Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Our God is Awesome!

Greetings Friends!

This is Rev. Sanchez and Rev. Jerry Kalinsky and we have a great report to share with you from our recent trip to Victory Tabernacle in New Brunswick Canada. The presence of the Lord was with us every night and the church was excited and ready for God to have His way in services. Below are just a few testimonies of what took place while God’s presence moved in Canada.

  • There was a woman in the meeting who has been bound in a tormenting situation. The devil plagued her mind and no matter what she did she could not get free..  While the  Word was being preached, she was loosed from the chains that imprisoned her! She began to run and leap and cry out to God because the anointing broke her yoke and she got her joy back and was completely set free!

  • There was a man who had a bad back and shoulder pains for years. While he was praising God he felt the fire of God come upon his body.  While this was happening he began to lift up his hands and when he did, he felt no pain!  Jesus healed him! He could not stop shouting and praising God for touching his body!

  • Pastor Mutch had been sick and he had problems with his foot. He could barely walk and was in such great pain, but when the power of God filled the church, God touched him and took his pain away! He was so excited he took off running and shouting around the church! He was healed! No more pain! Thank God the healer was in the house!

  • There was also a lady with pain in her stomach. She went to doctors and saw a specialist. She even took various medications prescribed by various physicians. but the pain would not go away.  When the Holy Ghost moved in the church she felt a fire hit the top of her head go clean through the body and when it left, so did her stomach problem! She kept pressing and pressing her stomach but she could not find the pain! God took it completely!

  • There was an older man who was visiting from another church. He shared that he has never felt the power of God like he felt in these meetings! He went on to say that while Rev. Sanchez was praying for somebody else, he laid his hand on my shoulder and when he did, that’s when I got it! I got filled with the Holy Ghost and I started talking in tongues. This must be what the disciples felt like when Peter said, 'this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel',  because God poured out his Spirit on me!
  • One sister said that she had lost feeling in her hand due to a nerve condition, but when Rev. Sanchez told her to lay her hand on her neighbor, and she did, she felt a fire go through her hand. The sister she was praying for fell out under God’s power and then she fell out under the power of God.  When she got back up she had feeling in her hand! God gave her a miracle!

As the Lord moved, we prayed for souls seeking salvation, and many received the infilling of the Holy Ghost.  We can’t even write to you all the things that took place! It was just amazing! You know, the Lord said 'I will move but who will let it.'  God wants to save, God wants to heal. God wants to do miracles. God wants to help you.  We just have to let God be God and believe His Word in spite of the circumstances and situations! So before we go, we just want to encourage you with these words:  It is not God’s will for the enemy to prevail over you! You can stand on God’s Word and stir up the gift that is in you.  Then you must release God’s Word by faith!  You must declare to sickness that 'by his stripes you are healed'!  You must declare to the mountain 'be removed'!  Then declare to every enemy that they are defeated!  Declare to every principality and power that 'no weapon formed against you shall prosper'! Friends, God’s word will not return void! His blood has never lost its power! The anointing still breaks every yoke! And Victory is ours! Thank you Jesus!

God bless you
Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez Sr. & Rev. Jerry Kalinsky