Monday, October 21, 2013

Final Day - Pastor's Congress in Nauta, Loreto, Peru

Final day of conference - Oct. 18th

Wow! What a day we had with the pastors. We had our morning meeting where Minister Mancini taught on how we as leaders need to translate our dreams into visions for the congregation to grab a hold of it. He went into all the ways we can do this within the Church. Many pastors know the word of God in this area but lack teaching in how to apply it within their churches. It is important to not just be a dreamer - but to be a doer. That takes a vision. A vision is something you can see and obtain; there is a goal. The pastors really enjoyed this session as they work to translate their dreams into a vision. At the altar call we prayed together and witnessed an empowerment of the Holy Spirit for us to have this ability. Many pastors were weeping in the presence of God and being refreshed in their ministries.

We had a special surprise today where we were asked if we wanted to have the youth in that area come to church for a special service. Of course the answer was yes! Brother Daniel, Pastor Sifuentes' son, leads up about 20 young men in a soccer camp he holds at the church. He teaches them the Word of God , biblical principles to life and incorporates that into their training for soccer. It is basically their youth group, using soccer as the tool to reach them.

This team of 20 young men (ages 12-17) came for an afternoon service, where Minister Mancini brought an encouraging word about them being Arrows on Fire for God. The youth were attentive and at the altar call we prayed together to fulfill all that God has for our lives. Four of the men attend the church and are saved and Daniel is looking for the rest to make that commitment to the Lord. During this session the pastors were also in attendance and seen a vision of how they can reach their youth in their areas. They even stretched out their hands toward these young men and blessed them with their prayers. Here was the translation part in action - old men dreaming dreams and young men seeing visions- was happening right in front of their eyes!

To wrap up the conference, we came back that night for the final service. Minister Mancini preached that service and summed it all up- we have dreams, with the Holy Ghost as the power behind the dream. We have been protecting our dreams, we have started to see our dream being translated into a vision. There was only 1 thing left to happen- for it to come to pass. He preached on "It came to pass"...the dreams they have - God already knows them because He put it inside if them. And if He put it inside of them, He has already made the way for it to come to pass. The power of God hit that altar as the pastors stormed to it and held up their dreams to God and prophesied "It came to pass".

This conference was a blessing beyond measure.  Special thanks to Pastor Gustavo Rodriguez of Lima, Peru, who translated for the team. Continue to pray for the jungles of Peru - continue to pray for those pastors, leaders and their congregations. God is about to make their dreams for saving souls, dreams of building churches, dreams of relieving poverty, dreams of crushing corruption, dreams for a better future for their youth, come to pass.

God bless you!
~Minister Marco Mancini

Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 2 - Pastor's Congress in Nauta, Loreto, Peru

Oct 17 – Day 2 of the Conference

Today started early for the team (5am). We had an opportunity to go on a radio show in town that broadcasts to Nauta and surrounding areas. Many of the farmers tune into the radio show and today they were able to hear an encouraging thought from Minister Mancini. It was a great opportunity to use every tool that God has provided us on this trip to spread the Gospel. Pastor Sifuentes also was able to promote the conference for those around the area. It was an awesome opportunity and we know it will reap good fruit.

We later went to start the morning portion of the conference where we continued in our theme about  “Dreams and Visions”, where Minister Mancini  taught on how we need to protect our dreams. The dreams we have for God will be attacked and we need to protect ourselves, our churches and our ministry in order to keep that dream alive. He brought a message where we are prepared to take on all that the enemy tries to throw our way and that we would have Total Victory over every situation. The pastors gathered around the altar and prayed together – one pastor broke loose and went into a warfare prayer – praying in tongues. He made sure his dreams were being protected! It was an awesome sight to see the men and women of God fight for their dreams through the power of prayer.

We also heard that Pastor Carlos, our pastor friend that God is healing from that neck and back condition, was able to sleep on his back last night for the first time in 1 yea!. He would always have to sleep on his side, but last night he slept soundly on his back and came in smiling and rejoicing to the service. He said – "every day God is doing something more for me!"

Pastor William Sifuentes taught in the evening service of not just hearing from God and getting information, but to use that knowledge that God has given us and apply it to our life and ministry. He confirmed many things that was brought throughout the week and really ministered to the pastors. Things are going to be different now...these pastors are going to apply these teachings. He left them encouraged that God is always for us and that when we do our part, God will take care of the rest. We had a great time of fellowship with the pastors and with the church members. A great unity in being produced. We are looking forward to our last day with the pastors tomorrow!

Please continue to pray for God to complete His work in this conference!

~Minister Marco Mancini

Day 1 - Pastor's Congress in Nauta, Loreto, Peru

Oct 16 – Day 1 of the Conference

The theme of teaching and messages for this year’s conference is about “Dreams and Visions” according to the scripture in Joel 2:28 “…your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.”
Pastor William Sifuentes, the leader of the conference and local pastor in Nauta, Loreto, Peru opened the conference and greeted the attendees. We started off the morning with a teaching session, where Minister Marco Mancini taught on what it is to have a dream and that the power behind our dreams for God is the Holy Ghost - the Spirit of God. He taught that there are a lot of dreams that never come to pass because they have nothing driving it - but the Spirit of the Lord is the difference where dreams can become reality. The pastors and leaders in attendance were in full attention, taking notes and soaking it in.

There was an altar call and the pastors all came down to receive prayer and to dedicate their dreams to God. Some of these pastors lost their dream because of circumstances of life, discouragements and weariness. But God caused a fresh Spirit to blow the dust off their dreams. They have dreams to see souls saved, churches to be built, power to come to their ministry. God wants us to dream big!

In the evening service, more pastors arrived at the conference, including our pastor friend from Requena who had the back and neck problem - he was at the meeting! Another miracle! It takes about 3 hours by the “fast” boat to get to from his area to Nauta where the conference was being held. It takes much longer by a regular boat. For this man to have traveled that span is truly a testimony of God's healing power. This man was still smiling and praising God in the service. He mentioned that we came at a critical time in his life. His dream has been restored and nothing will hold him back!

Minister Mancini preached the night service on the how God wants to give us His Spirit in its fullness, not just for a time or for a task, but for our entire life. That is what it means to be filled, to have the true power of God. We all did some jungle shouting in this service!! To know that we can be filled with His Spirit is the greatest joy you can have!

During the altar call, we found a lot of the ladies that attended were reaching out for that Spirit. They too can have this Holy Ghost in their lives. One of the girls that came down was Hannah, Pastor William Sifuentes' adopted daughter (he has 2 natural children and 4 adopted/foster children). She was really reaching out to God and got filled with God’s Spirit. She came from a tribe down the river where her parents neglected her and left her to raise herself at a young age. Pastor William found her and asked if he can take her to raise her in his home. She has been there ever since and now is 17 years old. She has a servant's heart and carries a meek spirit. Here is a life that was destined for destruction and had no hope, until a man of God came by and brought the light of Jesus to that life!! Now she is happy, in a Christian home, serving God and tonight, filled with the Spirit! What an awesome God we serve! Here is one Pastor’s dream coming to pass.
Tomorrow will be another full day of the move of God.  Continue to pray for the team. God Bless you!

~Minister Marco Mancini

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Minister Marco Mancini is reporting from Nauta, Loreto, Peru!!

Oct 15
Today was our kick-off to the trip. The team visited a jungle village called Requena. It took about 3 hours by boat, going north from Nauta (the village where the conference will take place), up the Amazon river. It was here that we met the church leadership of the Evangelic Church of Jesus Christ. In this remote village, we had limited time but Minister Marco Mancini brought a message to that leadership on not letting the world kick Jesus out of the Church.

One of the pastors present was in need of a healing. He had fallen about a year ago and has been hindered by what he thinks are slipped disks in his back. This pastor walked in with a towel over his head and having to keep his head propped up with his hand. His neck and his back were all kinked up and he was barely able to lift his arms. He spent the time during the ministering laying on a bench.

The need for this man as well as the need of the Church was great. But we serve a Great God!!!  After the message we all prayed together to fight to keep Jesus in the Church and for this pastor to be healed of this condition.

After prayer, the pastors and leaders of the Church, as well as that man, were walking around that church, praising God - going around the altars and up the aisles. This pastor was able to lift both hands up and praise God with the rest of the leadership. He was able to do things that he was not able to do in a whole year! He was crying out to God as he used his faith to trust in a God that makes the impossible possible.

Continue to pray for that pastor, as well as the church in Requena that God will send them forth with power in their ministry. It was great to know that some of the pastors of this church will be coming to the pastors conference this week. We know God is going to continue do great things!

God Bless You!
~Minister Marco Mancini