Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Testimonies from Jungle Pastors!

Pastor Armando Bazalar
 We would like to share with you some testimonies from various Pastors that have been attending our Bi Annual Pastor & Leaders conference in Loreto Peru. Starting with Pastor Armando Bazalar from "Christ Is Coming Soon Church" in Sedro Ysla region and he  says, "Thank God for the teachings, the jungles are filled with so many false doctrines and it is good to have great teaching from the Bible backed up by demonstrations of the Holy Ghost. These teachings have changed my life, they have given me new strength and understanding. I go from community to community re-teaching to others what I have been taught and God is doing miracles! People are getting saved and healed! This has been a great time of fellowship and rest. Rev. Sanchez and the others pastors are easy to talk to and we laugh and cry together, we pray and encourage one another. My church has grown and I just thank God for all He is doing and I can’t wait to get back here in October."

Pastor Fran and Jhertia Balazar
 Pastor Fran Balazar and Jhertia  are from "River of Life Church" in a community named New York.   He is only 24 years old and he shares, "I have been coming to the conference since it started. This is where I first felt the power of God so strong and learned that I could do what God has called me to do. Last year the power of God fell so strong in the church and I knew that God had plans for me but I never expected God to call me into Pastoring. Today I am a Pastor and God is using me to win the lost in my community. I am so thankful for the teachings and for the presence of God that I feel.  My wife and I have big dreams and we know that God is able to fulfill them."

Pastor Julio Eteni 
 Pastor Julio Eteni from "Prince of Peace Church of God" who lives in Genaro Herrena is a new pastor that just started pastoring four months ago. He says, "I am so thankful for the teachings at the conference. It has taught me to stand and to trust God. I have learned about church order and the moving of the Holy Ghost. The teachings have taught me to trust and train others to also depend on God, Today I am a new pastor and once again many questions have been answered in this conference! I have joy, I understand the Bible in a greater way and I am able to help others. God has truly made me strong and I want to see Him move in a greater way and I know that He will!

Pastor Ladislao

Pastor Ladislao from "Church of Jesus Christ" in Iianashpa says “I have known WWLM  for a long time but ever since I have been coming to the congress in Nauta my life has changed. God has renewed my strength and my vision. My desire for His presence has grown stronger and stronger. Through the teaching I have been able to grow a strong church that knows the Word of God and I have learned that a church should also reach out and effect the community that it is in and we are doing that and wining souls. We are evangelizing other communities and we are even teaching what we have been taught to other pastors and God is doing miracles in our midst.  Many backsliders have returned to the Lord and are now following Him. God is moving in every service and we just thank God for all that He is doing in our ministry.”

These are just a few testimonies from Pastors that have been touched by the power of God's Word. The next Pastor's and Leaders Conference in Nauta Peru will be in October of 2012. This field is truly white unto harvest and now is the time to go in and reap it for the Glory of God! We will be traveling down the rivers and teaching in villages as well as having pastor's training with sessions for questions and answers. Please send a generous donation to WWLM Inc. to help with sending the team to teach God's Word, assisting with travel of the local pastors and feeding those that attend the conference. Thank you so much, God will truly bless you abundantly for your giving.

Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

Monday, April 9, 2012

Ready to Run the Race!

(The Mancini Team reports on their last day of meetings with Pastor Gustavo in Lima, Peru)

Our final day in the youth conference. Once again starting off with time in prayer. The youth really brought themselves into a place where their relationship with God was secure.

The morning meeting started off with Sis Liz ministering on the struggles, doubts, concerns that enter into your heart. God showed her how He wanted her to draw a large heart and have the youth write in their troubles, concerns and struggles they were currently having. When she drew the heart, she almost threw away her first draft because the heart was oddly shaped -  it was not perfect. But in the middle of the night, God told her to leave it as it was because nobody's heart was perfect. She shared this in her ministering and when the youth wrote in there entries. Then, she covered the entire heart with a new paper that said "Jesus" on it. It showed them how He cares for us and covers all our concerns/troubles ... all we have to do is get Him on the inside.

What an altar call took place, as the youth came weeping, being healed in their hearts for all these things that have plagued them for some time. This healing Spirit hovered through the open hearts of these young people as He filled them with His love.

The last meeting in the morning (and of the conference) summed up our time, as Bro Marco ministered on the Final Lap of the race we run for God. The race we run is a straight and narrow path with many distractions along the way. But we must run the race that God gives us and finish our course. In relay races there is a baton that is passed from one runner to another. We illustrated how the old testament saints passed the baton to Christ, and Christ passed it to the early Church, and now the Church is passing it to the final generation that will run the last lap of the race.

A baton was brought to the service and at the altar call, each youth in that place had an opportunity to grab the baton and receive the commission that God has for their life. Every youth grabbed that baton and the power of God met them each time. The Spirit rushed through like a mighty rushing wind and filled the house. Every youth was on the floor slain out, reaching out to God, accepting the responsibility of the final lap in this race.

This was a great conference and these youth of Lima Peru are moving forward as mighty warriors, filled with purpose and filled with power.

Thank you for your prayers and God Bless You All!!!

Bro Marco, Sis Liz and Carolina Mancini

The volcano has erupted!

(The Mancini team reports on the second day of meetings with Pastor Gustavo in Lima, Peru)

The Spirit of God has moved in a mighty way and the explosive power of God moved through the lives of the young people.

The theme of the messages for this youth conference is "empowering the final generation". We started of with 7am prayer. Without prayer in our lives, we render ourselves powerless. But these young people know the importance of prayer and came out to fill up and prepare their hearts for the day. A sweet spirit filled the church during this time.

Sister Liz brought the first message of the morning on the armor of God. The young people were part of her illustrations. Yesterday, Carolina Mancini helped with the example when distractions come our way to get us away from God, and today Carina Rodriguez (Pastor Gustavo's daughter) helped by putting on the armor. Sister Liz ministered to the youth about how important it is to have all pieces of the armor and not to expose any part of your life to the enemy. The youth took charge and reached out to God making sure they had every piece of armor- everything that God has for their life.

The second morning session was ministered by Bro Marco. He ministered "Draw your Swords" and how the Word of God is our sword and doesn't do us any good in battle when it stays in it's sheath. We have to draw it out, we have use it, we have to open our Bibles and quote the Word of God.  This sword God has given us is sharper than any 2 edged sword. You can cut things on the way down and on the way up. The devil doesn't have a chance when you draw your Word of God! The young people started to lift up their Bibles and use it.....many won the battles in their life this day. Victory was in the camp.

The night meeting, Bro Marco came back to minister about God's wake up call. Peter was sent to prison by Herod, ready to be excuted. It looked hopeless. The devil is trying to bind up the youth in the same way. But Peter received a wake up call by an angel that kicked him in his side. Some times when God sends His Word it hurts but it causes us to wake up and rise up from that defeated place. Peter made it out of prison...and so did the youth at this conference that were bound by worldly things. God's power struck and blew open the doors of their spiritual prisons.

Thank you for your prayers!
God bless
Brother Marco, Sister Elizabeth, and Carolina

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 1 Youth Retreat with Pastor Gustavo's church in Lima, Peru

We kicked off our first day of Pastor Gustavo Rodriguez's youth conference. If there is ever a day where the youth of our world need time with God it is today. These youth came to the retreat expecting something good for the Lord. Many have come with real troubles and issues that only God can fix.

Sister Liz Mancini started off the day with a morning message on having a relationship with God. This was a great way to start the young people off as they opened their hearts and prepared themselves for the conference.

The afternoon was focused on the young women in attendance, as they held a question and answer session. The girls did not want to end and really desired to learn more about the duties of a young Christian woman. Sister Liz and the female leaders of the Church took the time to really minister to these young ladies.

We then had game time - the most intense water balloon toss we have seen...using towels to catch and throw the water balloons. It was nice to see the youth have joy and lots of fun being themselves and not needing to be someone else. It was good wholesome fun that did not need to be tainted by worldliness.

We had the night service where Brother Marco Mancini ministered on keeping your Christian identity. The youth flooded the altar call and really receive a blessing from the Lord. There were many that had the Holy Ghost restored to them with the evidence of speaking in other tongues.

What an awesome day 1. It is like a volcano that is about to blow up and erupt with power. Two more days left!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sunday morning Revival

(Rev. Kalinsky shares about Sunday morning service at Pastor Gustavo's church in Lima, Peru)

It was a great joy to be in Pastor Gustavo's Church for the first time. Rev. Erha and Bro. Ken were also here visiting from home. It was a joy to meet Pastor Gustavo's Church members. We had a wonderful worship service led by Pastor Gustavo. What a wonderful presence of the Lord was in the House. His people really love the Lord. Rev. Erha, Bro. Ken and Rev. Sanchez all shared a testimony of the goodness of the Lord.

I told the church that I believe the Lord was going to challenge them today. I taught on the need for Holy Ghost filled vessels and Holy Ghost filled prayer. How God is looking for a man, somebody, to stand in the gap for the people, and how He couldn't find a man. We must get back to Spirit filled prayer and fasting to set the captives free. I told of an experience of a man who is dying and heading to a devil's hell with strange beliefs of reincarnation and that spirits appear to him. I told him that I would be praying for him. I got a hold of God through Holy Ghost filled prayer. Weeks went by and I called this man and asked how he was doing? He said: I don't know what is happening? All I know is that I have to call on God through Jesus Christ!" Hallelujah to God! WE have the power to set the captives free! As a matter of fact; unless we stand in the gap many will perish without God. We must stand in the gap for the lost and dying. The Bible teaches us that we are the hands, feel and mouth of Jesus. Oh I feel like shouting right about now! That man has accepted Christ as his Savior and is Heaven bound! This man told me that "spirits" USE TO, punch, pinch and kick him, but two days after we prayed they stopped hurting him. The Blood of Jesus Christ still has power today. God challenged this church to be filled with The Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. Many answered the altar call. People were being filled with the Spirit. Others were weeping and moved on by the power of God. What a mighty move of God.

Thank you for your prayers. God is moving in this hour and I want to challenge you to be that vessel of the Lord to go forth filled with the power of the Holy Ghost and set the captives free.
God Bless you.
Rev. Jerry Kalinsky

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thank you!

Rev. Sanchez and Rev. Kalinsky arrived home safely today. They are very tired and ready for a well deserved rest.  Thank you for all your prayers and we hope you have caught up on reading their bogs!

God is moving in Dominican Republic!

We were asked to preach at a large public park in the city of Santiago. The presence of GOD was coming down so strong that six people came to CHRIST before the preaching began. They would stand next to a Christian and start crying. One woman came to us and told us she had a demon but she had being praying to GOD that she would meet Christians to pray for her. We prayed for her and the Lord both delivered her and saved her. Her countenance changed from a strained look to being full of joy and peace. At the end of the preaching nine more people gave their lives to Christ. Almost every one of them repented with tears flowing down their face. A sister in one of the churches we are working with asked us to come to her house and pray for her sister. She was backslidden. She had become paralyzed and had called several people to her house that practiced witchcraft. They tried to restore her health to no avail. When we went to pray for her she gave her life back to the Lord and so did her daughter. We know that God will raise her up in his time. 

We had set up a 2-night revival meeting. 80 posters were hung up around the city. We made a commercial and it ran on television for one week prior to our meetings. And a truck with loud speakers was going around the neighborhood announcing these meetings. The Holy Ghost came down like a fire. People were dancing, shouting, crying and rejoicing all over the open field. When the altar call was given the anointing got so strong that the power of God came upon each person immediately as we touched their forehead in prayer. 13 souls came to Christ, many of them were weeping as they prayed the prayer of salvation. Many pastors were present as well as members of their churches. Each one of these pastors was announced. It felt like we were ministering at a pastors’ conference. There were about 16 pastors present. So what God did tonight will spread to many churches in this city! 

Pastor Apolinaria a few years ago started a church in a poor area of a nearby city about 15 miles from where she lives. All the members of this church as well as the pastor are Haitians. Through this pastor I met a Haitian pastor named Leon Leones. God has laid this man upon my heart to bless this pastors’ church with much-needed clothes and an offering, which he will use to buy food for the members of his church and their neighbors. He told me that the Lord had given him a vision of this, and it would happen the next time we met. This pastors’ church in Haiti is so full that the 200 members cannot sit inside the church. They all have to stand packed together, and when the Holy Spirit falls it becomes a problem for those trying to worship freely in the Spirit. It also makes very hot conditions hotter. This pastor told me that people keep coming to the feet of Jesus. This pastor was a pediatrician; he worked for a large international organization. He was wealthy, had a large home, farm, and a nice car. The Lord saved him and he felt the call of God to forsake all his wealth and his profession to fully obey the call of God. He said that there is a great amount of people who practice voodoo in his area. And people are getting delivered in his church all the time. One woman who was lame was healed as he prayed for her and now she is a faithful member of his church. This pastor has 7 children and a growing congregation, please pray that God provides the funds to enlarge their current building so the people have enough room to worship God freely.

We were asked to go to the local school to talk to the young people about the week before Easter. Here the people celebrate one week before Easter. Many of them go to the beaches; they go to the rivers and have parties. We took the opportunity to minister about the resurrection of Christ to all the students. I got them all involved in questions and answers session about Christ and everything that happened to Him and those He was with after the resurrection. The response they gave was wonderful. The students were warned to stay away from these parties. One director told us he was so happy we were there and always welcomes us back. He shared that ministering to the students helps all the students and the school.

Thank you for your prayers!
God bless you!!
Rev. George Teachman  

Monday, April 2, 2012

Night meetings in Nauta - Loreto, Peru

(Rev. Jerry Kalinsky shares more good news from the night meetings)
The night meetings were wonderful.  I taught from I Chronicles 1 on how the various tribes of Israel came with one heart to make David King. That they were not double hearted and how they could "keep rank".  I shared how God will give wisdom to the Pastor as to where to place his people. I shared from I Chronicles 13 and II Samuel 6 how David allowed Uzzah to carry the Ark of God and Uzzah put his hand to the Ark and God slew Uzzah for his error. But later David in II Chronicles 15: 2 realized that no one ought to carry the Ark but the Levites whom God had chosen. I admonished the Pastors to watch their platforms and their altar that nothing defiles it that is not of God. I touched again on how we must strive to keep unity in the churches and to watch for the wolves, however, we must have grace and mercy on those who come back to the Lord. If we keep unity and work in our area of ministry we will experience the power of greater than ever before and devil cannot divide us because we know how to keep rank. "One day" the book of Joel declares that the army of God will be mighty men of war and they shall not break their ranks. Hallelujah! We are a victorious people for the Lord and His power shall prevail through His people the church of the living God.
The last night at Nauta really touched my heart.  The presence of God was  powerful with men,  women and children laying all over the altar of God seeking God for the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and falling out under the power of the Spirit of God. Some have received the Holy Ghost before. I had Pastor William and Pastor Pena to help me pray around the altar. There is a group of young men all on the floor crying out to God. There are three young girls between the ages of 10-12 who just loved to give me hugs. They are so precious and I had each to come to me for prayer and the power of God just fell upon them each one and they fell out in the presence of God. A short while later Olinka, one of the young girls was just leaning against the wall loving the presence of God. I really appreciate Pastor William because two of the young girls Olinka and Ruth he took into his home because the other families just couldn't take care of them. I taught tonight on the "The Holy Ghost the delivering power of God" and how we must take the power of God and stand in the gap through Holy Ghost prayer and set men and women free from a devils hell. How God has entrusted us to set the people free. We have the power through Spirit inspired prayer to go into the enemies territory and to set the captives free. Hellelujah to God! Church we must be about our Heavenly Fathers business and bring in this final harvest for God. Hebrews 4: 16 says: Let US come boldly to the throne of grace, that WE may obtain mercy and find grace to help in the time of need. Luke 10:19 says: Behold, I give YOU POWER to tread on serpents and scorpions and over ALL the power of the enemy.
Let us go forth in this hour in this day and win the victory for those who are bound and cannot get set free on their own. Together we are more than victorious, and mighty through God. Glory to our Great God the The Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for praying.
 Yours in Christ, his bond servant Rev. Jerry Kalinsky

The Wow Factor!

I have been coming to the jungles for a number of years and I have seen the Lord do some pretty amazing things. But this morning had to be one of the greatest moments that I have witnessed. Before I even arrived at the church, the Lord spoke a Word to my heart and said "I shall establish my altars in the jungles of Peru."  When I arrived in the church there was such an excitement in the air. It was different then normal, it was the excitement of parents in the maternity ward waiting for the baby to arrive. We all sang a few songs! Pastors young and old, male and female lifted their hands and voices to God. The power and the passion of their praise had to fill to jungles with hope because the power of God was radiant upon His people. As I looked out over the pastors I was captivated by Glory of the Lord that was upon their faces.

When it was time for me to teach I began to share about "The Church, the Gateway to Heaven"! All I can say is Wow! Wow! Wow! If ever there was a time in my life that I have seen the power of God move with my own eyes it was today! I mean the Fire of God fell from Haven! It moved across the church in waves!  Pastors were crying, shouting, running and jumping! Others were crying and talking in tongues! But it did not stop their it kept moving! Young pastors were falling out under the power of God everywhere. It was electric, it was fire, it was power, it was the anointing of the Holy Ghost! He was saturating, He was empowering, He was in the church and He took it over! Some people tried to get up but they could not, they were stubbling around like drunk men but they were not drunk as the world may see it.  Oh! but this was that, which was spoken by the prophet Joel, in the last days saith God I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh and my sons and daughters shall prophesy, old men are going to dream dreams and young men are going to see visions! And this is what God was doing! He was giving pastors back the dream! He was giving young people vision and He was pouring out His Spirit to give them the power to accomplish the task.

As the Lord kept moving there was a young man that came to the meeting and he had a tormenting demon that plagued him from childhood. It tried everything in its evil little power to hold on to that young man but it was no match for the mighty name of Jesus! When we called on Jesus that demon left screaming! Ha ha the devil is no match for God, sickness is no match for healing, bondage is no match for deliverance! I got one word for you, its called the BLOOD! Yes the blood of Jesus, it reaches to the highest mountain, it flows to the lowest valley, oh it's the blood that gives me strength from day to day it will never, never never, lose its power! As the Lord continued to move there were 4 young men that came with their pastor. They came running to the altar seeking the infilling of the Holy Ghost. I had them line up and laid hands on the first one but when the power of God hit him all four men went down talking in tongues as the Spirit of God gave the utterance! My God, my God we ought to stop right here and take 30 seconds to glorify God! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

The Holy Ghost just kept moving! God was doing a deep work in the lives of His people! The presence of God was so strong nobody moved for what seemed like hours. The Glory of the Lord was truly in this place. Shouts of praise, tears of joy, the saints in praise could be heard all over the church. As I lifted up my eyes to look over the congregation again I saw men and women spread all over the altar. Young men in women laying on the floor in the isles, pastors leaning against the wall crying , some on the floor, others on their knees still basking in the presence of God, that's when I seen it, it was a cloud, I rubbed my eyes but it was still there a cloud was coming down from the roof and settled in the church rested upon the people. I kept saying Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! God was moving! I was just weeping before the Lord as people started trembling and shaking and some went into travail others seem to just be loving God. All I know is that God has truly done a mighty work here in the jungles. We stayed in the church for sometime just thanking God for moving in our lives! All I can say is Wow, He is an awesome God!

Thank you for praying!
Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

Commissioned for the Mission

 (Rev. Jerry Kalinsky reports on the Pastor's Conference in Nauta - Loreto, Peru)
The night meetings have been incredible. God has just been pouring out his Spirit on these precious men and women of God. Tonight I talked about being "Commissioned for the Mission" how that God has given the Pastor who He has sent Kingdom authority and power to establish the Kingdom of God in his or her area of ministry where the Lord has sent them. I used Matthew 28:18-19 and then got into Ephesians 4: 11-16 and we spent time here breaking down verse 16. This scripture says how  that that the whole body is fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth according to the effectual working of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.  God did not expect the Pastor to all of the work himself, there are gifts and talents in the church and that God will give the Pastor wisdom to know where each member can function. Then I shared how the Lord gave me the thought while at home for the Pastors how that "Jesus came for the one". If we focus on loving the one and caring for the one, making the one to feel a part and that they belong, they will become fruitful and grow and become an effectual worker together with the Pastor and the other members of the body.  Ps. 127:1 says except the Lord build the house, the workmen labor in vain. We must be led by the Spirit of God. Then I went on to share how there must be order in the House of God that it is not a free for all. It is a Kingdom work flowing together for the goodness of God and we are all workers together. This laid the groundwork for the next night's message. Everyone gathered around the altar to worship the Lord and to hug one another. The Lord helped us tonight and faithfully visited His people at His Altar. 
Thank you all for praying. 
God Bless, Rev. Jerry Kalinsky