Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday Night Revival!

Tonight church was packed again. People are walking into the church shouting and praising God before the service even starts! The church members are inviting family and friends to church and everyone is just excited about what the Lord is doing here in Maine.

Abigail Sanchez preached tonight on making yourself available to God. People wept and cried as she shared how you have something in your life to offer God. Towards the end of her message the power of God really moved and people came running to the altar. One lady was dressed in all black. She had piercings in her tongue and in her nose.  Her face was dark and she would never look up.  She always looked down.  I (Rev. Sanchez) went over to her and said, “Sister, Jesus really does love you”, and all of a sudden this anguishing cry came up out of her soul.  The devil had been tormenting her life. He was lying to her telling her God did not love her.  But truth had come, and that demon had no power on the presence of God, and that evil spirit had to leave her life.  She lifted her hands and her head and called on the mighty name of Jesus, and within seconds she was free, talking in tongues and filled with the Holy Ghost!  Oh glory to God!  You tell me - How great is our God!

Many more teenagers got saved tonight and filled with the Holy Ghost. The Lord even filled young children, 5 and 6 years old, with the precious Holy Ghost.  It was amazing!  Abigail was going around the altar ministering to souls and the power of God was upon her. Many were healed and delivered tonight. One lady came to the altar with pain all in her arms. She said “I could not lift my arms for years, but when Rev. Sanchez said “lift your hands in the presence of God”, I realized that for the first time in 20 years, my arms where straight in the air with no pain!”  Another great thing that is taking place is that there is a great move of God in the midst of the elderly. We had many elderly people filled with the Holy Ghost! One husband and wife couple in their seventies were holding hands together coming to the altar, and while they came, God filled them both with the Holy Ghost!  Tears flowed down their eyes as they spoke in tongues. The elderly couple told me, “When we walked down the aisle, God not only filled us with the Holy Ghost, but he took all our pain away in our legs and that’s why we kept walking around the church!”

Pastor Jackson said “We have never had a move of God like this before.  This is what God showed me in my spirit when the Lord told me to call Rev. Sanchez.  But what I am seeing now is far beyond any of our expectations. Many Pastors and Bishops are here getting revived!  God is moving and the people don’t even want to leave.  This is the real Holy Ghost.  I don’t know how to thank your church or your Pastor for releasing such an anointing through his servant, but I am grateful to God.”  As we tried to dismiss the service, the Spirit of God moved even stronger.  The members of the church were everywhere praying for one another.  Shouts of joy filled the air! Rejoicing was in the house! God Almighty has been in our midst and we are truly grateful.

God bless you
Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

The Dominican Republic Report

Greetings Friends!

We want to share with you some great reports from Rev. George Teachman, who is ministering in the Dominican Republic.  We know these reports will truly bless you hearts!

“First of all, let me start by telling you that Pastor Apolinaria and all the church members send their love and prayers to all of you.  There are two testimonies that I really want to share with you.  One is from a man named Daniel who felt the call of God upon his life, but due to an extremely high level of cholesterol, accompanied with extreme back and neck pain, he has not been able to fully do what God has called him to do.  But after prayer, his back and neck pain was healed, his cholesterol levels are normal, and he is ready to do what God has called him to do!

In the city of Santiago, Pastor Prandy set up two revivals on a basketball court and they were filled with people who did not know the Lord.  After the preaching, many people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savoir!  We also had a group of children that came to the altar and when they asked Jesus into their hearts, the Holy Ghost fell upon them right in the middle of the basketball court!  An older woman came for prayer with diseased feet and she started dancing as Jesus healed her feet and took the pain away!  Also a young girl came who had breast cancer, and after prayer she came back and reported to us that the cancer is gone!

We also had a prison meeting.  One hundred and fifty people were in this meeting and the men kept coming and coming as the meeting progressed.  Fourteen inmates gave their lives to Jesus at the altar call, and two ministers that had fallen away from God were restored in this meeting!  One of the men was a pastor, and the other an evangelist, and both said they are going to continue to seek God for a full restoration!  God bless you from the Dominican Republic, Rev. George Teachman.”

What great reports!  It is always amazing for me to hear the powerful ways that God is moving around the world.  But God doesn’t just want to move in the Dominican Republic, or just in Africa, or just in Peru; God wants to move in your life right now!  You know, the Bible says in Hebrews 11:6, “…for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”  You see, my friends, we have got to know that there is nothing impossible with our God!  He can do anything!  People got healed because they believed!  People had miracles happen in their lives because they believed!  It is time for us to believe God for the impossible and watch it come to pass!  Why sit back and wait for some unexpected outcome, when you can run to God right now with faith and make your request known unto Him?  He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.  He blesses people who don’t give up because of what they see, feel, or hear, but they keep bringing the situation to God knowing that He has the power to change it!  Today, are you ready for your miracle?  If you are, just grab a hold of God’s Word by faith, diligently seek Him, and look for Him to do the miraculous!

God bless you abundantly,

Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Marvelous Monday!

Tonight the church was packed out again. It is standing room only. Word has spread all over these parts that there is a great move of God and people are bringing their families. Some people have come from other states just to get a touch from God. Pastor Jackson said “God is moving mightily, He has far exceeded my greatest expectation.  I have seen people healed, delivered, and filled with the Holy Ghost. Sometimes I had to take a double take because I could not believe what God was doing in my church. He is touching some people in ways that I have never seen and I am just so excited. We are going to have to get a bigger church after this revival   A lady who is visiting here from California came with her son and she said, “We were raised Pentecostal but we have never experienced the power of God like we felt in these meetings.  God filled us to overflowing.  We are not leaving until this revival is over and we are going to take this Pentecostal power back to California with us!”  One of the elders of the church said “I have been seeking the Holy Ghost for years; I have asked people how to get it.  What do I need to do say or do to get this Holy Ghost?  I have been saved and baptized, but I never spoke in tongue.  But tonight when Rev. Sanchez walked by and laid his hands on me that heavenly dove called the Holy Ghost landed on me and I fell down to the floor under God’s power talking in tongues!  I got the Holy Ghost!”

Well as you can see from just these few testimonies, the meeting tonight was explosive!  At one point in the meeting, it was like the building shook in the presence of God!  Young people and old people were running around the church! People were jumping and clapping their hands! Sinners were at the altar getting saved! Shouts of praise filled the air.  People were in the aisles dancing & many were filled with the precious Holy Ghost!  Revival had come in full power! You have to understand, this has never happened in this church, not like this before!  One minister’s wife who walked the altars tonight, crying and shouting said with tears in her eyes “This is how I grew up.  This is how I remember church.  When the Holy Ghost moved, we just let Him have his way!”  When I left the altar call, Abigail, Melvin Jr. and Isaiah were still praying with people!  Pastor Jackson and the ministers of the church were everywhere laying hands on people, the elders were ministering to the many souls at the altar, people were in the aisle and on the floor, saturated in the presence of God!  Young people with tears in their eyes were at that altar, crying out to God and being filled with God’s Holy Ghost!  When we left the church, close to midnight, people were still in the church praising God.

You know the Bible says in Acts 2:15-18 When the Holy Ghost moved in the upper room and Peter and the disciples left to come outside, some men thought they were all drunk!  But Peter stood up with the eleven and said “… Ye men of Judaea, and all [ye] that dwell at Jerusalem, be this known unto you, and hearken to my words: For these are not drunken, as ye suppose, seeing it is [but] the third hour of the day.  But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel; And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:  And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy” 

We are living in a day where we all need more of this and that!  We need more of this Holy Ghost power moving in our lives! We need more of that Holy Ghost power to lead us and guide us in all truth! We just need the Holy Ghost! We need him to help us make the right decisions.  We need the Holy Ghost to give us the power to do the will of God!  The good news is that you don’t have to wait for a revival to come to town but you can ask God for that Holy Ghost power right now! He is ready to pour it out on all those that want it! Today I want to encourage you to have your own revival right in your prayer room or driving down the highway!  On your break time at work or walking down the halls at school. Where you go and whatever you do, go and do it in the power of the Spirit! And God Almighty will be right there with you.

God bless you
Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

Camp Meetings in Maine!

It was absolutely wonderful driving up to Auburn Maine with my family. The sun was shinning, my wife was the navigator and my sons kept asking me “Are we there yet?”  When we finally pulled into the parking lot of the church, you could see cars everywhere. There was definitely a great expectation for a mighty move of God.  The church was amazing! It was a large log cabin church on the outside but once you step inside it was beautiful! When it was time for the choir to sing, they got up and filled the atmosphere with some of the best singing I have ever heard. Soon after the choir sang I (Rev. Sanchez) got up to preach.  During the message the Spirit of God came down with a mighty convicting presence. People came running and crying to the altar. People threw down their cigarettes because they wanted to be set free. 

I was still preaching while God was delivering people at the altar.  All of a sudden, all over the church, God was touching lives. Young people were getting saved. One young man got set free and delivered from bondages that have held him since he was a little boy. After prayer he got up and said, I have been living in sin for years but it is time for me to make things right. He went to the back of the church and proposed to his girlfriend and they went to talk to the Pastor about getting married.  Another lady who had been sick for years with pain in her body came down for prayer and was instantly healed of all her pain! When the altar call was done, we gave another altar call for sinners and the altar was filled with teenagers and adults! God was saving souls! It was now going past 3pm and God was restoring marriages and families! People were getting filled with the Holy Ghost! My sons Melvin Jr. who is 4 years old and Isaiah who is 2 years old followed me around the altar and laid hands on people! Many people were not able to stand in the mighty presence of God! We all left saying surely the presence of the Lord was in this place!

Sunday Night!

Tonight church was packed! Word has spread about the tremendous move of God and people came tonight looking for another touch from heaven! Abigail preached on the favor of God! Many families came down to the altar and there was great restoration of homes. Many people that had given up on God rededicated their lives to Christ at the altar. Many teenagers were at the altar tonight and God just really talked to hearts and saturated these precious young people with the Holy Ghost and fire! Some people laid across the altar crying out to God and when they got up they were completely transformed. Abigail said, “It was so wonderful to see how God was moving on the hearts of the people. I could feel a lot of heavy needs in the building but as the presence of the Lord began to sweep over the church it was amazing to see those heavy burdens lifted in the presence of God!”

God bless you

Rev. Melvin & Abigail Sanchez

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father’s Day Celebration

My family and I went to New Gethsemane Deliverance Outreach Ministry in Meriden, CT to preach a Father’s Day celebration service.  Everyone was praising the Lord during the song service.  The choir and the praise team sang wonderfully.  Since it was a Father’s Day service, all the fathers had a moment to share with the church.  It was awesome hearing them share their hearts.  One man began to speak, with tears in his eyes, about how he lost his son and how he wishes he could have seen the man he would have become.  He encouraged us all to not take for granted the times that we spend with our children.  Later on in the service, the Lord really spoke to my heart to go and tell that brother that even though he lost his natural son, his days of being a father are not over.  God has made him a father in Zion, and there are many other sons that need him to impart his wisdom into their lives, and to lead and guide them.  While I was telling him this, he fell down to his knees just crying and thanking God!

I shared with the church about missions and the good things that God is doing.  The people clapped their hands and praised God for how He is moving on the mission fields!  Everyone was especially excited that Abby and I going together to Lima, Peru in July!  After the mission report they took up an offering and sang a special song, then I preached a message titled, “A Father’s Cry, A Mother’s Need, and A Daughter’s Miracle.”  The Holy Ghost moved mightily and people were getting delivered right from the beginning of the message—a great yoke-breaking anointing was present!  People came to the altar crying and five souls got saved!  One young man came to the altar very sick and weak in his body.  He told me that he needed a miracle or he was going to die.  He gave his life to Jesus right there, with tears rolling down his face, and he also asked the Lord to heal him.  While he prayed, a great presence of God swept over this young man—I could feel it!  He looked at me and said, “Something happened to me, I felt it in my body, I believe God healed me!”  There was great rejoicing in the church and everywhere you looked, the Holy Ghost was ministering to lives!  After service Pastor Graham was so kind to treat my family and I to a wonderful Father’s Day dinner.  During dinner we laughed and shared testimonies about the goodness of God.  It was great being in Father’s house on Father’s Day!

My friends, now that I have been a father for some years, I know what it feels like to have my children come running to me when they have a need.  If they call me, I will always answer them, but when they cry, I come running!  When I get to them, I pick them up and find out what is wrong.  I talk to them and guide them so that they won’t have the same accident again.  Why do I do this?  Because I am a great father and I love my children.  Well, we also have a heavenly Father that loves us.  When we call Him, He always answers, and when we cry, He comes running!  He picks us up, talks to us, guides us, and works out problems that seem impossible.  He can heal any hurt or pain that we will ever have.  No one is bigger than our Father and no one is stronger than Him!  He has never lost a fight and there is not anything too hard for Him to fix!  One of the greatest things about our Father is that He is omnipresent:  He is with us all the time.  Do you know what that means?  That means you cannot lose, fail, be conquered, or be defeated because your Father is with you!  I want to challenge you today to make every day Father’s Day!  Each and every day shower your heavenly Father with the love and praise that is due His name.  He is a wonderful Father that always stands ready to meet your every need.  So no matter what you are going through right now, it’s Father’s Day, and your Father who can do the impossible, is spending today and everyday with you!  

God bless you,
Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Greetings from Zambia!!

We know you have all been praying and awaiting some word from us on the field.  Our internet connection is very sporadic, so it has been difficult to get blogs posted, so we thank you for your patience & continued prayers.  Well, when we look at the calendar we realize that we have been here for 5 days, but feels like we’ve been here for 5 weeks!  It’s easy to lose track of time and days, but it’s also been wonderful.

We are learning a lot, and know that the experiences so far has already begun to accomplish what we set out to do.  We are doing well, and are under the greatest of care by the Church, School and all our friends here.  The cooks at the lodge we have been staying at this week, have taken extra care to cook us wonderful chicken, rice and veggies!!  Delicious & Nutritious!!

Monday through Wednesday we spent a lot of time visiting the classrooms of the Lighthouse Blessing School!!  I (Sis. Adrienne) have had the opportunity to become a student sitting amongst the children, learning just like they learn each day.  The teachers have such a love for the children of Misisi, and the children have such an excitement for the opportunity they’ve been given to have an education.  It’s amazing to witness the joy and hope in the eyes of children that are surrounded by, in what our definition would be, hopelessness.  But truly, just by the simple existence of a classroom, school desks, pencils, paper and a teacher, hope springs alive in the lives of these most precious of God’s children! 

On Thursday we walked throughout the community of Misisi Compound and visited some widowed grandmothers who care for their grandchildren that attend the Lighthouse Blessing School.  This journey has left an impact on my life, so much so, that I know I will never be the same again.  Maybe as time goes on, I’ll be able to share in more detail the emotions that I feel right now, but my heart needs more time to process the depth of it all.

Thank you for your love, prayers, and faithful support that will continue to enable us to be Christ’s hand extended to the needy of our world!     (Prov. 13:12)

-God Bless you all,
Sis. Adrienne & Rev. Engman

The House of God in D.R. Congo

Praise the Lord!  Pastor Ngoy, our representative in D.R. Congo, sent us an update on the new church building project and we want to share it with you today.

“Greetings in the precious name of the Lord Jesus.  Before I say anything, please allow me to thank Almighty God for having blessed us through Pastor Kalinsky, the Full Gospel Interdenominational Church, World-Wide Lighthouse Missions, and everyone who has prayed and given to make this church building project a reality.  We purchased everything we needed to paint the new church building, but the walls inside and outside of the church have not yet been completely painted.  The reason we have not been able to paint them is because the winds are blowing very strong causing dirt to stick inside and outside of the church.  We have also rented machines to help cut large stones into smaller square bricks in order to plate the front of the church building, but while the workers are cutting the stones, it is creating a strong swirling dust cloud covering the whole church.  So, to avoid ruining the paint job, we decided it is best to hold on painting until the work for the stone cutting is finished.  The work is almost complete!  God bless you, Pastor Ngoy.”

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are that this new church building is almost completed!  This has been a dream in the heart of Pastor Ngoy for years and now it is almost finished!  Yes, they had to deal with the winds and the dust that came to hinder the work, but it did not discourage them.  They did not quit or run away, they just trusted in God and kept on working.  Today, I don’t know what dream God has placed in your heart.  I don’t even know what you are holding onto by faith for, but I want to encourage you that even when it seems like it is not going to come to pass, even when the dust clouds are so strong that you’re wondering if what you are believing God for will ever happen:  Hang on in there!  God is faithful to do what He promised!  The Bible says in Isaiah 55:11, “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper [in the thing] whereto I sent it.”  Glory to God!  What He promised will come to pass!  It will be accomplished!  It makes me want to shout just thinking that God is going to do what He pleases!  His desire is going to come to pass for you, your family, your ministry, your health, and your finances, so have faith in God because your answer is on the way!

Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trip to Lighthouse Blessing School in Zambia

Hello!  This is Rev Engman and Sister Adrienne and we wanted to share with you that we are going to Lusaka, Zambia this month of June!  We are very excited because we will be working with the Lighthouse Blessing School in Misisi Compound.  This school was started by Pastor Misika, (of Zambia) out of a great burden to help the many orphaned and needy children in Misisi Compound, one of the poorest compounds in Sub-Sahara Africa.  Hundreds of children just in the surrounding church community alone are left to roam the dirt paths with no future.  They are left vulnerable to drugs, alcohol, and every kind of abuse, leaving them physically and emotionally scarred forever.  The Lighthouse Blessing School is a safe place where they can be loved and cared for, fed and given an education, and shown that Jesus loves them.  To be successful the school needs sponsors for its teachers and students.  We want to help the school in a greater way through our T.E.A.C.H. program.  During our trip we will be working with the school administration and visiting with all the teachers and students so we can strengthen our ministry relationship and find the best ways that we can help.  

You can be a great part of this trip by helping us with your prayers and an offering toward the $3,700. still needed to pay for this trip in full. With the rising costs of fuel, travel has become more expensive but we are doing everything we can to stretch your dollar.  Please help send us and in doing so you will be helping a child to know and experience your love and the love of Jesus Christ!  Visit our website to make your donation today! 

Thank you and God bless you abundantly!
  Rev. Lynnette Engman, Missions Administrator
  Adrienne Lautenbach, T.E.A.C.H. Director