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Report from the Dominican Republic

Rev. George Teachman recently had the opportunity to minister to communities throughout the Dominican Republic. God moved powerfully during these meetings and both young and old were saved, delivered and healed through the power of the Holy Spirit. Below are just a few of the highlights from his report.

"We arrived and the people were greatly awaiting a move of God. For over a month the church had been having prayer meetings early in the morning in anticipation of what God was going to do. When I started to minister, the electricity went out. Whoever had their cellphones turned them on so we could have a little light but this did not stop the Holy Spirit from moving upon the people! Literally every person came up for prayer at the altar call. Many visitors gave their heart and life to Jesus Christ that night!

There was a couple who came up for prayer. When we asked them what they wanted God to do they responded “Only God knows”. The Lord had already showed me their need and when I told them what their need was and what God was going to do, the woman was shocked and immediately fell under the power of God, praising Him for answering their prayers.

A young man, who was the leader of the local youth, was the worst drug addict in the area. Jesus delivered him from his cocaine habit! We were able to give this young man, along with 37 other new Christians, a Bible!

When we got to the city of Santo Domingo, we found out that they were having a large street meeting. We asked the host Pastor if we could speak to the people. We did briefly, and when we went back to worship with the people, the host Pastor came over to us and said: “It is no coincidence that you are here tonight. The invited preacher just called and told us his car broke down and he can’t make it tonight. God has sent you to preach the Word of God to us!”

We  had a chance to visit the largest prison in the country. There were thousands of prisoners in the yard, hallways and cells. We started testifying to large groups of prisoners. They started asking for prayer so they could dedicate their lives to the Lord. 20 of us gathered together in the hallway and they all started seeking the Lord to have their lives changed!

The call for all people to come to repentance is going out and many are responding to the call!

God Bless,
Rev. Teachman