Thursday, April 24, 2014

Family Camp & Pastors Conference - Lima, Peru

Rev. Melvin Sanchez reports on the Family Camp and Pastors & Leaders Conference hosted by Pastor Gustavo Rodriguez and the Iglesia Centro Cristiano de Avivamiento (Christian Center of Revival Church) in Lima, Peru.  Click here to see some photos from these meetings.

Family Camp
The Lord has been moving mightily!  People have been restored, families have come back together, people have been healed, many have been filled with the Holy Ghost!  Young people that were cold towards the things of God have been set on fire!  Every night, God saturated the altars.  People were praying and crying and seeking God as the Holy Ghost moved on them.  God also began to awaken the gifts of the Spirit within the body of Christ.  It has been an incredible outpouring of the Spirit!  Pastor Gustavo said that I must have been in his private meetings because God revealed everything that has been going on in the church which brought a mighty deliverance and outpouring to many in his church!

Pastors & Leaders Conference
The first meeting with the pastors and leaders had its challenges but was wonderful.  We quickly set up the conference room while lines of pastors waited to get in.  We packed over 120 pastors and leaders in a small room that holds only 50 people.  You could hardly move and it was tight and hot, but that did not hinder the moving of the Holy Ghost.  When the power of God hit that room, pastors were crying and shouting, falling on the floor.  Chairs were being stacked to the side as people were getting healed, filled and set free!  We have pastors from all types of denominations here, yet God in His wisdom was unifying and pouring out His Spirit on them all.  Many of these pastors were just tired and wounded and they needed a healing rain and a refreshing from God.  Well, all I can say is that the Lord went beyond our expectation and sent a mighty rain that saturated the place.  We tried to break before going into the next session, yet the power of God moved so mightily across that room.  Young people and women were being filled with the Holy Ghost, pastors were crying out to God with tears flowing from their eyes.  There was such a powerful move of the Spirit of God.  If there ever was a time that the glory of the Lord filled the house with a cloud and no man could minister, it was today!  There were over 40 pastors and leaders on the floor, trembling, crying and talking in tongues as the anointing of God swept through the place.  We were even told that the power of God flowed outside of our meeting room and was touching people throughout the building.  Even in the hallway, people were crying as the presence of God filled the building.  Afterwards, many came to me, crying, and telling me how God answered their prayers, renewed and refresh their lives.  These pastors and leaders left the building shouting and praising God.  It was truly miraculous!

Our next meeting is Tuesday and they promised to give us the biggest conference room they have because we are expecting even more pastors. There is a great hunger here for the Word and move of God. We are all taking the limits off of God and just letting him move in the midst of us!

God bless you!
~Rev. Melvin Sanchez

The Jungle Is On Fire!! - Loreto, Peru Conference Report

Praise the Lord!  It was such a wonderful trip and God did so much for those that came to the conference!  First, we want to tell you that God said that in the last days He would pour out His spirit on all flesh and God IS pouring out His spirit and the jungle is on fire for God!  Pastors are going back to their communities encouraged, filled with power, with a fire in their spirit, a deeper love for their people and a greater determination to win their villages for Christ!  The pastors came with such an anticipation of the great things that God would do and He didn't disappoint!  What a heart these pastors have for their villages and communities; what faithfulness and desire they have for their people!  It was such an honor to be there!  We are sharing this in just one complete report as we felt that all the messages and everything God did were all one!  It just flowed together as one powerful day that built up, greater and greater.  There is no way we could tell you everything that happened, but the following is just a peek into some of what God did.

Tuesday 4/8 – Village Visit
We took the speed boat a few hours down the river to the village of Jenaro Herrera and were greeted by the people with great joy!  The church we visited had just been built a few weeks ago by Pastor William's ministry.  It took only 4 days to build - it was absolutely beautiful!  We were treated to a fish soup before going to the service - the people had such a heart for God and were tremendous servants and it was very humbling to be served by them.

The service was awesome as Minister Kenneth Erha preached on how God desired to pour out His spirit on each one of them so that the seed they have inside will produce and bring forth life.  People were excited throughout, but when it was time for the altar call God certainly poured out of His Spirit on those people.  There were a few other pastors from the community who came and God moved mightily upon them.  Many just broke weeping as the Spirit of God penetrated their hearts and brought life to the things that God put inside of them!  Some people just fell to the floor, speaking in a heavenly language as the Spirit overwhelmed them.  It was a great service and there was such a peace at the end; some didn't want to move and just sat at the altar taking it all in.

Wednesday 4/9 – Saturday 4/12 – Pastors & Leaders Conference
On Wednesday, the first day of the conference, the pastors were just arriving and many others were still on their way, so for the morning meeting, we gathered with those there for a few minutes and sang some songs, just so we could greet them!  Everyone was so happy to see Rev. Melissa Erha as she was the first woman minister to ever preach at the conference!  Minister Kenneth Erha planned to just greet them but he began to preach, as the Lord led him, on God pouring out His spirit, His rain, on every seed that was inside of them this week.  It turned into an altar call and God poured out his Spirit on those that came forward!  Pastors cried out for the rain and God moved on them mightily.  During the night meeting, Rev. Melissa preached on the storms and “contrary winds” that come against us when we are doing the will of God; how Christ would not leave them in the middle of the water but that they would make it to the other side!  The pastors responded and came down seeking God.  Many were weeping as Christ met them on the water of their storm!  So many men of God were helped.  One pastor in particular said he knew that the word was for all, but that everything that was said was for him.  He said that he had been in a storm...He knew God had instructed him to start a church and people were trying to shut it down but he is hanging on to what God told him and knows that he will make it to the other side!

On Thursday AM, Minister Kenneth taught on the purpose of a shepherd and how a shepherd must give their life for the sheep.  Throughout the message, he talked about the importance of loving God, loving themselves and most of all loving the people, their sheep.  This was very impactful as we taught on how David was anointed, not just because of his relationship with God, but because of the love he had for his sheep and the people.  God never told David to kill the bear, the lion nor Goliath, but because he took action (because of the love he had for his sheep and for his people), God anointed him as he rose up to fight.  At the altar call, the pastors came and got “into the river of God”, just like David did, to get a weapon to set their villages and God’s people free.  God really moved on the pastors as some kneeled, others wept and some even laid in the river of God!  God was putting in their hands what they needed to set their villages free and filling their hearts with His love for their sheep!  After this message, pastors throughout the conference were so thankful for the teaching because they never heard a message like that before.  They never realized the importance of loving their sheep in that way and/or never really knew how to love their sheep in the way that God does.  Many shared how they will go back to their villages and love their flock more, show God’s grace, love, mercy and fight for them the way David did!

Even during this first full day of teaching, it was amazing because our messages were right on time and the order of them was in line with what God wanted to do for the pastors.  We have to mention that during the afternoon Q&A session Rev. Melissa was not there personally, but was preparing to preach in the evening service.  Minister Kenneth answered a lot of different questions for the first few minutes and then the pastors began to ask many questions about the Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues.  Many of them were taught that you automatically have the Holy Ghost when you get saved and that you didn't have to speak in tongues, so we did an hour study, breaking open the Word of God.  You could feel the tension at first, but it began to break as the Word of God penetrated through their tradition and false teachings and you could feel faith rise.  Pastors were getting excited and clapping their hands as the Word of God and truth was setting them free!  We had to quickly end the session because it was getting late and we would soon have to start the night service.

Rev. Melissa came back an hour later and wouldn't you know, she preached on the anointing and the need for the Holy Ghost, without knowing anything we talked about.  A lot of what she said was word for word of what was said in the previous session and the pastors knew that she wasn't there.  When the altar call was given, some came right away that needed the Holy Ghost.  One of the pastors, who seemed to have the hardest time with the teaching during the Q&A session, had already had a church for 9 years but never spoke in tongues...he came to the altar, fell to his knees and began to cry out “Fill me with your power, Father!!  Fill me with the Holy Ghost!!” and God answered as we prayed with him and he began to speak in tongues!  Afterwards, he just stayed there weeping, saying “Thank you!  Thank you Father!!  Thank you for filling me with your power!!”  Other ministers and women also got filled with the Holy Ghost.  After this break through, in every meeting we had, more people received the Holy Ghost!  Many even fell out as the power of God overwhelmed them.

On Friday, before the morning teaching, the pastors were already so different from when they first arrived; they were so much more excited and free.  Their singing was wonderful and they sang with joy; what a tremendous jungle choir they were!  At one point, they all began to sing their own worship to God.  How beautiful it was to hear them singing unto the Lord and expressing their love for Him.  It was hard to stop the praise and worship time!!  The women’s teaching session had a tremendous impact and was certainly a highlight of the entire conference!  All of the ministers, not just the women, were set free during the session and their lives were forever changed.  Rev. Melissa taught with authority on what the Bible says about how women can be used of God in the same way that men can.  She focused on Hannah, who had a desire inside of her and wanted to bring forth, but had been told she never would...but God remembered Hannah's prayer and caused her ministry, her gift, her seed inside of her to bring forth!  She broke down the scriptures that are often used to say that women can’t do anything in the church and brought understanding to them.  During the teaching, you could feel that women were being liberated and men were seeing things differently.  At the altar call, women came weeping and rejoicing as God set them free, knowing that God didn't make a mistake when he put a vision, a call and a ministry inside of them.  Women were loosed, knowing that they could do what God called them to do!  They all arose with a renewed desire to bring forth what God put in their spirit and the male pastors embraced the teaching and were excited.  Many of the male pastors testified that they too were liberated in their thinking and grateful that truth was brought so that their wives can stand next to them and help them in a great capacity and together they can build their churches!

Well that night, once again, Minister Kenneth, without having talked to Rev. Melissa, preached a message on the “Womb of God”.  He preached on how everything that God birthed came from His mouth; which is His womb.  The breath of God birthed Adam...through the spoken Word of God, Christ was born...and the breath of God birthed the church.  Now the church, as the body of Christ, has a mouth and that mouth can also bring forth and “birth” things.  We talked about the difference between conceiving and birthing and how God puts his seed in us, but there is a time when that “baby” inside has to come forth!  God really moved at the altar, as many pastors came forward.  Minister Kenneth prayed for many, as they came speaking what God put inside of them and as God was birthing!  God gave Minister Kenneth words for many of them.  Some people fell out under the power of God and even more people got filled with the Holy Ghost!  God’s spirit was moving everywhere in the church, even on those that weren't pastors!  Even some that were in their seat were weeping.  From the front to the back, God was moving!  Some were praying for each other and God met them!  More people came forward as the call went out that if they had needs they were waiting for God to move on, that this was the time.  We agreed in prayer with those that came and God just continued to move in the church!  It was a great night!

On Saturday morning, we had a time of testimonies.  The pastors were so thankful for all the teaching and testified of how God had spoken to them throughout the conference.  Pastor William was really fired up and began preaching and encouraged the pastors not to speak negative things and abort their vision and desires, but to bring forth all the seed that God put inside of them!  He encouraged them all to fight for their sheep!  Even Pastor William's wife, Sis. Clementina, was so grateful and said that many of her questions were answered and things were confirmed that she had been praying about.  After the meeting, it was definitely hard to say goodbye to everyone.  Not only were those that attended saying goodbye to us but also to each other.  But even though it was a sad time, you could tell everyone was charged up and ready to hit the ground running in their villages!  The pastors had bonded in a deeper way this week and it was so nice to see them encouraging one another as they prepared to leave the conference and head back home!

What a tremendous week we had in Nauta.  We want to thank everyone who prayed and gave financially to help make this conference a success!  We pray that God abundantly blesses you for your sacrifice!  Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

~Minister Kenneth & Rev. Melissa Erha