Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hebrew Home Community Group visits WWLM!

We were so excited to have our friends from the Hebrew Home Community Group visit our Donation Center!  Along with them, they brought 30 backpacks filled with school supplies, which will benefit students in our local and worldwide community.  They were so thrilled to know that they were helping children in need, and are looking forward to helping us with future endeavors!

"Thank you, Hebrew Home Community Group, for reaching out and making a difference!"

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

DR Congo, Africa Trip Report

Below are some highlights of the services that took place during the DR Congo, Africa Mission Trip.  We know you'll enjoy the reports from Rev. Melvin Sanchez & Sister Mable Saunders!

First Day of Conference

Greetings from D.R. Congo!

Today we started our first session with the pastors, leaders and regional pastors. It was a wonderful meeting. I (Rev. Sanchez) shared about God’s vision for humanity. All the pastors and leaders took notes and read every scripture that was brought. As I began to share about God’s desire and God’s heart’s cry for the nations, the Lord moved on our hearts and we all began to cry and weep in the beautiful presence of God.  It was not a cry of sorrow but a cry of amazement because the God of the universe loved us so much that He would reveal His presence in such a magnificent way!

The more we praised God, the more powerfully God was moving.  At one point, the power of God was so strong we could no longer stay in our seats; we had to come to the altar and glorify God!  Many pastors laid on the floor while others were on their knees with their hands raised to Heaven and tears flowing down their faces.  The altar call was powerful!  Two of the church members that joined the meeting this morning where baptized with the Holy Ghost and began to speak in tongues as the Spirit gave the utterance! God was not only talking to hearts but meeting needs!

As God continued to move across the altar, pastors began to cry out for people to be healed, churches to be built, and souls to be saved. One pastor began to cry out and say, “Lord we are your servants.  We were born very simple, poor men from the bush.  We have nothing except You give it to us.  We depend on You for food, for water, for life itself.  Everything we have is coming from You, and now, oh Lord, You have come in this place and You have sent Your word and You have filled this place with Your presence to help us and show us Your great love for us.  All we can say is ‘Thank You’.  All we can give is our life.  All we can offer is our praise!”  As this man of God continued to pray, the Lord just saturated that church and then all at once it was quiet; there was a peace and it came with a strong presence of God in that silence.  Nobody moved, no one said a word.  I don’t know how long we were there but it did not matter because God was with us!  He was ministering to His people!  He was comforting His people!

Towards the end of the altar call there was a group of these little birds that had come into the church through the open windows and these birds started to sing and sing!  It was like they came to glorify their Creator!  It was awesome!  Sister Saunders said it was like a choir of birds came in just to sing praises to the Lord!

During the afternoon session, Sister Saunders taught on Jonah!  Sister Saunders poured her heart out to those men of God.  Every eye in that church was glued on her as she began to share about God’s perfect will for our lives.  She went on to share about how God is a God of second chances, and even if you find yourself in the belly of a big fish, it does not have to be your end.  You can still call on the God of second chances and he will hear you and help you!  It was powerful!

Sister Saunders then gave us all homework that we have to bring back tomorrow!  And then she is going to bring part 2 of her message.

After Sister Saunders gave us our homework, we all stood up and prayed!  That same beautiful presence of God still saturated the atmosphere!  It was a beautiful day and we are so grateful for all God is doing here in DR Congo!

The Last Meeting

The last meeting with the regional pastors and leaders was such a tremendous blessing!  Pastors shared testimonies about how the messages have impacted and changed their lives.  Others went on to share how they were going to take the limits off of God and how they are going home to build and accomplish all that God has called them to do in their villages.  We had such a wonderful time just laughing and sharing about the goodness of God. 

When it was time for the message, we talked about how we need wisdom and the Spirit of God in everything we do.  We also talked about taking our place in the kingdom of God and preparing, imparting and empowering into the next generation so they can fulfill their divine destiny!  Wow!  It was really a life changing service!

Towards the end of the message God really moved on these pastors. The Holy Ghost began to empower these men and women of God!  Pastor Ngoy said, “we will never be the same again after today.”  Pastors and leaders were around the altar of God, crying out and speaking in tongues as the power of God moved on their lives.  Then an entire choir of young people came into the church while God was moving because it was their time for youth choir practice, but God had other plans in mind.  The Holy Ghost started moving on the young children and we had them join the altar call.  Now we had the older generation and the new generation at the altar, calling on God together.  It was fantastic!  The elders were praying for the youth and the youth were praying for the elders.  God set up His perfect altar call.  It was a beautiful ending to a beautiful week!

Sunday Morning in Lubumbashi!

Today was an exciting day!  When we arrived at the church, we were greeted by the sounds of the praise team singing worship music!  It was such a blessing!  Then all the different choirs got up in their beautiful robes and glorified God in song!  There was definitely a great excitement and expectation among the children of God today!  

It was also wonderful to see the regional pastors that we have been preaching to and teaching all week, singing and shouting and just so free and on fire for God!  You could really see how God had healed and refreshed them through His word.  There has been a great transformation in these pastors and you could not stop these men from praising God if you tried! 

We also had a military sergeant and captain, escorted by soldiers, join the service this morning because they heard I would be preaching and they really wanted to hear from God.  When it was time for the message, I preached a sermon called “Restoration of Power!”  I preached how God, in this last day, was pouring out His spirit on all flesh and putting power back in the hands of the church!  The message was just explosive and the Holy Ghost empowered His people during this service!  As God’s word went forth, the church erupted in thunderous shouting and praises unto God!  Mothers and fathers were crying!  Children were dancing!  Pastors were leaping!  God was moving!  We had 16 young people baptized in the Holy Ghost!  Souls were saved, people were healed and backsliders were set free and restored!

As the Lord continued to move, the regional pastors went all over the altar helping us pray for people.  It was amazing!  The Spirit of the Lord was moving everywhere!  While I was at the altar praying for people, I noticed the military men had lifted their hands and started praying.  I felt led of the Lord to go over and pray for them.  The altar was packed and I prayed for people all the way across the altar!  People were falling out under the power of God!  It was great!  When I finally was able to reach the military men, I laid my hands on them with Pastor Ngoy and Bishop Misika and they began to call on Jesus!  And when they lifted up their hands, the power of God came upon them and they started trembling in the Holy Ghost!  God was doing a work!  God kept moving on these men!  It was a powerful and beautiful service.  Pastor Ngoy stood at the altar with tears in his eyes and his hands raised to the heavens just thanking God for moving on His people!  All we can do is give glory to God for the great things He has done here in DR Congo.