Thursday, June 26, 2014

Visit to Swedru - Ghana Report

Today we left Accra and headed about 4 hours inland to Swedru. We left the big city and traveled to a more rustic village where pastors were gathering to hear a word from God. As we drove, you could see the beautiful landscapes that you can only find in Africa, full of beautiful trees and leaves. When we arrived, Pastors were already in prayer. I was told that pastors were seeking God for a word that would change their community forever. I preached a message called “Breaking the Womb For a New Generation”, and as the power of the Lord fell in that little church, pastors jumped to their feet as the Holy Ghost moved on them and they were birthing God’s desire.

What a great blessing it was to see both young and old pastors praying and crying together in the presence of the Lord! As the power of God kept moving, God gave me a word for the pastor of that church. The Lord showed me what the pastor was desiring and how God was going to help him, down to the details. The pastor lifted his hands and burst into tears and fell out under the power of God! Pastors flooded the altar, they were walking back and forth, leaping and praising God! The atmosphere was charged with faith and great expectation. The older pastors started praying and speaking into the lives of the young ones. And the young pastors were praying for God to strengthen the older ones.  It was excellent!

God truly has a plan for these pastors and He also has a plan for all our lives. God’s plan is bigger than one man or a handful of people but it’s going to take the young and the old together to build God’s kingdom and bring forth this end time harvest. This is not the time to sit back and be a spectator but it is high time to stir ourselves up. The Bible says that in the last days God will pour out His spirit on all flesh (young and old flesh, rich and poor flesh, black and white flesh, male and female flesh) and they shall prophesy! Old men are going to dream dreams and young men are going to see visions and upon His handmaidens and servants God will pour out His spirit.

God is not pouring out His spirit just to make us feel good but He is empowering people with purpose. God is ready to work! God is ready to save! God is ready to deliver! God is ready to heal! God is ready to open doors! God is ready to do miracles! God said He will move but who will let it!  The choice is why wait? Just let God work in you!

God wants to work on the streets, in the prisons, at the schools, on your jobs, in ministries and on the mission fields. Wherever you let God work, He will work! God will work right now, if you let Him! God will move right now, if you let Him! God can do a miracle right now, if you let Him! So just let Him! Let God give you the healing bread!  Let God make a way out of no way!  Let God arise and His enemies be scattered! Just let God!

Ghana Conference Report #2

The morning and night meetings have been awesome. The pastors and leaders are just soaking in everything we have to offer. Many people have stayed in the church and slept at the altar because they did not want to move. Their hunger for God is truly amazing!  People are being blessed and healed in the presence of God.

The altar calls are the longest I have ever experienced. People do not want to leave God’s presence. Church has been getting out after midnight every night and there is such a rich, sweet presence of God here in our midst. Tonight was especially great because 4 and 5 year old little children were getting baptized in the Holy Ghost. We also had 4 teenage boys that were backslid give their lives back to God tonight! Mothers and fathers were shouting tonight! Restoration had taken place! It was beautiful watching families pray for each other. Many pastors stood with tears streaming down their face, and others just laid at the altar, thanking God for His glorious touch. I don’t know everything God has done in these meeting but he has moved so wonderfully and we were completely amazed.

Many friendships were made in this conference. Pastors were sharing phone numbers and promising to visit each other and also to help and encourage one another. What a great unity! People left clapping and shouting and just so encouraged.  So many pastors came to me telling me their dreams have been restored and their visions have been renewed! Many have said they have a fresh fire burning and they are looking forward to see what God is going to do in their church and communities!

God bless you!

Rev. Melvin Sanchez

Ghana Conference Report #1

Greetings my friends. It is a blessing for me, along with Pastor Devin Johnson from Tabernacle of Deliverance and Praise Ministries in Norwich CT, to be here in Ghana with Bishop James Sekyere from Heaven Sent Ministries in Accra, to preach a pastors and leaders conference and night evangelistic meetings.  Pastors have been gathering for the last few days from all over Ghana in great anticipation of a mighty move of God.  Some pastors have travelled so far that they are sleeping in the church the next few days because they don’t want to miss one thing that God is going to do in the services.

Leadership Fire Conference

The Pastor’s Conference in the morning is called the Leadership Fire Conference. We had over 120 pastors and more are arriving. I personally did not realize the impact we had on some of these men and women of God because many of them have been praying for us to return to Accra for the last three years. They said your ministry (WWLM Inc.) brings us a Word and an anointing that we need in Ghana and you can't wait another three years to return.

After greeting everyone it was time for the conference to start. The worship was wonderful! Pastors just cried and sang to the Lord with hands raised in the air.  The harmony and singing was just breathtaking.  The message I brought was titled "The Necessity of Rain!”.  While I was teaching, it was like the rain of God started showering down on dry ground.  Some Pastors fell to the floor, weeping and crying out to God.  Others dropped to their knees, crying out “Let it rain, Lord, let it rain!”   And the more I taught, the more they began to cry out to God.  Then suddenly, God sent in the Holy Ghost rain cloud - and it rained in that church!

The power of God fell so strong, it was reported that 27 leaders fell out under the power of God all at once and every one of them was baptized in the Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues!  God was moving in that church! One pastor was jumping and dancing all over the church, shouting, “My chains are gone! I am free, free to do what God has called me to do!”  Then we heard screams in the corner, because a sister who had problems with walking all her life was now running around the church healed by the power of God!  The rain of the Holy Ghost was pouring down and it was healing and refreshing and empowering!  The sounds of shouting and praise to God were so loud that it drew people in off the street and they got saved.  The more God moved, the more healing and deliverances took place.  Some of these pastors have been bound by fear of witchcraft, but now they know that God has not given them a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind!  

God was breaking chains -- Chains of intimidation, Chains of unworthiness, Chains of limitations!  The Bible says that he who the Son sets free is free indeed!  The anointing of the Lord was breaking every chain!  Pastors were all over the church and the altar and God just kept pouring down His rain!  And then God just saturated the building!  Pastors and leaders where falling out everywhere!  It felt like the upper room on the day of Pentecost because they were all staggering like drunken men, some of them could not get off the floor at all.  It was an incredible morning. 

After lunch, I went back to my hotel to get ready for the night service and a young man at the desk named John wanted to help me to my room, but I told him I did not need any help.  But he was just so determined to carry my bag that I eventually let him.  Well, when we got to my room he dropped down on his knees and started crying, saying “I need to be saved.  I am backslidden and away from God for 15 years.  When you came into the hotel, I saw the glory of the Lord shining all over you and I knew I had to get my life right with God!”  I prayed for him in that room as he asked Jesus in his heart and all of a sudden his body started to tremble and he started talking in tongues as the power of the Holy Ghost filled his life!  He got off the floor clapping and shouting, and I am thinking, "John, you better be quiet if you want to keep your job!"  But down the hallway John went, crying and shouting and praising God.  Then, a few minutes later, there was a knock at the door; it was John and he said “Rev. Sanchez, I just have to tell you I have been sick for 5 years with stomach pains. I have had tumors in my stomach;  but when I got downstairs I realized that the tumors where gone! Feel my stomach - feel my stomach! There is nothing there anymore! Hallelujah!  No more lumps, no more pain!"  and down the hallway he went again, shouting, talking in tongues and praising God!!     AND THEN....
When it was time for the night service, I went downstairs and 10 people were coming to church with us because "Shouting John" had stirred up the hotel!  AND all 10 people got saved! Now that’s a shouting moment! Hallelujah!

Victory at Last

The night evangelistic services are called "Victory at Last".  It is held at another church location that is overseen by the ministry here.  When I got to the church there was a strange feeling in the air.  Nothing was working right.  The sound system was messing up, the speakers were blowing up, the church sound system sparked and caught on fire.  Everything was going wrong and there was such a feeling of unsettledness in the room.  The pastor quickly turned the meeting over to me and I began to preach on “Bringing Down Strongholds”.  While I was preaching, demons started manifesting in people.  One lady fell violently to the floor as the demon cried out, “I am not letting her go, I am not letting her go”.  I then walked off the platform and said, "In the name of Jesus, I command you to come out of her!"   Not only did that spirit let her go, but three others were also delivered and filled with the Holy Ghost!  And when the last man was set free the entire meeting shifted!  The sound system came back, joy came back, freedom came back and souls started coming in church from outside!

I continued preaching as the Spirit of the Lord fell in that service!  We started off with about 20 people and ended up with about 40 people.  The Lord doubled our attendance.  As the power of God fell, the ministers were praying for the people all over the church and the Holy Ghost was just moving on lives.  This one young man in the back of the church came to the altar with tears in his eyes and he said, "I have been seeking the Holy Ghost and I have not received it yet. I want the Holy Ghost!"   I told him that the Holy Ghost was a gift, and since he was already saved all he had to do is receive the gift.  He said, "I have tried, but I still have not received.”  Then I called another worker over to me and said, "Take my Bible."  So he reached out and took my Bible.  So I then said to the young man, "How hard was it for him to receive the gift that I wanted to give him?"  He said, "Not hard, because the gift was right here and he reached out and took it.”  I said, "That’s right, the gift IS HERE so reach out and take it!"  Before I could finish my sentence the young man was talking in tongues!  He fell to the floor talking in tongues and when I left he was still at the altar talking in tongues!  The power of God moved so much it was after midnight and He was still moving.  When I left, the people were still in church, glorifying God.  It is a brand new day for this church and they will never be the same again!

Thank you so much for praying for prayer makes these things possible!

Rev. Sanchez