Friday, March 30, 2012

More good news from the Pastor's Conference in Peru

(Reports from Thursday afternoon)

Questions & Answers

We have had so much fun answering questions and giving examples and demonstrations to help many of the younger pastors in dealing with various situations that arise in a church service.  The older pastors had more questions on doctrines and a lot of false teachings that are sweeping through Peru. We talked about the blood of Jesus, Salvation, deliverances and casting out devils. As we ended the session we talked about the power of the name of Jesus! Before I could even get done with the answer, the Holy Ghost hit that church and everyone started jumping and shouting and praising God because we have the right to call on the name that is greater than every other name! 

Fellowship with the saints

Fellowship times have been incredible. Everyone is laughing and talking. Some are playing instruments and singing. Many are on the soccer field kicking the ball around. It has just been a great time of making new friends while enjoying our old friends. Pastor Pena is with his pastor friends and we all scattered just having a great time. This has truly been a time of healing the old and the young, the men and the women all together just enjoying one another’s company. We have a moment together that we are strengthened and it is so refreshing! The food has been awesome! The rice and the chicken are the best you could get from anywhere but most of all the pastors are becoming united. They realize that if we are going to win our communities for Jesus we must love one another and work together.

God bless you!
Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

Morning Glory!

(Rev. Sanchez reports on Thursday morning )

What a powerful session we had this morning. As we taught on staying in the place that God has called you to be in and releasing the power of the Kingdom. The pastors and leaders just rejoiced and praised God.  The unity was so great that the teaching was effortless. I felt like God was speaking directly trough me at one time. Then all of a sudden a mighty visitation of the Holy Ghost hit the church, it was amazing! So many men and women of God were just being saturated by the presence of the Lord. The young people were running and jumping and shouting! Many were dancing and others fell under the power of God! 

It was not long after the Lord started moving that the presence of God changed. There was this awesome Holy move of God that swept through the church and all over the place people were laying on the floor crying out to God. God was ministering to His people, this was God's time and He was moving! Pastors and leaders were on their knees praising God. Young leaders could not even get up off the floor because God was moving so strong. After awhile pastors began to walk over and lay hands on other pastors, fathers began to pray for sons and husbands cried out to God with their wives.  Rev. Kalinsky went over and laid hands on Pastor William who was just crying out to God. There was such a rich presence of God in the church.  After awhile the soft prayers and the gentle crying sounded like music. God was moving and I was sitting on the bottom step of the altar in the midst of many people just glorifying God for His mighty visitation.  I found out after that some young people were filled with the Holy Ghost. Many others were healed and all the glory belongs to God!

Thank you again for all your prayers!
Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

Thursday, March 29, 2012

First day of Conference - Family Reunion

What a great sight it was watching all of the motorcars pulling into the church!  Great joy was all over the place as men and women of God embraced one another. Tears of happy hearts flowed from many eyes as we reunited one more time to seek the Lord together. I saw my old friends Pastor Moises and Pastor Ladislo and and many new pastors both young and old came with great expectation in the church. It took some of the pastors three days to arrive to the conference but they said they were determined to come because this is one of the only places that they can come and find help, strength and encouragement. The Lord has done many great things in the midst of our brothers and sisters this past year and I will be sharing some great testimonies with you in the next blog that I write.  

Well soon it was time for church and everyone came running in excited to see what the Lord was going to do. Pastor Williams opened the conference encouraging the brothers to seek the Lord and to look for God to do something powerful in their lives. Brother Daniel led us in worship and it was awesome!  Soon after song service the meeting was turned over to me (Rev. Sanchez) and Pastor Gustavo. I shared a message on birthing what God loves. Many times during this message we had to stop and just give God praise! The power of God so captivated the church that the pastors could not take it, they stood to their feet and cried out to the Lord in gratefulness that God would choose us and trust us to give birth to His desire. The power of God waved across the church and even the children were weeping and seeking God. All over the church pastors were laying and kneeling before the Lord. The Glory that filled the house was a Holy reverencing presence. You just felt compelled to kneel before the King. We all knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Almighty God had stepped into the building and He was working on hearts and lives. I sat in awe as I watched the Lord move from one person to another. After a while Daniel grabbed his guitar and began to strum soft music as the pastors continued to seek the Lord around the altar.  Many of the pastors told us how they came so sick and weary but as the presence of God fell many were healed and strengthened. 

One mother said that her baby was not doing good and she was afraid that they might have to take her to the hospital but while I was teaching she could see in the back of the church the power of  God falling like a cloud in the midst of the brothers and when it settled in the church her baby fell instantly asleep. She began to cry as God moved, she was a little afraid for she had never seen anything like this before but then she heard a familiar voice say check your child and when she picked her baby up the baby was completely healed and the mother started jumping and shouting and glorifying God!  Hallelujah!!  Can I just take a minute and tell somebody that the power of God is real and He is ready and able to do exceeding abundantly above all we could ask or think!

After service we just sat around and enjoyed fellowship while our food was cooking. We had a wonderful meal of chicken with pasta and sauce. It was wonderful, everyone was talking and laughing and sharing. I sat with Pastor Pena and a young lady that is a missionary from the states. She is only 22 years old and she has only taken two years of Spanish and said yes to the call of God. She is in the jungles doing all that she can for the Lord and it has not been easy for her. She got sick, her bag was stolen, she dealt with giant rats, bug bites, and nausea from long boats rides but she was determined that nothing was going to make her quit. You know when you hear testimonies like this it takes away all of our excuses of why we can't do what God has called us to do. I know the Lord has called many people to help finance the Kingdom of God and God has called many to go to the missions and work in the fields. But whether God calls you to give or to go, what God asked you to do will be tried and challenged. But you have to remember what the Lord spoke to you in the beginning and commit to accomplishing what God asked you to do. It is high time to throw away all of our crutches. You know the reasons, the excuses of why we can't give and why we can't go and just commit to doing God's will.  You know when I was on my way to Iquitos my foot began to swell. It hurt to walk but I did not focus on my pain, I focused on my purpose. That pain was not going to distract me from fulfilling my destiny.  You know God never said that everything was always going to be easy but we must stay committed and focused to that which He has put in our charge. Now the pain in my foot is about gone and the purpose is being accomplish. Today be determined to do what God has called you to do whether at home or on the mission fields.

Thank you for praying and remember to write a check and mail it into WWLM Inc., or go online and become a monthly sponsor so we can keep fulfilling God's command to go and teach all nations!

God Bless you & Thank you
Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

The feeling I felt was one of desperation....

 (Rev. Sanchez reports on their second day in Nauta - visiting some villages)

Today we headed down the rivers to visit some pastors that have churches in various villages.  As we traveled we noticed that the river was very high and it had gone way past the shore and started flooding peoples' homes.  People were gathered in little town meetings with great concern for their crops and livelihood.  We could see the concern on their faces and the feeling that I felt was one of desperation.   The government here is working with various community leaders to see what can be done to help the people because many of the crops are already destroyed because of the flooding. We saw children playing in the water while concerned farmers and parents met with officials hoping that some help would come. We went to 3 villages and each one was worse than the one before.

Please pray for these precious people because they are going to need a lot of help in the days to come. The good news is that the pastors we met had hearts full of hope. They are trusting that God will provide and we are trusting God along with them. The more we traveled down the rivers into the villages the more destruction we saw. To tell you the truth it is hard to see needs when you know what can be done and you know what to do but you lack the resources to do it. Sometimes I wish I was a billionaire. I think of all the things that I would do to help relieve the suffering of man. It was hard for me not to cry,I did not want anyone to think that I was feeling sorry for them but I know the look of a mother who does not have the money to feed her child a meal. I know the cry of a baby that is hungry and no one has food to give it.

And as I traveled down the river my prayer was that I never get use to poverty. Poverty makes me sick. I grew up very poor. I know what it is to sleep outside and beg for food. I have experienced going to bed hungry and listening to my mother cry herself to sleep at night. There was nothing I could do to help back then as a little boy but there is something I can do to help people now. World-Wide Lighthouse Missions needs your help.

Help us to feed the hungry and clothe the naked. Maybe you are saying, "I have never heard the sound of a hungry baby or seen a half naked child." But you have -- you have seen and heard them through these reports. We are the hands and the feet of the poor. We are the cries of the babies in the night that have nothing to eat. By helping us you are helping them. Whether in D.R. Congo or in Lima, Peru we need your help to reach out and minister to people in need. I just spoke to Rev. Engman the other day and she was talking about churches that have fallen down in Africa and how we desperately need to help our brothers and sisters
rebuild. There is so much good we can do if we can look past us, even if it is for one minute and see someone else. We could make a difference. I challenge you today to write a check or send an offering to WWLM and say, "Yes Rev. Sanchez I hear you and I am going to rise up and do something to help make a difference in the lives of people around the world."  Don't wait but do it today! As we headed back down the river to go back to our hotel, I did not complain but I began to thank God for all the lives He spared. I thanked Him for the children that still had smiles and for the hope that was in the hearts of the pastors. I thanked God that we saw it so we could share it with you and I began to thank God for all of those that will rise up and make a difference because of it. 

Tomorrow we start the pastors conference. We are excited and we know that God is going to do great things. Thank you in advance for praying and for giving.

God bless you!
Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

More good news from Dominican Republic!

When I was in the Dominican Republic with Candy in December, Pastor Apolinaria had started a new church in a remote mountain area. She had about 6 members. We had a service in this new church and there were 24 people in church and over half of them were small children under the age of 8.  The church is a small building with a dirt floor. We read the Word of God by a flashlight.  They are going to start visiting all the local homes to invite everybody in their area to the services.  Instead of having one service per week they are going to have 4 services per week. Because of the price of the gas, the pastor cannot always be at the service but his assistant is building a house right next to the church, so he will be there to lead the congregation.  We brought several Bibles for the new Christians in this church tonight.

We had sent down a request to have a meeting in the school in Pastor Apolinaria´s village, because one of the sisters with us, Sister Evie is an evangelistic and she does youth meetings in many churches in the U.S.A.  All the teenagers were gathered with the teachers outside which was about 175 people all together.  She ministered and gave personal testimony, most of the youth were listening carefully to every word she said because she was talking to them right where they were living.  She had each person pray for their salvation and then God witnessed to us that many asked Him in their heart.  The young girls started to gather around her and ask her questions after the meeting. 

God bless you!

Rev. George Teachman

News from Rev. Teachman in the Dominican Republic!

God bless you from the Dominican Republic.

On the ride from Hartford to New York we stopped briefly at a rest stop.  One man came over to us and said, “I have been observing this group since you entered this place, you look like Christians.”  He could see the joy of the Lord all over us.  He gave us a 50 dollar offering and this man was not a Christian.

We are in the capital of the Dominican Republic, which is Santo Domingo, a city of almost 4 million of people.  We had a meeting in the streets and the presence of God came down like a cloud and children were touched all over the place from the front to the back of the crowd.

God is opening many doors in this nation.  The pastors that we have met are full of joy on how the Lord is moving in their churches.  People are accepting Jesus as their Saviour and asking Him to come into their heart with tears running down their faces as we minister to them in the houses and on the streets here.  Thank you for praying!

God Bless you!

Rev. George Teachman

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

News from the Jungles of Peru

Hello Friends!

We want to let you know that Rev. Sanchez and Rev. Kalinsky spent the last 2 days visiting villages on the rivers. They are back in Nauta and sent word that the internet connection is very poor so their time was very limited in sharing any details.  They witnessed some very hard and poor living conditions which really troubled them.  Tomorrow they start the meetings for the pastors so their hearts are charged to bring them a Word from God that will continue to strengthen and lift up the men and women of God who face these hardships in their villages everyday including the hardship of the curse of sin which every life is under until they find the love and salvation of Jesus Christ.  Their desire is to see every soul saved and free from that curse, Praise God!

Please continue to keep the team in prayer for God to strengthen their bodies and anoint them for the task ahead of them.   As soon as we hear more news, we will share it with you. 

Thank you and God bless you!!
Rev. Engman

Thursday, March 8, 2012

God Loves to Move!

God Loves to move!

Greetings everyone, I just came back from a church mission trip in Maine this weekend and trust me it was cold!  It was so cold I saw a family of deer in snowsuits taking the bus out of town. OK, maybe it wasn’t that cold but it was very cold. When we arrived at Harbor Light Full Gospel Church, Pastor Gilbert and the entire church greeted us with open arms. Song service was awesome! Everyone was truly worshiping and praising God. Brother Phil Baten sang a few songs and the people were just glorifying God. Soon it was time for me to share about our recent mission trip to Loreto Peru. The church enjoyed the report. After the mission report I preached on moving forward! It was not long before the Holy Ghost took over! The power of God hit the church and revival had begun!  God was touching and changing lives! People were falling out under the power of God and great joy was in the house!

Sunday night the presence of God just continued on like we did not even have a break. Pastor Jackson and 30 members from Victory Temple joined us for the night meeting. Everyone was singing and shouting and blessing God. I showed the Loreto,Peru mission film and what a blessing that after the congregation gave an offering for the missions. When it was time to preach everyone’s faith was so high that the Lord just showered down his power and glory in that church!  People were delivered, young people made decisions to serve and work for God! Souls were saved. One young teenage girl came to the altar so tired of pretending to be something she was not just to please her worldly friends, she was tired and worn out. Think of it… a teenager already tired from the pressures of life! Tears flowed from her eyes as she began to say that she could not live a lie anymore and needed to give her life to Jesus. As she spoke, to power of God came down in a powerful way, and she was filled with the Holy Ghost! She fell out under the great and mighty power of God! And when she got up the burden she carried was lifted! Many other young people came to the altar and God filled them with so much of His presence that they also could not stand any longer and down to the carpet the went talking in tongues and praising God! 

Shouts of victorywere now all over the church! Great deliverances were taking place. One woman began to cry out as God broke the chains of bondages off her life, as the last chain broke she ran around the building shouting and dancing, she was free! She was rejoicing and she did not care who heard her, or who saw her.  If she was the only one in building giving God glory, He was going to be praised! One young man told us of how he was addicted to cigarettes and tried drugs. He said his life was going nowhere and he had no ambition to do anything but something drew him to church. He said that he has come to the altar many times in his life and nothing has happened; but, tonight when he came, he truly felt the power of God for the first time!  “It was electrifying!” He went on to say “Something is different, there is something inside of me and I can fell it!  It’s Jesus and He is real and He is going to help me! Things are going to be different know. I am not going home alone!”  He stared shouting! Well, all over the church people were getting prayer! Pastor Jackson was dancing in the Holy Ghost! Pastor Gilbert fell out under the power of God! A sister got healed from pain in her body! Others were at the altar crying, family members were together praying! The Lord just kept moving!

 I think the thing that blessed me the most was this little girl, about 4 or 5 years old. I could see the glory of God all over her face. She came from the back row with tears in her eyes, and her hands raised to heaven. You could tell she was on an assignment, this girl had a purpose. I watched her go to specific people and then she laid her hands on them. Everyone she touched fell out under the power of God! The altar call was still going on and I lost track of her, when I saw her again she had her hands on Pastor Gilbert.  Glory to God!! What a move!!

What a mighty God we serve! I just want to encourage you today that no matter what you are going through, hang on to your faith in God! It may not look like He is going to show up and answer, but God will be right on time!Just like He moved on this church in Maine, He desires to move on your need! He said in his word, that He will move, but who will let it. God loves to move! He wants to move! He is waiting on you to call Him so He can move! So bring all your needs to Jesus today, call on His powerful name because Jesus is ready to move and He is able to meet your every need!

God bless you
Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez