coming upon all the people. Typically when someone comes to Christ in this country the presence of God comes upon them immediately as they call upon the name of the Lord. This happened tonight as a woman came to Christ; as soon as she called upon the name of the Lord, the presence of God came upon her and she was slain out under the power of God.  We are full of joy from receiving the love and kindness of the pastor and all her people and feeling the presence of God in a powerful way.

God Bless you!

Rev. George Teachman

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Lord is doing great things!

My Family and I traveled to Auburn, Maine to preach and share mission reports at Christ Temple Church of God in Christ. We knew God was going to move but we had no idea how much God was going to do in this service! When we arrived we were greeted by Pastor Jackson and soon after it was time for church. The congregation is very friendly. The church has a good mixture of black, white and Spanish people that love and care for one another. You can really see the Love of God in this church.

The song service was excellent! The choir was awesome! After the choir finished with their second song it was time for the mission report. I shared about our recent trip to Loreto, Peru which really blessed the people. After the mission report I preached a message titled “He’s bringing it all together”. As I preached the Holy Ghost moved in a powerful way! There was a lady in the second to the back row and God sowed me that she had given up on life; she felt as if everything had fallen apart and she could not fix it. But God told her that what she could not do, if she gave it all over to HIM, He could do it and more. This woman lifted up her hands in surrender to God and the Holy Ghost came upon her mightily and she fell out under the power of God! Then the woman beside her began to give her burden over to Jesus! This lady was in a deep depression.  She had came up from down south because she lost her home and was living in a shelter with her family and could not find any help. She came up here only to be back in a shelter. But today she did not have to look for help because help had come to her! Jesus came down like a gentle rain up on this mother and she began to cry as the power of God moved on her and all of a sudden the love of God smashed through her depression and she started shouting and dancing and talking in tongues. Then the power of God hit her husband and then her daughter and then her son. God was delivering and touching her entire family!

As God was moving on this family the Holy Ghost was moving all over the church! One man came to the altar and I said to him “God said it is time that you stop running and surrender.” I went on to tell him that I see him with bags all over him. The man said, “I lost my home and I am homeless. I was passing by with everything I owned on my back in bags but I came to church today.” I told him that the biggest bag he was carrying was a drug addiction and it is time to let God break that habit and be delivered once and for all. The man fell to the floor crying! He began to cry out that he lost his children, his family, and his job! He called on that power, the name of Jesus and the Holy Ghost began to shake his hands and then his shoulders and them he hit the floor under the power of God and got up a brand new man! So many things had happened in this service that time would not allow me to tell it all. So many young people were saturated in the Holy Ghost!  As the people were praying this one sister got up and started prophesying. She was prophesying to all the dry bones in her life! She said no more! No more depression, no more defeat, no more poverty! We are going to get a home, we are going to get jobs, and we are gong to serve God! This woman started preaching what she believed! As she spoke the Spirit of God moved through the church in waves! The power of God was all over the church! My wife Abigail was praying for people and God was touching them through her life! It was just awesome! People were everywhere crying, shouting and talking in tongues! God was in the house and He was making His presence known. Near the end of the altar call we started singing a victory song. My two sons Melvin jr. who is 5 years old and Isaiah who is 2 years old came running down the isles dancing and jumping to the music! Well they were so excited that I started dancing with them. So all over the church we were shouting and dancing and glorifying God!

I know this blog was a little long but I can’t end without telling you that no matter what you are going through or facing, no matter how broken it may seem to you the potter wants to put you back together again! So no matter how you feel don’t you dare give up on God! Trust him and seek Him. He has the answer to your problem, He knows what you are going though and if you let Him He will help you! God is a good God and He wants to take all the broken shatters pieces of your life, your dreams, your health and your families and bring to you the love, salvation, healing and restoration you need to be whole!

God bless you

Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez