Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Power of God is just the same today!

Tonight is the last night we will be here in Canada!  Everyone came into God's House ready to receive something from the Lord!  The song service was awesome!  People were shouting and praising God.  One of the ministers in the church was used mightily by God tonight.  He walked through the church and called out about three different people that God had showed him things about.  He told them what was wrong with them and what types of sickness they had.  The power of God hit these people and they laid out under the power of God for a while. 

Soon after it was time for me (Rev. Sanchez) to preach and I talked about the power of God and how we cannot quench the move of the Holy Ghost.  As I taught, the Glory of the Lord filled the house!  People were standing to their feet crying and shouting!  The power of God hit that church till we did not know what to do with it!  All of a sudden a woman ran up from the back of the church - her mother was having a heart attack. I had Rev. Kalinsky, Pastor Mutch and some ministers go to the back and start praying.  I told the church to pray because God was going to give us a miracle!  While the church was praising God, this woman's heart became normal, her color came back to her face and she had a smile!  After service she said that she had never felt anything like that before.  She said a peace came over her and a fire went through her body.  Now she is even able to walk around with no help.  God did not just heal her heart - He touched her whole body!

Well after she got healed the church was on fire!  People were falling out under the power of God!  I went to dancing in the Holy Ghost!  Pastor Mutch went to running and half the church took off running.  I kept preaching on the power of the Holy Ghost!  I went over to this woman and told her to run!  She looked and said, “me?” and shook her head to say that she could not run!  I said, “Sister, God told me to tell you to run!”  All of a sudden she started crying and talking in tongues and took off running all over the church!  We found out after church that she had some type of disorder and she never ran before.  This was the first time she was able to run since her condition started and tonight God gave her a complete healing! 

Soon after, Sister Mutch went to running and crying and talking in tongues!  God had set her free! She said, “I was always reserved but not tonight!”  I just let God have His way!  All over the church the Power of God was moving!  People were laid out in the presence of God all over the church!  Many young people were filled with the Holy Ghost!  One young man came to the altar and as they prayed he could hardly lift his hands and all of a sudden an evil spirit began to manifest.  He screamed and fought but the Anointing of God broke the yoke.  That devil had to leave and the Power of God came upon that young man and set him free!  As the service went on elders were praying for one another; Pastor Mutch and his wife were praying for people; shouts of victory filled the air. 

It was just a blessing watching God touch His people!  I know that this church will never be the same again!  God truly visited us and we can’t help but to thank Him and glorify His Name! God still performs miracles, He still answers prayers and He still changes lives.  We just have to believe that He is able!  The songwriter said, "I know the Power of God is just the same today and it does not matter what the people say.  Whatever God has promised He is able to perform and the Power of God is just the same today!”  I am so glad that the Lord is not just some story in the Bible but He is a right now God, ready and able to meet every need!  So today what ever you are facing trust God!  Hang on to your faith and know without a doubt that He is working things out for you!  If you could ask the woman with the issue of blood, she would tell you how she touched the hem of His garment and was made whole.  If you could ask blind Bartimaeus, he would tell you how he cried out and God healed his sight!  If you could ask the man at the pool of Bethesda, he would tell you how Jesus made him whole and he took up his bed and walked home!  If God did it for all of them, then guess what, He will also do it for you!  So this week increase your level of expectation!  And let's believe God for a miracle!

God bless you & Thank you for praying!
Rev. Melvin Sanchez

The Love of God

Hi!  This is Rev. Jerry Kalinsky reporting from our Monday night's meeting here in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.  God truly has been good to us throughout this week.  Tonight was no exception!  I preached tonight on “God's Blood was and is sufficient coupled with the Love of God”.  I talked about the love of our Heavenly Father's heart and why He came down to redeem us.  Then the Lord led me to swing the end of my message to Galatians 6: 1:  “Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such a one...”  Yes, we may have been hurt by others and some may have left the church, but we cannot cast them off and not leave an open door for them to come back and repent.  We must give those who have fallen an opportunity to come back to their Heavenly Father.  We cannot bind them as they come through the door, because we hinder them from getting set free, and because God Himself has set up an altar in every church.  It's His altar and His blood is sufficient!  But, for the Grace of God, none of us would be saved.  When we fell, God in His great Mercy picked us up and cleaned us off and restored us back into fellowship with Him.  

The Lord really moved at the altar tonight and people were getting set free.  The Power of the Holy Ghost was falling and people were getting refilled, while others were getting baptized in the Holy Ghost.  What a Great and Mighty God we serve.  This pastor and his church are getting healed and on fire for the Lord.  Thank you for praying, Church, God is truly answering your prayers!  Together we are making a difference in causing The Gospel ship here in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada to go forward for the Lord and together we will bring in this end time harvest for the Lord Jesus Christ. Finally, my heart is full; I cannot tell you all that God has done in the hearts of His people in this place. It truly has been a "God thing".

God bless you all!
Rev. Jerry Kalinsky

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday night Revival!

It was a powerful night here at Pastor Mutch's church. I  (Rev. Kalinsky) do have to say; that God has been so involved with this camp meeting that every meeting has overlapped and built upon the other.  Rev. Sanchez’s messages and mine have been right down to the same scriptures.  It's been a God thing!  Pastor Mutch has been beside himself every single meeting.  God has been moving in the altar service every single meeting. 

I ministered on "The Spirit was sent to help us" tonight.  Romans chapter 8 says, “For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace”.  God gave us His Spirit to help us in every area of our life.  God did not expect us to do His work without His help.  He has empowered the church through His Spirit to do the work of God.  Jesus already did the work when He went to Calvary and ascended on high.  Now, He is counting on His church, you and I, to bring home this final harvest and we have the power through prayer to bind every evil spirit.  Every devil has to back down to "Us".  We have the power to set the captives free.  We must be full of the Holy Ghost everyday of our lives, just like Jesus was. 

I gave the altar call and the people began to come down.  One young lady 16 years old rededicated her life to the Lord.  One precious elderly woman got prayer and she grabbed my arm, the power of God really hit her.  Later I found out that she was a catholic woman who is a praying woman.  Pastor Mutch was really seeking the Lord and I went to pray for him and He fell out under the power of God.  There were three young men whom I encouraged in the Lord.  Rev. Sanchez came over and God began to reveal things to him about their lives and the power of God broke the chain off of these young men.  They all fell out under the power of God and were filled with the Holy Ghost.  Come to find out two of the boys were from Liberia and one from Nigeria.  People were all over the altar seeking the Lord and rededicating their lives; getting back their prayer life through the power of the Spirit to be empowered to do the work of the Kingdom of God. 

If the church of God will go to prayer and get full of the Holy Ghost, we can have "the mind of the Spirit" to fulfill the will of God in our lives.  The power of God was refilling willing vessels all around the altar.  Sister Mutch got her break through tonight as she reeled under the power of God.  One young lady around 13 or 14 got filled with the Holy Ghost; as the elders of the church prayed for her, she came through speaking in tongues.  It has been a glorious night in the presence of Almighty God.  Hallelujah, the power of God is still available for those who are willing to keep it alive through prayer.  I want to encourage you to put off the carnal mind and to put on the spiritual mind of God, and you can know where God is leading you and you shall fulfill the will of God and bring in this final harvest for God.

God Bless You!
In His Service,
Rev. Jerry Kalinsky

Mission Morning!

God truly moved in a powerful way this morning!  Pastor Mutch had all of the church stay in this morning for the mission presentation.  The church rejoiced about all the great things that the Lord had done on the fields and they laughed at all the funny stories I (Rev. Sanchez) shared with them about animals and bugs!  The church was so blessed by the mission film of the recent Pastors and Leaders Conference in Peru!  As we watched it together, we could hear people shouting at times, crying and speaking in tongues; God was talking to hearts. 

When the film was over I got up to preach but faith was so high in the church that the power of God swept across the church like a mighty rushing wind!  Many souls got saved this morning as the Holy Ghost moved across the church.  Pastor Mutch went running around the church shouting and then the elders just broke out in a praise & worship that literally shook the building! God was moving on His people!  Many young people were getting prayer!  God was touching and changing lives!  One young girl came looking for the Holy Ghost and God filled her with the evidence of speaking in tongues!  One young man wanted a touch from God and God touched him more than he could imagine.  He cried and cried as God kept pouring His Spirit on him.  Another lady came with pain in her body and could barely move the pain was so bad but when God touched her, He took all her pain away.  One man said that he had pain in his legs but when the Glory of the Lord came down he realized that he was running like a young man and their was no more pain in his legs!  God has done so many things in these services!  People have come back to God and relationships have been restored.  People have come and made things right with their pastors and then brought souls to the House of God!  Pastor Mutch said that this is a week of miracles!  God has done the miraculous this week and we are truly grateful for all that God has done!

Thank you again for all your prayers!
Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Greetings from Canada...

Tonight was another powerful night! I taught on “The mind of the Spirit”.  I talked about how the natural body responses to the natural mind.  Your arms, your legs, and your hands respond in immediate obedience to you mind. This causes the body to fulfill the will of the mind.  Well, the church is the Body of Christ and every one of us are parts of that body and Christ is our head.  So whatever the head or the mind thinks, the body will accomplish!  The Bible teaches us that He who searches the heart knows the mind of the Spirit for He searches the deep things of God. That means that the Holy Ghost already has in His mind what He is going to do and the body just has to respond to the mind the Spirit. You see the ability is not in the natural body, it is in the mind.

I don’t play the trumpet but my Brother Ben does.  The ability is not in his mouth, it is in his mind.  My Brother David does sign language but the ability is not in his hands, it is in his mind.  My pastor, Pastor Kalinsky, plays the piano.  The ability is not in her fingers, it is in her mind.  So if you put their minds in my body, then I would play the trumpet, I would do sign language, and I would play the piano -- simply because the ability to do it is in the mind!   Well, God said, “Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus”.  If you put God's mind in the church then the church will have the ability to do everything that God does!  Well that was all that this church could handle!  Revival broke out once again!  People were falling out under the power of God everywhere!  Souls got saved!  Young people got filled with the Holy Ghost.  It was incredible! That river of Living Water was just flowing all over that church!  It changed and renewed everything it touched!  Pastors were on the floor crying and talking in tongues!  One pastor said to me, “I came here tonight so discouraged.  We have been under attack, BUT tonight God moved on my church!  He touched my youth pastor.  God touched my leaders and God touched me!  And we are going back to de-throne that devil.  He cannot have our families, or our church!”   Then he just broke out in a Holy Ghost dance, turning in circles and talking in tongues!
Oh Glory to God, he was on fire!  The altar call went on and God just kept doing great and mighty things!  You see when you have the mind of the Spirit you realize that God is for you and not against you.  You realize that God wants to heal you, God wants to revive you, and God wants to save your loved ones!  God wants to use you!  God has not forgotten you, He knows where you are.  He remembers everyone one of your prayers, He knows what you have need of!  Yes, all of that is in His mind.  His thoughts toward you are not evil but good!  He wants to bless you.  He wants to pour out the Holy Ghost on you.  Yes that is in the mind God has towards you!  Victory is in His mind!  Deliverance is in His mind!  Healing is in His mind!  And if it is in his mind, power is in His mind. And if it is in His mind that means it is flowing through the body right now!  Yes I said right now! Whatever you have need of is already in the mind of God to perform it right now! The wait is over!  So if I were you, I would take 30 seconds and break out in a PRAISE FOR WHAT GOD IS ABOUT TO DO IN YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW!  Glory!  Glory!  Glory!  Oh bless His Name forever!

God bless you and thank you for praying!
Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

Friday, February 3, 2012

In The Presence of Jehovah!

Greetings everyone from Rev. Jerry Kalinsky and Rev. Sanchez!  We are so happy to be at Victory Temple in Canada. Everyone is so excited that the winter revival has started! The church has been praying and fasting for a much needed touch from God. As we walked into the new church building we were in awe of the great beauty of God's House! The enemy has done everything in his power to stop God's people from building this new church but tonight we are having revival in the new church because the devil cannot stop the plan of God.

Tonight the church sang and worship the Lord with all their hearts! Soon after they turned the service over to us and Rev. Kalinsky greeted the congregation and then I shared a brief mission report and thanked the church for their giving and support over the years.   Then I preached on "Recovering that which was lost!" God wasted no time in stirring this church to action! As the power of God fell in the church, men and women of God were jumping and shouting, crying and dancing!  God spoke to His people to rise up from the place they were in and to go after His promises! The more the power of God fell in that church the more excited the people got! Soon the Glory of the Lord filled that church and people went to running and crying and talking in tongues all over the church! Many fell out under the power of God! Elders started praying for one another! Shouts of victory filled the tabernacle of God! Pastor Mutch was jumping and shouting and twirling in circles! His prayer had been answered the first night. Revival had come into the House of God! While God was moving a woman came to the altar crying and wanted to be saved. She said that God spoke to her to come tonight! She came to the altar, crying and broken! The weight of the world was on her shoulders; torment and pain was on her face.  Her makeup ran down from her cheeks as she lifted her hands in surrender to God! Then she called on the powerful name of Jesus and the Lord of Glory filled her heart.  He washed away her sins and transformed her life! As the presence of God came upon her she began to tremble and cry out to God; her lips began to stammer and she could no longer stand in the presence of God!

Many others came to the altar this night and God was so faithful to meet their needs. So I want to ask you a question today! Is there anything too hard for the Lord?  Is there a sickness that He can't heal, a mountain that He can't move? A problem that he can't fix?   Is your answer NO?!  Then why worry? Why stress, when all we have to do is praise God! God all already told us He would make a way where there is no way. He already told us that healing is the children's bread.   He already told us that no weapon formed against us would prosper. So all we have to do is grab a hold of His Word and beleive it! Because His Word is from everlasting to everlasting! His Word is already set in motion waiting to manifest itself in the lives of beleivers! So today I want to encourage you to get in God's presence and grab a hold with faith the Word of God that has already been delivered to us!   Church, it's high time to believe God for the impossible! Glory to God!  Why don't you just let go and "SHOUT NOW"!

God bless you & thank you for praying!
Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez