Wednesday, November 20, 2013

God continues to move in the Dominican Republic!

The Power of God fell upon the people

Pastor Apolinaria has set up a 3-night Campaign Meeting in her village of Muñóz.  We made 2 large signs, about 12 feet high.  These meetings have been advertized regularly on a Christian radio station. The sound of the music could be heard through the 10 foot high speakers, which were next to the platform.  A large crowd gathered to worship God and hear the word of God ministered.

After the word of God was shared, only a few people answered the altar call at first.  It only took a few minutes for others to flood the altar, seeking God for salvation, healing and deliverance.  There were eight of us praying for the people; myself, Candy, the interpreter, Pastor Apolinaria and 4 evangelists. People were making lines, waiting for prayer.  There was a group of 25 children, from the ages of 5 to 10, looking for salvation. The Lord touched every child gently by his Spirit and they fell to the ground under the power of God.

A 13 year old boy was brought to the altar by his mother.  He had been blind from birth.  He had areas of hardened skin under his eyes.  When the evangelist prayed for him, scales fell off from his eyes. God healed his eyes instantly and he was able to see clearly! He identified how many fingers that were put up several times.

Hundreds came to the altar. Brother Rafeal stopped counting the people coming for salvation after number 40.  So many people flooded the Altar that we could not even see an end to the people.  The anointing of God was so present that many were delivered, including one girl who was only about 8 years old.  The Lord surely came down in His power tonight to do a work only He could do. We all left walking down the road to the Pastor’s house, full of joy, rejoicing over all the mighty works the Lord had done.  We are looking forward to the next 2 nights, with great expectancy to see what our GOD will do!

God Bless,
Rev. George & Sis. Candice Teachman

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Reports from the Dominican Republic...

God is moving the Dominican Republic!  Rev. George & Sis. Candice Teachman report…

They shall lay their hands upon the sick and they shall recover
In one service, the Lord told Candy to touch one man’s shoulder in prayer.  As she prayed, his bad shoulder was instantly healed.  He had been suffering from pain in his right shoulder for years. When he was healed, he wept under the power of God.  

We went to pray for the people in their homes.  In the first house we went to, both the husband and wife, who had been sick, received healing as we prayed.  The next home was the home of Pastor Apolinaria’s father.  He requested prayer for God to heal his eyes.  We had him try to identify an object, which was a candle from 4 feet away. He couldn't identify it. He said he thought it was a coin.  After prayer, we asked him again to identify the object.  This time, he saw the object was a small candle.  The vision in his right eye immediately improved.  

We are having a large 3-day campaign meeting.  A woman had been praying because she was experiencing bad pain in her stomach and could not attend the meetings.  Her heart was to go.  After prayer, she told us that her stomach was healed and she could attend the meetings. 

God moves upon the youth
When we came into Pastor Apolinaria’s house this morning, 2 young neighbors were receiving prayer.  A young man was being restored back to God, and a young lady was calling upon the Lord Jesus for her Salvation.  Tears were flowing down her cheeks. 

In one of the city churches that we ministered in, God moved powerfully upon the young people.  About 20 of these young people gathered together after the altar call and the Holy Spirit started ministering to them through the young evangelists traveling with us.  They were crying, trembling and dancing under the power of God.  These young people were being charged to live holy in this ungodly world and the Holy Spirit really set them on fire.

Souls are being saved
The Lord has assembled a team here to evangelize the people with us. He revealed to me that I needed to ask another young man, who is an evangelist, to join us.  God had already spoken to him, and he had already asked his Pastor for permission to join us before we had even called him.  When we called him, he started shouting, knowing it was the will of God.  This young man is on fire for God.  He grew up a satanist and was pronounced dead for 3 days after being electrocuted. God raised him up and has called him to preach the Gospel.  He was preaching on the bus and 2 people got saved.  The bus driver stopped the bus and cried out loudly, “I NEED THIS JESUS.”  The Lord saved him gloriously.  When we picked him up at the bus, he was preaching with a megaphone to a large crowd in the center of town.  

These young evangelists have been such a good example to the young people in Pastor Apolinaria’s church.  This is an answer to her prayers. The young men are getting on fire, following their example.

God Bless,
Rev. George & Sis. Candice Teachman