Monday, April 27, 2015

Power of the Holy Ghost at the Walter Hoving Home!

As I preached the power of God fell - there were a lot of new ladies who gave their lives to Jesus.
Some ladies were set free from demonic power, depression and fear! God was just having his way!
Women where running and jumping and shouting as the Holy Ghost set the free from chains of the past and gave them a new future in Christ.   The old life of torment and hurt is gone and a new life Jesus has begun!  It was not long before my time was are only given so much time because the home is run on such a schedule. But God was not done!  Women were falling out all over the chapel talking in tongues! Many were baptized in the Holy Ghost for the first time tonight!
One sister said I have never been apart of Pentecost before.  I've only been here 3 weeks and I wrote my pastor three letters talking about others with their hands raised and shouting because I've never seen that in church.  But after tonight, I have to write him another letter because I was in the front row jumping and shouting and talking in tongues! I am no longer looking at others...I am one of them that are filled with the Holy Spirit!
Another lady shared how she was so bound and the devil kept telling her to leave and to get out of the home but something deep inside told her to stay one more day.  Well, while I was preaching she said she felt a wind blow on her and a fire fill her.  She said I jumped up shouting and crying and the next thing I know I was talking in tongues! God set me free!  I don't hear those tormenting voices in my head anymore!
Another lady testified how she was from Connecticut and her life was going down fast and how Pastor Kalinsky and the church picked her up, rescued her and brought her to the Walter Hoving home. This woman cried as she talked about how much her life has changed and how she was so glad the Holy Ghost has given her the power to move on with her life and she just wanted Pastor to know how grateful she was for all her love and help.
After a while the ladies were all over the place praying! Beth came to me and said just let God have his way and don't worry about the time!  This is a move of the Holy Ghost!
My wife Abby was praying with women and God was giving her words to minister into these ladies lives! Melvin Jr. and Isaiah also prayed for ladies.  God even used my youngest son Joshua (who will be two years old) to minister to a young mother who was struggling with missing her children.
Joshua went right over to her and got into her arms like he's known her for years.  She said having him come over to her was a healing to her heart.
At this point women were all over the alter praying! In their seats praying, on the floor and in the isles and in these little groups all over just praying and crying and talking in tongues.
After a long time I went to the back of the church and just watched God move!  Beth finally got up and said she changed her schedule just to be in this service because she knew God was going to do something powerful tonight and he did!  After service women came over crying and hugging us and shaking our hands.  We encouraged many women and prayed with others about thier future!  It was just a beautiful service and we thank God for all He has done.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Power Behind the Purpose!

Report received Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tonight we drove to another church branch that Pastor Georgio started.  After driving a
little further to the center of town, we finally reached The Mission Christian Bread of Life Church of is a beautiful church.

Many people in this town came tonight looking for a move of God!
Word has been spreading in and around the surrounding towns about the great outpouring of the Holy Ghost we have been experiencing in the services - souls are coming looking for a mighty touch from God!
Minister Marco was on fire tonight!  He preached on the "Power Behind the Purpose!" God used him to stir the faith of His people in this town so they could run their race and win!
As he preached you could feel the faith rise in the atmosphere.  The people could not even wait for the message to be over - they just had to praise God and reach up to heaven asking God to fill them with power!

It was just like in the days of Pentecost when the power of the Holy Ghost filled the house!
The men, the women, boys and girls all began to drink of the river of life! The power of God just flowed and God moved mightily and many received healing, deliverance and the awesome gift of the Holy Ghost!!!

Valley of Dry Bones

Report received Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Today Rev. Robbie Grubbs preached on the "Valley of Dry Bones". He showed the church how God made His people a promise however, within a few chapters we see great destruction.  It seems as if the promise will never come.
Many times, if we don't see what God spoke to us right away, we start to question why it's not happening and we wonder if God even spoke to us in the first place.
But, we must remember that even when we don't see what God has promised us, we must hang on to faith and believe God all the more because the winds are going to blow and the bones are going to come together.
As Rev. Grubbs preached, the people started standing, crying, clapping and shouting! God reminded us that he is all powerful and NOTHING is impossible to him.  God is able to take the broken pieces of our lives no matter how broken, no matter how scattered and put them back together again!

The altar was filled with people looking for God to put them back together. People were crying and praying for one another all over the church.  It was a great time of healing and restoration.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day 1 of the Pastors' and Leaders' Conference 2015

Report received Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Today the Pastors' and Leaders' conference started at Mission Christian Bread of Life Church. Pastors and Leaders filled the church today.  Many came tired and burdened from the battles they have faced from the enemy fighting them in ministry.  BUT, they came ready and looking to hear a word from God and to experience a fresh touch of the Holy Ghost!

Rev. Sanchez taught on the "End-time Move of God's Spirit Upon the Earth" and as the word went forth Pastors began to weep and cry as the power of God so gently dealt with hearts and encouraged His people. The more Rev. Sanchez taught, the more God began to pour out His precious Holy Ghost!

It was just amazing watching God move through His and women of God were saturated by God’s presence.  Some fell to the floor and cried out to God on their knees!  Many were filled with the Holy Ghost and spoke in tongues as the Spirit gave them the utterance!

As God moved, young men and women answered the call of God into ministry.  Other young people that were away from God made the decision to give their lives to Christ!  One young man was delivered from an evil spirit that had him bound.  The anointing of God broke that chain of darkness off his life and set him completely free!  He will never be the same again!

God was on a mission today and no one could stop Him! He just continued to tear down walls and move mountains.  God made the impossible, possible as He empowered these Pastors and Leaders to move forward in ministry.

The night service was just as powerful!  It was like one meeting that never ended.  Minister Marco preached on the "Necessity of the Holy Ghost!"
The message came forth with great power and anointing!  Shouts of praise filled the air as the children of God realized that Jesus came to give them overcoming power!  A power that could heal the sick!  A power that would set the captives free! A power that would overcome the very gates of hell!

The saints of God clapped their hands as this message of victory was delivered.  The church stood to their feet with great expectancy to receive the Holy Ghost!  As the power of God filled the house, many sons and daughters kept getting filled with the awesome power of the Holy Ghost! God said in the last days That He would pour out His Spirit upon all flesh…AND GOD DID JUST THAT!

People were falling out under the power of God everywhere! God was ready to move and we let Him!

The altar call lasted for awhile but when it was over the people began to clap and dance all over the church in thankfulness to God for moving so powerfully.

It was an incredible day in the house of the Lord and we are in awe of all that God has done today!

Arrival in Piura Region of Northwestern Peru

Report and Photos received Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Today Rev. Sanchez , Minister Marco Mancini and Rev. Robbie Grubbs landed in the Piura Region of Northwestern Peru.  This area has an estimated population of 132,828 people.
Pastor Georgio and his wife Jessica from Mission Christian Bread of Life Church were very excited to greet the team!

Rev. Sanchez Reports:
Pastor Georgio and his wife greeted us with big smiles and open arms. After we unpacked, we had time to look around and see some of the area.  We saw giant oil refineries and huge fishing boats and many little stores all over the city.  The people are very friendly and the children just come up to you and want to play…as if there were no language barriers and they’ve known you for years.
Pastor Georgio and his wife have already birthed various churches.  They, along with a host of Pastors, are believing God for a mighty revival to break out in their town
At 6:00pm (local time) there was a prayer meeting in the church.  Some of the elders and leaders gathered around the altar and began to seek God for this conference.
As the church began to pray, the power of God began to fill the house and the Pastor, his elders and the leaders along with our team began to weep and cry in the presence of the Lord.  We claimed total victory for the Pastors and Leaders Conference taking place this week!!!

Mission Christian Bread of Life Church - church sign

Prayer Meeting

Singing in the Church