Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Visit to Tabernacle of Praise and Deliverance Ministries

The Mighty Hand of God!

This Sunday we had a mighty visitation of the Holy Ghost at Tabernacle of Praise and Deliverance Ministries in Norwich, Connecticut. The song service was dynamic! The praise singers sang and just set the atmosphere for the power of God to move in His Temple. Pastor Johnson began to share a powerful testimony of how God did the impossible for one of his friends and if God did it for him then God was going to do it for our families. People were really seeking God and God was already moving from the time services started.  Brother Chris Baten got up and shared about the heart of giving towards missions and the power of sending and supporting laborers on the field. People were really touched in their hearts and gave a wonderful offering towards the missions. When it was time to preach, I got up and from the moment I opened my mouth, the Holy Ghost rain from Heaven above started falling all over the church! People were weeping and crying! Shouting and dancing! The more the word went forth, the more powerful the presence of God began to stir in the house!  As People began to come around the altar crying and seeking God, a powerful presence of God swept across that altar.  Ministers and leaders were falling out talking in tongues under the power of god! God was breaking down walls, uprooting things in people’s lives; He was establishing things and putting things in place!  Pastor Johnson was praying! Brother Chris was praying and his young sons were praying for people all over the altar. Senior Pastor Apostle Davis took my coat and wrapped it around the pastor and one of the ministers and the Glory of the Lord fell in that place!  And we had revival! I looked across that altar at one point and it seemed as if every one in the church was either on their knees or on the floor talking in tongues! It was powerful! It was now past 1:30 pm and the Lord was still moving! Then it was like the service shifted and there was an overcoming joy that filled the house! The Joy got in our hands and it got in our feet! Some went to running and some went to jumping and we all went to shouting! Victory had come! As people began to dance before the Lord I looked and there were the Baten boys, Christopher Jr. and Andrew dancing in the midst of the church!

Sunday morning we just gave everything over to God! No matter how big or small the situation seemed to be. No matter how hard or impossible our circumstance may have seemed, we just brought it into the presence of God and it automatically became small and possible! I want to encourage you today to bring your sickness, bring your problem, and bring whatever situation you’re facing into the presence of God and watch Him work it out. Jesus already told us in Matthew 19:26, "that with man it is impossible..."  So that means you have been carrying your situation too long and you can't work it out because for you it is impossible.  But thanks be to God that Jesus goes on to say, "...BUT with God all thing are possible!"  Do you know what that word possible means? It means it can happen, it can be done! It can work out for your good right now!  Oh bless His name, you heard me right, it can be done for you right now by simply bringing it into the presence of God! Don’t carry that thing that may weigh you down for another moment! But do like the song says that they sing in Africa, "Cast your burdens onto Jesus for He cares for you. Cast your burdens onto Jesus for He cares for you. Higher, higher we lift Jesus higher." So bring all your needs into the presence of God, for He truly cares for you.

Please remember in your prayers and generous giving both Rev. Engman and Sister Adrienne Lautenbach because they will be heading out to Zambia in June to work with the administration of the Lighthouse Blessing School in Lusaka, Zambia through our T.E.A.C.H. program. You can read more about T.E.A.C.H and learn how to get involved by helping a child by visiting our website and clicking on T.E.A.C.H.  www.wwlm.org

God bless you & thank you
Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Revival in Alabama!

The Lord is Building the House!

Wednesday morning's sessions have been completely awesome. We have taught on church government and the purpose of the church. The power of the Holy Ghost has been both confirming and establishing elders and leaders and putting people in their place. As the Word of God went forth Rev. Kalinsky brought a prophesy to two leaders in the church. The power of God continued to move and God began to give me the structure and the order of what He was doing through His word with this church. Once I spoke it the Anointing of God saturated the church. The power of God moved mightily. Then all of a sudden God gave me words of wisdom and knowledge and also prophesy. It was flowing though me like water! God was setting things in order. This was God’s moment and He was establishing Himself a New Testament church by putting everything in place.  God was waiting all week for this moment and now it was here! Pastor Adkins was crying and shouting! The Holy Ghost spoke to James and he accepted his call in the fullness. The power of God hit Jessica Adkins as the Lord positioned her in the direction He called her to go. She hit the floor in travail before God!  Pastor Scott was infused with power and began to weep and cry before God! The spirit of God moved from office to office. Even upon the young men that came out to be a part of the morning teaching, God had a Divine plan for them! We were in the presence of God for a long time but we were not moving until God was done. God did a powerful thing this morning and this church will never be the same again.

The night service was awesome! We had a short song service and then I was called up to preach right away. I preached on the topic “Congratulations, you won your case!” It was a powerful meeting. We had many filled with the Holy Ghost and many others were set free.  God was just faithful to pour His Spirit out in the midst of the congregation one more time.  If I had the time this morning I would tell you of all the people that ran around the church, all the people that got slain out and talked in tongues, all the people who stepped out of their comfort zones and just allowed God to have the right of way in their lives. Then I would have to share with you the healing and the deliverances and the many lives that were touched and transformed by God’s mighty power! But since I don’t have time to go into all the details and testimonies that we heard, I would just like to encourage you to step out of your faith and do what God called you to do. If He called you to preach, then preach. If He called you to sing, then sing. Stop making excuses why you can’t do what God called you to do. Stop letting the devil silence you! Stop sitting on all your gifts and talents waiting for somebody to call your name or beg you to do something. Get up and obey God! When is the last time you prayed for somebody, when is the last time the Holy Ghost moved on you to reach out to somebody else? Don’t you hear Heavens alarm clock?  It's time to awaken and do something for God! As I travel to churches and to the mission fields, I feel in my spirit that we are in the final hours of God’s plan. God is doing a quick work! We have to get out, give it our all and do all we can for God! You don’t have to wait until Sunday to testify, you don’t have to wait for a mission trip to reach the lost. You have the biggest pulpit of all time right outside your door. Don’t you dare let one day pass you by that you are not doing something for God!

God bless you
Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Revival in Alabama!

And The Fire Fell!

Tuesday morning's session with the ministers was unbelievable! I taught on "The Purpose of The Church! In all my years of teaching I have never experienced a move of God like the one that took place in that teaching session! I mean the Heavens broke open and the Shekinah Glory came down. God was restoring dreams and imparting into the lives of the ministers. The more God moved the more intense the prayers became! All the ministers went over and began to pray for their pastor. The power of God came over Pastor Adkins as he wept before the Lord! We tried to keep teaching but it came to a place that we just had to step into that cloud. We all praised our way down to the altar and began seeking God! Some laid on the floor, some fell across the altar. The presence of God was so thick, so strong, so real that the very hairs of my arms stood straight! God was with us! He was working, He was answering prayers He was ready to do the miraculous!

On Tuesday night the fire fell. I preached for about seven minutes and the Spirit of God struck that building like lightning! Pastor Adkins jumped off the platform and ran down the isles laying hands on people! The associate pastor was standing in a chair praying for people! People were running and jumping and dancing! People were getting prayer! Others were being set free from mind problems and being loosed from things that bind then. All over the church the Spirit of the Lord was moving! Young people were crying and talking in tongues! Old people were dancing in the Holy Ghost! Ministers were being empowered to do a work for God. I was amazed at one point when I looked out over the altar, it looked like a moving sea with all the people praying for one another! You would of thought we would have gotten out of church early. But oh no, We were just getting started! Different people began to get up and testify about how God set them free and re-kindled their desire to work for Him this week. As each testimony went forth it was like another revival broke out! Now it is after 10pm and there is no sign of this river letting up! The singers were singing and people were dancing, some were crying, some still slain out, other getting prayer and God was happy! He was with His children and they were just loving on Him and He was just loving them back!

You know as I thought about all that God has done today, my mind goes back to a message that was preached by Pastor Tolbert. He talked about having a personal Pentecost. You have to keep the presence of God alive in your life each and everyday. Don’t go to church to be a spectator but be a participant! And when you leave church don’t leave God in the building, take His presence everywhere you go. Don’t leave your victory at the altar in church but take it home, take it to work, take it to school!  Have a personal Pentecost or a private revival right were you are! Driving down the road just get to shouting! At your desk when it seems like everything is piling up just break out in a glory to God! Every once in the while go to the bathroom and break out in a little dance! Don’t you know that the joy of the Lord is your strength? Why be stressed out, why be miserable? When things get overwhelming get in the presence of God! When you don’t know what to do, get in the presence of God!  You don’t have to wait until church to feel Him, He is with you right now! He is looking over your shoulder while you are reading this just waiting for you to praise Him. So go ahead! Take a 10 seconds praise break! He is as close as the mention of His Name! And remember all day you can have your personal Pentecost!

God bless you!
Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

Revival in Alabama!

Magnificent Monday!

Monday morning I taught in the School Of Ministry. I taught on "The Trumpet of God". It was awesome teaching this class because the power of God kept hitting that room and we started jumping and shouting and talking in tongues. Then we would sit down for a while and teach some more, and then the power of God would hit the class and we jumped up crying and talking in tongues. It was truly amazing! God had a Rhema Word for His leaders. As the Holy Spirit fell there was a great outpouring that swept over the School Of Ministry! It was one of the most powerful sessions they have ever had because God himself walked through that classroom and moved as He willed! We can’t help but to glorify His Name!

Monday night was incredible! People came into the church with great expectation. The song service was amazing. The youth group was awesome! The House of God was filled with praise and the people were walking towards that river of life just waiting to jump in the river. As I began to preach God opened up the windows of Heaven one more time! Shouts of praise filled the air! The Glory of the Lord filled the house! People were slain out in the isles in the chairs, at the altar! Young children were crying at the altar and talking in tongues! Teenagers were getting filled with the Holy Ghost! The power of God kept flooding the church! All over we saw people breaking through to victory! Pastor Adkins was praying, Sister Adkins was praying, Rev. Kalinsky was praying. It was like a river of glory sweeping over the church! The power of God was everywhere! It was awesome! We did not leave church until after midnight! Some left shouting, some left staggering but we all left full of the Holy Ghost and power!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Revival in Alabama!

The Lord is doing an awesome work at City of Refuge Church!  The song service was great!  Pastor Greg Adkins sang a special and preached awhile and the Spirit of the Lord started moving. We thought church was going to be over but God had other plans. When I got up, I preached a message on "Jehovah Nissi -- The Lord Our Banner”.  The Holy Ghost wasted no time at all. He began to shower down in that church and people went to running, dancing, shouting and crying. Wave after wave of the Holy Ghost moved in that church! God was setting people free! As the Holy Spirit continued to move, I walked over to Sister Adkins and God gave me a Word for her and she got slain out in the Holy Ghost! Then God gave me a Word for Pastor Adkins and he got slain out in the Holy Ghost! Then the church went wild! The power of God was all over that church! The Holy Ghost was moving on the children! The Youth Pastor got slain out! The mighty awesome power of God kept flooding that church! People were talking in tongues and slain out all over the altar! God was moving from the front to the back -- it was just amazing!

Sunday night was fired up! People came with great expectation for a move of God! As I brought the mission report the people cried, shouted and cried again! God really talked to hearts about giving and remembering the poor. Rev. Kalinsky, who was with me, brought a prophecy on the Harvest Fields in the last day and the presence of God filled that church. I went on to finish the report and an offering was taken up and people really gave with the commitment to keep giving towards the Harvest Fields of God. When it was time for me to preach, I preached on "The Oil is Still in the House"! Tonight was an extra ordinary visitation of the Holy Ghost! Pastor Adkins said he saw people move tonight that have never moved before! The people were saturated! I mean saturated! Little five-year-old children filled with the Holy Ghost! Young teenagers dancing in the Spirit, talking in tongues!  People falling to the ground trying to get back up but were staggering over the church! It was all over the House! Everywhere you looked the oil was flowing! New Christians got filled with the Holy Ghost!  Young men got delivered from pornography! People were healed and God just kept moving! At one point everything in the building seemed to be shaking by the power of the Holy Ghost! And then when we thought it was over, Revival broke out! I mean it was like a tidal wave of glory hit that building! Pastor Adkins was praying for people, the leaders were praying for people, the children were praying for people! Everywhere you could hear shouting and talking in tongues! People were falling out, dancing and just being set free and it just kept moving and moving! 

God said in His Word that He would move but who would let it?  I don’t want to take the presence of God for granted. I don’t want to get so use to God moving that I become dead to His presence.  But everyday of my life I want a fresh outpouring!  I want God to saturate me!  I want God to use me for His glory!  I don’t want to be a spectator, I want to be a participant. Oh glory to God! The song writer wrote, “ Lord whatever you are doing in this season, don’t do it without me. Lord if you are healing in this season, don’t do it without me. If your are delivering in this season, don’t do it without me! In other words he is saying, God whatever your are doing, I want to be a part of it! I want to help you with the miraculous! I want to clothe the naked; I want to feed the hungry! I want to sing! I want to preach! I want to lay hands on the sick and see them recover! I want to win lost souls for God! Lord, whatever your are doing, whatever you need, whatever you want, I am available for you! Use me for your glory!

God bless you & thank you for praying
Rev. Sanchez

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Great Report from Zambia

He’s working things out for you!

I just want to share another great report from one of our Pastors in Lusaka Zambia! I know that it will bless your heart and encourage your faith!

I am pastoring a church east of Lusaka International Airport.  Let me tell you that, to have a mature church that is on the move for God, someone has to pass through many challenges.  As I am testifying now, I went through many difficulties this year such as hunger, rejection, sickness and many other trails & problems.  But no matter what has come my way , I have endured and fought a good fight and God has raised me up and put me in a greater place with a greater understanding.

One Sunday after teaching on giving, many saints were very much touched in this area. Unexpectedly, one of the saints, a lady, bought two T-Shirts, one for my wife and the other one was given to me.  Those love gifts landed me into a court of law as her husband who did not want his wife coming to church came to my house with the police and said that I stole the shirts.

Without question I was taken to police were I was told to remove my shoes, and belt. Then I was locked up in jail and told I was waiting for a day to be taken to court for a judgment. While I was in the prison that night, to my surprise all the inmates came to me for prayers.  I had no time to rest or think over my problem. I was preaching and praying and also counseling. The prison cell turned into an overnight prayer meeting. And just like when Paul and Silas were locked up in the prison and at began to sing praises unto God, the Holy Ghost moved mightily and almost all of the prisoners were saved and filled with the Holy Ghost.  The revival lasted all night! Early in the morning the guards came and brought me before the judge who said that they should have never put me into the prison.  And they let me go!  But I know now that it was God’s doing all along for He sent me into the enemy's camp to take back what belonged to Him!

When I read this report I couldn't help but to think of the scripture that says “all things work together for good for them that love the Lord and are called according to his purpose”.  Did you catch that part that said all things work together for good?  Not that everything is good because some things are just awful!  But God is able to make all things work together for your good or in your favor because you are in the purpose of God!  The word purpose means the plan or action, an assignment with a desired end!  When you are in the purpose of God it means you are on assignment.  You are a part of His Divine plan.  So if anything comes up in your life or gets in the way of the purpose of God, He is going to make it work out for your good!  In other words nothing is going to hinder you from reaching God’s desired end! You don’t have to fear defeat or failure!  No weapon formed against you can prosper. That’s why when Paul and Silas were in prison, the Bible says at they began to sing and praise God and then the prison walls began to shake. The chains fell from their hands and feet and the doors where open!  What happened?!  I will tell you what happened! They were a part of God’s divine purpose and nothing could stop them, hold or hinder them! Not even a prison cell! So I just want to tell you today to see the victory in all things because the great orchestrator is working things out just for you!

God bless you!

Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

Monday, May 2, 2011

God is Moving in D.R. Congo!

Pastor Ngoy, our leader in D.R. Congo, wrote us this wonderful report that we just had to share with all of you!

Greetings in the precious name of Jesus.  I must start by telling you that God is moving in all ten regions of D.R. Congo. Bukama, Kabongo, Kalemaie, Kamina, Kolweski, Kinshasa, Likasi, Lubumbashi, Malemba Nkulu and Manono.

In the main branch God has brought back so many families that had left the church. We have tried to meet with them and speak with them but they were determined to leave and find other places to worship. Our hearts were sadden, because they never went to any other church and ended up falling away from God, yet we determined to keep our eyes on God and continue to do what He has called us to do and that is to preach the Gospel. Well the good news is that  15 families that left the church have now returned back to the Lord, they have been restored and they are active members along with their families working for God!

We have also experienced our leaders being used by the Holy Ghost with spiritual gifts. 3 of our leaders are being used in Word of Wisdom, Word of knowledge and the gift of prophesy! The messages from our Heavenly Father are flowing in the church and the church is strong and on fire for God!

The Kalamie region has opened up 3 new church branches this year. 66 new souls in one branch, 85 new souls in another branch and 120 new souls in the last branch!  God is moving! A new church branch has opened in the Kasumbalesa region with 115 new souls in that church. In Manono, the pigmy region, three new church brances have opened for the glory of God!

In one month alone it was reported that over 250 souls were saved. The Word of God has gone out and it has not retuned void. Muslims are getting saved, witch doctors are getting saved, drug dealers and gang members are getting saved. God is moving in our country and He is not done yet!

We have had many water baptisms where people get baptized in Jesus name and they are filled with the Holy Ghost!  This month many pigmies were saved and also baptized in Jesus name! Yes, Rev. Sanchez even the pigmies spoke in tongues as the Spirit gave the utterance! Today they no longer need black magic or witchcraft; they have a greater power working inside of them. In the three church branches in Manono, where the pigmies are, is where we have trained pigmy pastors and leaders that are anointed and armed with the Word of God! You know nothing is impossible with God, with man yes! But with God no! God can do all things!

Here in Lubumbashi many people are poor, they cannot afford to buy medicine or visit the doctor when they are sick. All they can do is rely on God. They come to church sick. Some come to church having to be carried in and they lay them on the altar. Where else are they going to go, who else can help them and take their pain away?! Is there a balm in Gilead? But God stretches out His mighty hand every service and heals people of all manner of diseases.   They are carried in but they walk out!

I cannot end without saying that we are so excited about the new church building that by the grace of God will be finished next year. We know that the Glory of God is going to come down like a cloud and fill our new church and many miraculous things are going to take place! We thank God for what He has done. 
May God Bless you,  Pastor Ngoy

As you face your today know that the same God that moved in D.R. Congo wants to move on your behalf!  I have learned that miracles don’t just happen where they are needed, they happen where they are expected! So why don’t you step out on your faith today and believe God for a miracle! How long have you had that pain in your body?  How long have you been dealing with that mountain that won’t seem to move out of your way!  How long have you been struggling just to make it through the day?  I have come today to remind you that Jesus has all power and nothing is impossible for Him.  So make today a day of change by believing Him for a miracle! The songwriter wrote “ right now if you believe, God will work a miracle for you!"   Did you catch that last part?  He said right now!  Right now!  If you believe it can happen right now!  You can lift your hands and claim your healing right now!  You can command that mountain to moved right now!  You don’t have to wait til tomorrow, you can have your miracle right now!  So don’t you wait til the battle is over!  Go ahead and shout now because we are believing that what you are asking God to do in your life, is already done!  And remember as He blesses you , keep reaching out and be a blessing to others that are in need!

God bless you
Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez