Friday, October 19, 2012

We are able to go up and take the country! - Loreto Conference

What a powerful day in the book of Acts it was!  We can’t even begin to explain the mighty power of the Holy Ghost that moved in this church, as there are no words adequate to express what God did.  First, we do have to say that the progression of the ministers from when they first came to the meetings was phenomenal:  Many came burdened, troubled and just weighed down with the struggles of the ministry, but through the meetings and the questions and answers sessions, joy, freedom, strength and power are being restored to these precious ministers of the gospel!  Rev. Sanchez preached a mighty message and the Spirit of God moved throughout.  He focused on not letting go of the vision, never giving it up and taking the message from the King that has been given to them.  Rev. Sanchez went on to say that God had ordained this meeting to crown those pastors with Kingdom power and a greater anointing, in these last days, to accomplish the purpose of God in their communities. 

At the end of the message, everyone came to that altar praising God, with open hearts in total surrender and letting the power of God have his way.  As Rev. Sanchez moved in the gifts of the Spirit, God gave him words for many Pastors, ministers, their wives and children. As the power of God moved, people were everywhere weeping, speaking in tongues and just overwhelmed by the power of God!  God filled some ministers with the Holy Ghost for the first time and manifested His Spirit in their lives.  A young man came that was 16 years old, who had backslid and was troubled about his future.  He kind of kept to himself and we all befriended him and involved him every chance we had.  Each day, you could see God begin to work in his life and speak to his heart.  Well on the last day, he came to the altar and as the power of God hit him, he just broke and fell down under the presence of God!  He was there for a long time and when the altar call was over, he just went to a corner, smiling, weeping, laughing as the power of God still continued to move on him.  This young man was a changed man!  He could not stop smiling; he was so free and totally transformed! Now that he is filled with power, he has accepted God’s call for his life and is ready to do the work of the ministry!

The fellowship was wonderful and there was so much joy as everyone ate, talked and laughed together.  The questions and answers sessions were powerful as the ministers had very excellent questions.  One young couple, that just started a church in Iquitos, had questions about the Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues and if it is necessary because they had heard so many things.  Rev. Sanchez took time to really break it down and this couple was so thankful for the answers and excited.  The minister testified that he was so grateful that God led him to the conference as he is going back to his church in the power of the Holy Ghost!

The night meeting was awesome!  Brother Ken felt the fire in him to preach but he just had no idea what part to end with, and nothing in particular was coming to him, but he knew God was going to do something great.  So we had the pastors testify first.  As they began to share how the meetings have helped them and they proclaimed what they are expecting God to do in their churches and communities, a revival broke out!  The pastors jumped, shouted and danced as they encouraged one another!  They were fired up and some started walking back and forth, preaching and proclaiming God’s promises.  Bro. Ken preached in between all the testimonies and the ministers jumped up and shouted as the Word of God went forth.  There was so much joy and freedom as the pastors saw that they too had the power to lift each other up!  After this, we ended the meeting with rejoicing and singing.  The whole church roared with music, praise and worship as they sang and sang in joy and victory for much of the night! 

It is just amazing to see that the power of God will certainly move anywhere we let him.  Most of the time in the conference it was unbearably hot; the air was thick and humid; we were sweaty, covered with bug spray, getting bit by mosquito’s, watching out for snakes, surviving the thunder storms and lightning, but in the midst of the inconvenience of the flesh, God had is way and moved just as he did on the day of Pentecost!  These pastors have a message from the King and have His authority, and they are going back to their churches equipped with the whole armor of God, ready to turn their villages upside down!  Hallelujah! 

God bless you,
Rev. Sanchez & Bro. Kenneth Erha

Report #3 - Loreto Conference

Morning Meetings!
The morning meetings have been excellent!  The Pastors have been coming to church with their notebooks and Bibles, ready to get into God’s word.  Rev. Sanchez has been preaching for the last two days on “A Kingdom Mentality” (the mind of the Spirit) and it has challenged and blessed the pastors.  Everyday so far, we have had a mighty visitation from the Lord and throughout the teaching pastors have been just crying out to God! He has ministered and answered prayers through His word while the pastors were still in their chairs.  At times we just had to stop and glorify God because His presence was so strong that nobody could contain it.  What a blessing it is to watch the Holy Spirit minster to so many different pastors through out the church. 

When the altar call was given, the presence of God was so strong that, even before they could get to the altar, pastors fell to the floor, shouting and crying out to God!  Rev. Sanchez saw hands raised up to Heaven and tears flowing from many eyes as the Lord continued to move on his people.  There was a pastor who had pain in his stomach for months.  No matter what he did, the pain did not get better.  He went to the doctor and got medicine, but the pain just got worse and he could hardly rest or eat.  But thank God, this morning, while the power of God flowed around the altar, he felt something move in his stomach and then all at once his pain was gone!  There was another sister who had serious back pain for years.  It has hindered her from doing many things for God and this bothered her because she is a pastor’s wife, but while she was praying around the altar for somebody else she realized that for the first time in years she had no pain!  She even moved around looking for the pain but could not find it!  Her back pain was completely gone!  There was also a young man who recently got saved and he came to the conference looking for a touch from God.  While Rev. Sanchez was preaching, and the people were shouting, this young man felt like shouting too, but when he opened up his mouth to shout something else happened!  He felt a fire drop down all over his body and he started talking in tongues!  God filled him with the Holy Ghost!  Today was truly a day of breakthrough!

God has done so many things during these services, we can’t help but to shout and praise His name!  There was also a pastor praising God at the altar and the Lord showed Rev. Sanchez that he was worried about his child that had left the church.  Rev. Sanchez went over to him and told him not to fear because God was going to bring his prodigal child home.  This pastor started jumping and shouting because he was just praying about his daughter and only God could have known that!  After lunch, the pastor told Rev. Sanchez that he got a call from his daughter, whom he has not heard from in almost a year, and she is coming back home!  Glory to God!  So far, we all agree that this has been the most powerful conference we have ever been in and we are looking for God to do more!

This year more than ever, the pastors are making friends!  It is such a blessing to hear that they are visiting each other and helping one another.  This conference has truly broken down many walls that have kept these them separated.  People are in groups, laughing and singing.  Others are playing the guitar, while some are going over their notes from the meetings with new friends.  It is the most beautiful thing to see the young and old fellowshipping together.  Many of the younger pastors and leaders played soccer during the breaks, when it wasn’t raining!  People are just being blessed and having fun!  The food is awesome and the best words we can give you to sum up our time together is Abundant Joy!

Evening Services!
The night services have been filled with great singing and worship.  Bro. Ken Erha has been teaching on the Armor of God!  He has used props and examples to demonstrate the tactics of the enemy and how the armor of God is used to defeat him.  We just had a great time in God’s word.  Bro. Ken used the pastors here to help with examples, which caused great laughter at times and shouting!  The pastors and leaders really received the Word with applause and praise!  They always came to the altar looking for God to meet their needs and to add to their lives.  Bro. Ken said he is humbled to be in the presence of such great men of God!

God bless & thank you for praying!
Rev. Sanchez & Bro. Kenneth Erha

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Report #2 - Loreto Conference

Praise the Lord!  It is exciting be writing to you from deep in the jungles of Peru!  We had a wonderful opportunity to travel down the Ucayali river (a tributary of the Amazon) on a speed boat to a village called “Flor de Castana”.  The boat was fast, cutting 8 hours of time, yet took about 2 hours to get to this remote village.  We then headed up a steep ravine followed by a 20 minute walk on a muddy trail through the jungle.  The heat was intense and the humidity was very thick.  The 20 minutes took much longer because of all the water and mud on the trail due to the torrential rains the night before.  This is a very small, remote community, filled with banana leaf-roofed huts, no running water and the people have to take baths and wash their clothes in the river.  There are no fans and the electricity only runs 4 hours at night off of a big generator; and the church stands right in the middle of this community.  As we entered, the people of the village embraced us all with great joy and welcomed us and the expectation for God to move was unbelievable! 

The service was powerful!  The people were so open and in such a place of surrender and faith that the Holy Ghost took little time to start moving.  As Rev. Sanchez was preaching, the power of God started moving everywhere in that church!  During the message, Pastor Grandes, who pastors the church, leapt up jumping up and down, speaking in tongues across the whole front of the church.  People began to get up and shout and Rev. Sanchez moved in the Spirit, speaking to individuals throughout the church as God led him. 

EVERY ONE had a mighty breakthrough!  Glory to God!  Pentecost was in this church as teenagers, the middle aged and even the older fell underneath the awesome power of God.  Children that were only 5 years old came to the altar weeping, wanting the Spirit of God to move on them and they too were touched by the power of God!    There were people everywhere, basking in the presence of God; some on their knees, some sitting on the floor in tears as the Spirit of God overwhelmed them.  From the front of the church to the back, the power of God moved mightily.  This created a stir in the entire community and people began to come in from off the streets surrounding the church as God moved!  I have been to many nations and have seen many things, and I always stand in awe of how the Holy Ghost is the same Holy Ghost in the city, as it is on the mountaintop, as it is in the jungle!  If you could simply just take a hold of it and take God at His word; what He has done for others, He will do for you! 

The fellowship after was wonderful.  As we ate together, so many people greeted and talked with us.  There was just so much joy and excitement, from the youngest to the oldest.  And it was wonderful to see some of the young men and pastors work their way down the same muddy path to get on a boat heading to the convention, as we followed just behind!  Well, tomorrow begins the convention and we cannot wait to see the great things that God will do these next few days!  God bless you!

Br. Kenneth Erha

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Zambia Ministry Travels to Chongwe!

Walking to Village
Greetings Friends! We have another wonderful report to share with you from the Zambia ministry. God has been moving tremendously and we just have to share this great report with you. So sit back and relax and get ready to be blessed as you read this report.  

"Greetings in the name of Jesus. We have been privileged to travel to Chongwe, east of Lusaka, using public transport. After getting off the bus we waited for the next one, but it never arrived so as the sun was setting we decided to walk and we reached the village late in the evening.


 Here is the view of the church. When we arrived there was nobody there to greet us but in a short time the saints starting coming out to welcome us. Since it was cold, we built a very big fire to warm ourselves and some of the church members joined us.

Water Baptism
On Saturday morning we had some group sessions. After the altar call, all those that accepted the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior were baptized. We baptized 20 people!  The Lord indeed was in our midst as many people were set free from the oppression of the devil. Demons were manifesting right in the water and we prayed and cast them out!
Altar Call

Sunday Morning, a powerful message Was preached on salvation. At the altar call demons were defeated as many came to the altar crying tears of repentance. Glory be to God. Once again we thank you so much for all you are doing to help this ministry. May God richly bless you. Bishop Joy Misika"