Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Greetings from Peru!

We wanted to send a quick hello to you and our entire church family!  We started our journey early on Saturday and arrived in Lima around midnight. It was a long day but overall a very smooth flight.

Noah and Max are doing great and seem to genuinely enjoy it here.  Despite the language barrier Maxwell thinks he is being understood and believes he is speaking Spanish right back to the people. Noah has been his shy self but on Sunday, as the day went on, he began to open up and is very excited about our time here.  Renee and I were very tired on Sunday and got maybe 2 hours of sleep but we feel rested at this point.

Sunday Pastor Gustavo had me preach to the church after they did their praise and worship. The passion of the people is evident and their love for God is very deep.  I was given the privilege to minister on the subject of "Being Blessed but not feeling that way".  Many times in life the blessing of the Lord is accompanied with challenges and obstacles. This is why Paul said "I earnestly contend for the faith".
Life isn't easy all of the time, and nothing having any value is attained without some form of a struggle.  The reason why diamonds are expensive is because they are rare and they are hard to attain. This is why we fight for the faith, it cost heaven God's only Son.
Altar call was beautiful and the people gathered to receive prayer.  Some where slain out in the spirit asking God for strength and courage to face their obstacles, some fell to their Knees as God asked for more of their heart and trust to be placed in Him.

Noah followed me around and helped Dad pray with the people. After altar call, we were able to greet everyone and feel the "love of Peru" as we fellowshipped after service. I let them know the FGIC is believing God for their building...God is going to answer their prayer!

Prayer for my voice is coveted as we have 6 meetings to preach at withing just 3 days...there are 179 registered guests and more that want to be there at this camp. A pastor and his wife from Chile will be in attendance as well. I believe the Lord is going to do great things.  I cant wait for this time of prayer, worship, word, and fellowship.

God bless you all and we'll see you soon...but not too soon!
Ben, Renee, Noah, and Max