Friday, November 21, 2014

God Moves & Miracles Happen in the Dominican Republic!

Rev. George & Candy Teachman recently traveled to the Dominican Republic where they ministered to so many lives.  God moved mightily during their mission trip!  Below are just a few highlights of what God did!

On the Radio

We were invited to preach at a Christian radio station that has a very large following and transmits throughout most of the country.  As I (Rev. George Teachman) started to minister God's word, on the subject “Knowing Your Hour of Visitation,” the presence of God came down so strong in the room that you felt like you were in a cloud.  The calls for prayer started coming in so fast that time didn't allow us to pray for the people individually.  So we prayed together for all those that had needs and requested prayer.

One young lady was listening to the broadcast on her cell phone at work and God spoke directly to her life.  She left work and went straight to the radio station for personal prayer.  She was sitting in the waiting room when we left the broadcast area.  As we prayed for her, God's presence came over her.  We are lifting up Jesus’ name and He is drawing all men unto to Himself!

The Fire of God Falls at the Altar

We were invited to minister at Pastor Apolinaria's sister’s church.  The Holy Spirit fell so strong in that service that all the church members came up for prayer.  About six children received Jesus in their hearts as their Savior.  Some of these children could barely finish saying the sinner’s prayer when the presence of God would overcome them.

Many were receiving healing at the altar…

  • One lady was walking slowly; it was obvious she was in pain.  After prayer, she started moving her legs up and down and a smile broke out on her face as the Holy Spirit touched her.  
  • Another lady, who had a large tumor that protruded out of her side, came forward believing God for her miracle of healing.  We commanded, in the name of Jesus, for this tumor to disappear.  Candy laid her hand on the lady’s tumor, and as she prayed, the tumor was continually shrinking until she couldn't feel it at all.  
  • One woman got saved and then left the meeting to go home and get her family and friends.  She started bringing person after person to the altar for salvation.  
  • One girl, who we prayed for, was bound and apparently involved in prostitution.  When she opened up her heart and life to Jesus, He gloriously saved her. 
  • About a dozen people got saved that night.  

One thing I like is that during the church services the doors and windows are open, and as the songs are sung, and the Word is ministered, everyone in the crowded neighborhood gets to hear the service.  And those that are hungry for God, come in and get saved!

The Holy Spirit Falls In the Park

Every Friday they have an outdoor revival meeting in a large, very busy, urban park in the city of Santiago.  We were invited to minister God's word there.  As we arrived, the people were singing and shouting and some were trembling under God’s power, which was falling upon a hundred or so Christians in the park.  As the meeting continued, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit became even stronger, and this brought many onlookers over to the service.  In every direction that I looked, people were being touched by the Holy Spirit.  This is what it must have looked like on the street of Jerusalem, on the day of Pentecost, when peter preached and over three thousand souls were saved.

Here, after you minister God's word, all the people usually come forward for prayer from the person who preached the Word.  The crowd was too large today.  Several other people were helping to pray for the salvation and healing of those who had come forward; the people kept coming and coming to receive prayer.  The Lord saved many souls today it would be hard to put a number on how many came to Christ during this altar call.

It is an honor and a great blessing for Candy and I to be here and to see so many lives touched.  Many have been transformed and received answers to prayer as we called upon the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, together.

God bless you,

Rev. George & Candy Teachman

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Good Reports from Lusaka, Zambia

We recently received some wonderful reports and photos from the Temple of Blessing Church in Lusaka, Zambia.  Their monthly feeding outreach to the most needy of the community continues to touch lives.  The workers shared that they are so grateful for the support, which is making a great difference in the lives of people in their area.  Here are some great pictures of people that were blessed by this outreach last month.

"This is Mrs. Mwange - She is a single mother of 4, whose husband abandoned her.  She goes out every day to beg in town for her family to eat.  So every month, the workers always spare some food packs for her.  She can afford a smile now as she knows her kids will have a complete meal tonight!"

"These young ladies, burdened with the pressure to bring food to the table, could smile today as they receive support from the church!  This program is making a difference in our community!"

"Young ones, representing households where parents had gone out, received at least something to take home for dinner tonight.  You can see how much impact the program has in the lives of these precious souls."

"On behalf of all these and many others who benefit from this program, we would like to thank you for all your tireless efforts in making this program a reality!  May God continue blessing you al!"