Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Every Prayer - Power of a Testimony

A mission thought written by Aaron Versch, a volunteer and supporter of WWLM

The song, "Every Prayer" by Israel Houghton, talks about the power of a testimony.  Testimonies can be nice stories that seem too good to be true.  But if you have faith and realize that what happened to that person can happen to you; it will in fact happen for you.  Then you will in turn share your testimony with others.
So, I thought how testimonies go throughout places, like Misisi Compound, a destitute community in Zambia that WWLM supports.  I can see a man walking the paths saying, "I heard of a wheelbarrow that goes around with food.  The men and women who push the wheelbarrow not only offer food, but hope.  They talk of a God that will answer our prayers.  They say this God will not only take care of our natural needs so we can sleep with a full belly, but we can also sleep with peace and joy.  It sounded nice, but too good to be true.  Well, one day that wheelbarrow came just when I thought I couldn’t go another day without food.  Now I can testify that I believe it.  Their God changed my life.  Their God is now my God."
Word spread through the cold streets of Armenia about the House of Hope (a ministry of River of Life Int'l).  Picture an old widow saying, "I heard that someone would take us in.  I heard that even though we are old and have been told we are worthless, someone will care for us.  They said that even though everyone abandoned us, these people won’t.  I am very old and have heard many nice stories that ended up being lies.  So this House of Hope that I heard about seemed just like another lie.  It seemed too good to be true that they would take us in, feed us, clothe us, bathe us, and love us.  I heard people even change on the inside.  Not only are they taken in from the cold elements but their cold hearts are warmed with a love from a God that heard every prayer.  Well, now I can testify that I believe it.  I am so happy they came for me.  I believe that God is a God that always answers prayer.  Here on my bed, I know I don’t have much time left but I can testify that it’s all true.  I should have died on the cold streets with no hope, but now I can pass from this life in a warm bed of my own, knowing I will meet my God soon."
Even here in America there are stories going around.  Imagine someone in New York City who survived Hurricane Sandy say, "I always knew there are organizations that help the needy.  I knew there are charities that help those who have survived hurricanes but lost all they had.  I never thought I would lose everything, but I did.  Then, I heard of a small church in CT (FGI Church) with an outreach that linked up with another church in the Bronx (Hope NYC).  Every charity is full of happy, nice people with a heart to give, but these people in CT and the Bronx have something different.  I heard they have something more sustaining.  They leave people with more than furniture and clothes.  I heard that they make this God, that we all hear preached on TV and in our streets, seem so personal.  There are churches on every street, but these two outreaches have something different.  Well, now I can testify that I believe it.  They put me back on my feet and introduced me to God instead of forcing Him down my throat and telling me I am a sinner.  I know my very real God has captured every tear, assuring me that He has heard every prayer."
This video shows pictures of some of these people that WWLM supports.  They can now testify that what they heard about this charity is true.  If this video inspires you, please make a donation to WWLM.  If you know the Lord, your donation will mean that you, too, believe the stories you were told.  You are now testifying that God not only heard your every cry, but answered your every prayer.  If you don’t know the Lord, like the song in the video states, He is near.  He is waiting to reveal to you how real He is.  He will show you in his own personal way just how He has collected every tear and every prayer.
Your donation will be answering someone’s prayer.  An answer is on the way for a mother in Zambia that cries every night because she feels so helpless.  As you give, picture an 80 year old homeless man in Armenia and you are telling him, "Don’t despise the tears you cried or the prayers you prayed.  Just believe that Heaven has heard your every word and the answer is on its way.  Hold on, you can make it.  My God has done so many great things and I believe He is a God that always answers prayer."
Thank you for your kindness in giving and prayers! God Bless you!