Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Healing Rain

Tonight after song service was a time for testimonies.  So many people got up to share about all the great things that the Lord has done in their lives this week.  As they shared about how they got healed and set free, faith began to stir in the church and it was not long until the Spirit of the Lord started moving. One young lady testified that she was in the youth group and in ministries pretending to serve God.  On Saturday nights she and her friends from church were drinking and smoking and going to clubs dressed with revealing clothes and then on Sunday she sat on the front row. They were the biggest hypocrites in the church. She was living a lie and thought nobody knew it. But she said, “No more, no more running, I needed a change and God changed my life, He forgave me and set me free. I don’t want to live that way anymore. God filled me with the Holy Ghost.” Everyone could see the change and the church exploded in praise. Her mother ran over crying and wrapped her arms around her daughter and they just cried. God restored that family!

While people were praising God, Pastor Richards gave me the microphone and just said, “Obey the Lord”.  I began to share about the bread and the water. The bread being the Word of God and healing and the water being the Spirit of the Lord. It did not take long for God to take over the service for that was His desire all along. It was like a cloud of glory rested over the church and God began to reach down and touch His people. A young Dominican girl ran to the altar in tears wanting to be saved.  Her face showed the torment and pain that comes from the darkness of this world but she lifted up her hands and called on the name of Jesus and the light of the love of Christ consumed her very being.  God not only saved her and set her free but He filled her with the precious Holy Ghost.

Children, 6 years old and younger were at the altars seeking God with tears running down their face desiring a touch from God. I am always amazed at how God so gently reaches down His hand and fills a child with the Holy Ghost! I watched God fill one little girl and it was like she floated down to the floor taking in tongues as the Spirit gave her the utterance! Her mother shouted and cried and then the Holy Ghost fell on her and she went down by her daughter! Oh Glory to God!  One big man came to the altar so bound he could not even lift his hands, but when Jesus touched him the hardness of his heart and the shackles on his life shattered into pieces as the power of God moved into his heart. He lifted up his hands and the Lord of Host came upon him, and he could no longer stand in the presence of God. He was free! Praise the Lord, Free at last!

It was like this all night, God was setting people free and He was restoring families and broken dreams. People were all over the church praying for one another. The power of God was moving so strong and then there was this silence. As if the Lord made this grand entrance and we were all in too much awe to say anything. Then this magnificent worship filled the air. People started falling out in the isles and at the altar. God was doing something great.  It felt like a gentle rain, a refreshing, a visitation from God Almighty. People began to weep and cry! The organist was inspired to play this worship music that just set an atmosphere to get a lone and talk to God. It was incredible! People were everywhere on their knees and on the floor as the Lord moved. We did not leave church till about midnight. Many people shared how God delivered them from fear and bondages. Others told us how pains just left their bodies and sickness just lifted off their lives as the power of God swept down.

As I thought about tonight all I could think of was that song “healing rain is falling down, healing rain is falling down, I’m not afraid, I‘m not afraid, So open the flood gates of heaven and let it rain, let it rain!” We are living in a day when everyone is searching for help but the help they are looking for is in Christ. All creation groans waiting for the manifestations of the sons of God. God is bringing us into a place that His power is going to be released through us in a greater way to win this world for Christ. It is time for breakthrough, it is time for deliverance, it is time for salvation, it is time for healing, it is time for revival! God is ready to move! He is ready to get the Glory! He is going to turn some trials into testimonies! He is going to confound the wise and cause the doctors to shake their heads because of miraculous healing! Get ready because God is ready to move and His power is going to flow through us!

God bless you!
Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Potter's House

Tonight was a very special night because the choir from the Walter Hoving Home came to sing and share testimonies. This is a home that takes in women, rescuing them from the streets, pimps and prostitution. They also have programs for alcohol and drug rehabilitation and to help theses women get their GED and a new start in life through life skills, computer training, career assessment and most importantly the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As these ladies sang you could fell the presence of the Lord. In between every song a lady would step out and share her testimony. Many of the ladies shared their stories of abusive relationships and substance abuse and how they felt they were all alone and that nobody really cared for them or loved them. Many have to be rescued and hidden from pimps that would try to kill them or anyone that gets in their way.

One lady shared how her mother was on drugs and they took her from her mother. She was forced to move in with her grandmother and ran away from home at 13 years old to live a life on the streets. She did whatever it took to survive. She was addicted to drugs and alcohol. She was involved with gang violence and people used her for sex but in the midst of all her pain God had a plan for her life. One day her mother was in her small apartment and she found her mom naked and hanging herself with a belt. She was trying to commit suicide. She ran over to her mother and tried to help her. She got her mom dressed and said crying, “Mommy, you got to get help.” Her mother looked at her smiling and said, “You don’t know how bad I need another fix of drugs.” That would be the last time she would see her mother again. She got a call that her mother overdosed and died that night.  This lady fell to the floor crying out to God, and a voice spoke to her and said “If you don’t surrender you life to Jesus and change, you will be dead in a week just like your mother.” She then gave her life to Jesus and Jesus forgave her, washed her clean of all her sins and gave her a new life! She is free by the power of God!

After a few more songs, I got up to share. I talked about the potter house and how the potter does not throw us away but he takes the vessel that is scarred and marred and he works with it and when it is done it is a vessel of honor. The ladies all stood and clapped and cried as the power of God filled that church! I went on to tell them that only God could visit a valley full of dried bones that the world has forsaken and forgotten. Only God could see the value and purpose of a life so broken and scattered, so bitter and dry. But when the word and the wind of the Holy Ghost hits that graveyard there was a noise, there was a shakening and all the broken scattered pieces began to come back together bone to bone! All of a sudden there was an explosion of Holy Ghost power that hit that church! People were crying and shouting! The Spirit of the Lord took over that church! Rev. Hamlet was supposed to preach but he just shared a few testimonies of the power of God and gave an altar call and everyone came running! The anointing was high! All of these ladies from the home were at the altar and the power of God hit them all! They were falling out under the power of God, talking in tongues, crying, and rolling. It was unbelievable! The power of God was in the church! Many people got saved and delivered tonight! The Spirit of the Lord moved mightily and with great power! After the service all the ladies from the home came over to me, thanking me for the word and for prayer. They shared, “You don’t know how much we needed this touch from God! This is just what we needed. God sent you here just for us and we will never be the same.” They have a home base in New York and asked me to come and minister in their church on campus. Well we did not leave church till about midnight. Kids were sleeping on the church pews and people had to be helped to their cars. Some were still talking in tongues as we left the building! God was truly in the house.

I just want to encourage you today, no matter where your life is to stay in the potter hands. The Potter is God, you are the clay. Don’t try to fix everything on your own but learn to trust and depend on God. He cares for you and He loves you. He has a plan for your life and if you let Him make you and mold you, I promise you that He will make something beautiful out of your life.

God bless you
Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

Gates of Praise!

The Lord has done great things here in New York at Gates of Praise International! Both services Sunday were power packed! In the morning the praise team sang until the Glory of the Lord filled the house! People were crying and praising God and a prophecy came forth about seeking the Lord while He is near and calling upon His name!  After the song service Pastor Richards gave the rest of the service to me and I shared about the jungles of Peru and our next meeting in October where the pastors would gather again to hear a Word from the Lord. Then I told them about our Peru trip in July and how three generations from my wife’s side and my side of the family would be traveling together to do a work for the Lord. When I told them that my five-year-old son and my three-year-old son would also be going the church clapped and cheered! 

After the mission report I went right into the message. It did not take God long to move! The people came with expectancy for God to show up and move mightily and He did just that! As the power of God filled that church many souls came to the altar for salvation. One young man who has been running from the Lord for years made his way back to the Lord, he came running to the altar crying out to God with tears in his eyes. As He called on the matchless name of Jesus, the Lord reached down and saved him! As he lifted his hands thanking the Lord for saving his soul, the sweet Holy Spirit flowed down and filled him up! Now he is endued with power! There was also an elderly man who had never experienced the moving of the Holy Ghost, well that was all about to change because when the Spirit hit him, he was shaking and moving and twisting and staggering with his hands raised; he was crying and talking in tongues.  He looked like a drunk man but he was not drunk seeing it was only 12:30 in the afternoon but this was that which was spoken by the prophet Joel, in the last days saith God I will pour my Spirit out on all flesh!  Glory to God! All over the altar people were being healed and set free! Demonic spirits had to release men and women that were held captive by lies! I thank God that Jesus said that you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free! All over the altar the Spirit of the Lord was moving!

The night service was just as powerful! We had four churches join us tonight! It was standing room only! As I preached a message called “ After the Fire” the Holy ghost shook this church! People went running and jumping and shouting! The altars were filled with sinners that were convicted by the power of the Holy Ghost! Many young people came to the altars surrenders their lives to the call of God! All over the altars pastors and their wives helped pray for people. We had no singers, no instruments and no music yet the sounds of saints in praise filled the air like an angelic symphony! The Holy Ghost was saturating elders! Pastors and leaders could not stand as the power of God showered over them. All you could see was people everywhere on the floor and in the isles crying out to God and speaking in tongues.  The Lord was truly in our midst empowering His people to build His kingdom and to bring in the harvest.  Many pastors came up to me after the service telling me how God had confirmed things to them and how their churches were going through battles and the answers came in that service that brought victory after victory! One of the pastors said “This is what I have been looking for; a Word from God and a real outpouring! God spoke to me! I have my answer tonight! We are going forward! God has changed my church tonight! I am revived and refreshed truly you have been sent by God!”

Truly we are living in the last days! God is empowering us to advance the Kingdom of God today like never before. The days of just talking about what we are going to do is over. God is moving us from a season of just dreaming to a season of accomplishment! We must work while it is day, we must stir ourselves and be about our Father's business! Now is the time to pray; now is the time to give, and now is the time to testify! We must stir up the gifts that are in us and do the work of the Father!

God bless you & Thank you for praying
Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Surviving in Siavonga

Bishop Joy Misika
Greetings Friends,
We recently received a report from Bishop Joy Misika the overseer of World-Wide Lighthouse Ministries in Lusaka, Zambia and we would like to share this report with you. As you read this report prepare yourself to walk along side of these ministry workers reaching out with gifts of love and allow God to talk to your heart about what you can do to help us reach out to even more to help souls in need.  God bless you as you read - Your friends at WWLM

Precious Greetings in Jesus name.

I hereby start by thanking God most sincerely and also thanking you for continuing to extend your caring heart towards the needy in Africa, particularly Siavonga Region in Zambia. This is truly a miracle because there is so much despair across the nations.  In the midst of so many needs we had excitement in or hearts because we were traveling across the mountains to Siavonga where we were taking food supplies to starving souls. During the time we traveled it rained the entire time. Streams were flooded and as a result clean drinking water is hard to find because the rain from the highlands run down into the rivers which makes the water unsuitable for human consumption. But I thank God that despite all these hardships people have faith in Christ and believe that one day God will provide all their needs and save them from any danger or disaster.

     Just imagine how delighted people were to see field workers suddenly appear in the area with food you sent them. They were really thankful and excited! Praise be to our God.  It’s all happiness once more in an environment where water and food is hard to find. But the good news of hope fills the hearts of the people as the field workers minister the love of God to them.  After a small service food was distributed for people to take home to their families.

Children look on as their parents receive food from our workers. Due to food shortages the food in this area is very scarce. The children are the ones that suffer the most and many households have no choice but to face and suffer the consequence from the lack of food. Today they will enjoy their meal! God is great!  But tomorrow they will need another miracle.

Will you be their answer to prayer? 
Will you give to help feed these precious people? 

These women are very thankful and pleased that so many lives were touched today. As you look at the surrounding conditions it is not favorable. Food prices have risen due to the food shortages. Many families are in need but God is working wonders ministering to these souls through our workers. Indeed it was a blessed moment because today not one person went home empty handed. Everyone that came was blessed and took their gifts home very grateful and thankful to those that gave. I thank God and thank you because this program in a great relief for the people here. Only God can reward you and all those that donate to make this program possible.

God bless you
Bishop Joy Misika 

He’s God in Alabama...and He's God in you!

Praise the Lord! What a blessing it is for me to be able to share with you some of the great things the Lord has done while Rev. Jerry Kalinsky and I (Rev. Sanchez) visited with Pastor Greg Adkins and Refuge Church in Enterprise Alabama. During the day we taught Bible sessions with the young men and women of God in the school of ministry.  We answered various questions about ministry, relationships, order in the local church and the anointing of God. During the teachings sessions we talked about being a man or woman after God’s own heart and how we should never compare ourselves to others or limit the power of the Holy Ghost that is within us. One of the greatest moments we had with the students was when they all shared their different desires. One wanted to be a missionary, one wants to work in politics, one wants to work with youth, while another want to be effective in the video department. Everyone realized that God can use every one of us differently but it is all a part of His Glorious Kingdom. Every session that we taught the Lord was faithful to shower down His glorious presence upon each and every one of us. We had times of shouting, crying and glorifying God! 

While we were with the school of ministry a great door of opportunity opened up for the young ministers to give testimonies and perform life changing drama to gospel music in front of the entire high school.  I can't explain to you the joy that filled my heart as I watched these precious students pour out their lives before this school. They talked about suicide, depression, drugs, sex, gay and lesbianism, peer pressure, molestation and sexual abuse.   They left no stone unturned as they talked about the effects all those things have on your life but then they shared how Jesus is able to pick you up from whatever place you find yourself in and set you free as He gives you new life! I watched as the high school students cried in their chairs. After the assembly was over teenagers were coming to the young ministers, crying and hugging them, some were searching for direction and they were getting help, others were getting prayer in various small groups around the auditorium. Thank you Jesus! God was moving in the high school!

The night meetings were powerful! Everyone came into church with great expectation for God to move.  The praise team sang, the young people ministered through gospel music and drama skits. People sang specials and testified, it was truly marvelous. Every night the Lord moved mightily. Souls were saved; people came down to the altar for deliverance and healing. Young people were at the altar crying and seeking God! On the last night the Holy Ghost moved mightily on sister Jessica, she began to preach and the power of God swept across that church. People flooded the altars of God. Pastors were weeping! Teenagers surrendered their lives to Christ; backsliders gave their lives to the Lord! And this was just the beginning, all over the church people were praying for one another. While the presence of the Lord was moving Pastor Adkins had Rev. Kalinsky and I pray for all the leaders of the church.  The Spirit of the Lord moved on his leaders!  Many of them could no longer stand as the power of God swept over them! Then we prayed for all the students in the school of ministry. It was amazing to watch the hand of the Lord touch them so greatly. 

God moved in Alabama but God also wants to move more effectively in your life. We serve a God that never forgets. God remembers every desire and every prayer you ever prayed. He is a loving and patient God who leads and guides us into all truth. Sometimes it may look like nothing is happening in our lives but hang in there, your Heavenly Father has a plan. He works behinds the scenes many times more than we realize.  That’s why the Bible says in 1 Cor 2:9 “…Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him."  Wow, what good news to think that God has something prepared just for you! God knows what you are capable of, He knows your potential, He knows your substance and how much you can bear. There is nothing about you that God does not already know. God sees your greatness, He sees what you shall become and He desires to work in your life right now! So let go and let God have His way! Because God does not just want to work in Alabama, He wants to work through you!

God richly bless you
Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez