Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Last Day of Conference

The last day of the minister’s conference was incredible. Different people got up and began to testify how the meetings have changed their lives and caused them to think differently and believe God more for the impossible. Various choirs got up to sing special songs before the word of God was preached. When I finally got up, I preached a message called "Receiving the Promise" It wasn't long until we all were shouting, running, jumping dancing and crying out to God because  of what he was doing in our lives. There was a living river of God's power in the house and if it touched you, you were changed!

Pastors fell out onto the altar under the power of God. Elders and mothers were speaking in tongues. Many teenagers were filled with the Holy Ghost and demons were cast out of many people’s lives. The enemy tried to bind some of God’s people and stood against us, but when the saints began to pray and called on the mighty name of Jesus, the Holy Ghost began to move and Satan lost his power. Hallelujah!  Jesus went through the church today healing the sick, casting out devils and rebuking the devourer! God showed himself strong in the church today. It was incredible, magnificent, glorious and powerful.

Towards the end of the day, there was a water baptism and 43 souls went down in Jesus’ name and came up new creatures in Christ. Old things are passed away and all things have become new…it was just a precious day in the Lord.
All we can say is mission accomplished, mission complete and the US team is coming home!

God bless you thank you all for praying.
-Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

Minister's Conference

This year's conference, held in Lusaka, Zambia in an area called Misisi was so beautiful. It's hard to imagine that God packed that much into just 3 days worth of meetings.  There were times of teaching and instruction, times where the Lord was dealing with hearts and minds by pulling out old roots and traditions and then, there were times when we just got lost in the Lord!  We jumped, shouted, danced and claimed the victory for our lives!

All of the messages flowed together and built upon each other. Our brothers and sisters in Zambia are on the brink of a great move of God and each speaker built on the common themes that God is calling his people to change their mind set, to do something with what they have, and to "only believe" for God to cover the rest.

The last meeting was so powerful, as the Holy Spirit came down and pleaded for the people of Zambia. People cried out to God with all their hearts for nearly an hour. Many fell flat on their faces, some were on their backs, some stood and prophesied as the preacher had ministered, while others just knelt and wept. There is a determination in the people of God that they are going to make a difference in their communities for Jesus Christ. 

Really, that last meeting summed up our entire trip. The ministry here is filled with men and women who are battling odds that would seem insurmountable by all accounts. How can you teach 560 students with only 6 teachers and limited supplies? How can you build a permanent church when you're surrounded by needs and there seems to be no money? The Bible says that with man it is impossible, but with God, all things are possible! This week, we've seen this scripture in action.  560 children, who cannot pay, are receiving an education every day.  A village in need of a church is digging mud out of the river bed and baking it to make bricks. Right now, on the ground in Chongwe lies a pile of bricks that are prepared and a Pastor believes that God will supply the money to purchase cement so that he can mason them together. But he's not just waiting - - Somehow, the wall is already waist high!

That's where this whole work in Zambia seems right now.  Many are being fed, educated, clothed, and receiving salvation every day. But there are still bricks on the ground.  With just a little more mortar, hundreds, even thousands more could be reached.  This week, the men and women of these wonderful churches claimed God's promises for their lives and we know that God is going to supply.

Thank you so much for praying, thank you so much for sending, thank you so much for doing! You are a part of what God is doing here in Zambia.  And the best part....it's only the beginning!

-Ben Satagaj

Men's Meeting

What a wonderful time of fellowship we had this afternoon! The plan was to talk to the men in an informal teaching format and take some time breaking down Matthew 6, with a focus regarding trust in God and motives. This was a perfect follow up to Rev. Sanchez's morning meeting on "When things don't get better/There is oil in the house." He talked about how we are naturally trusting when we're born, but mistrust quickly creeps in because experiences and hurts in life cause us to build walls. If we're not careful, this mistrust extends to God and we subconsciously group him in with everything around us, and this translates to a lack of faith.

We took some time to review prophecies of the Bible that illustrate the infallibility of God's Word. There are specific Messianic prophecies that could never be predicted by natural man because the circumstances around them were not in place at the time they were written. However, God revealed it to the prophets and they wrote down the words that would one day be fulfilled, once everything else fell into place.  From there, we really dug into the portion of scripture that says, "Thy father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly."

We began to discuss the motive behind our ministries and who is being glorified. There is a difference between someone who is consumed with the kingdom vision and a person whose desire is to promote himself. The difference is the anointing and without it you can entertain, but you can't break yokes.  At this point, the Holy Spirit started revealing dreams and desires in the men and a few began to weep. One man tried to take notes even though tears were welling up in his eyes.  Within a few minutes, it was impossible to go further. God was refreshing the vision in men's lives and telling them that they could trust Him, for He would bring it to pass. God is not a respecter of persons and He could move on whosoever let him. 

We lifted our hands and began praying together as God took over.  One man put his head on his desk and just poured out his whole heart to God.  When we prayed with him, you could feel discouragement breaking away and an assurance that God would do exactly what he said he would do. God was bringing him to another level. Another man rocked back and forth with tears streaming down his face proclaiming God's promises.  Men were standing with hands raised, prophesying God's Word for their lives and corporately we spoke to the mountain…it shall be moved, and Misisi is going to change! It was awesome! 

I personally felt such a bond to these men and a burden for the struggles they face. It's easy to talk of faith when you're comfortable and life is easy, but these men live next to children who know they won't eat that day. Many children are sick because they live, play, and sleep surrounded by trash on every side. This is a place where it's easy for dreams to be swallowed up in circumstance and hope can seem fleeting. God has placed an answer in Misisi, and it is the church.  Today, I experienced a part of the burden they face, and then I experienced the burden-bearer come on the scene and say, "I can make a way where there seems to be no way. I can open a door, no man can shut." I know God is about to do even greater things in their lives.

Thank you and God bless!
-Ben Satagaj

Women's Meeting

The fellowship with the ladies was a great experience for me. I did not feel like I was ministering to strangers but to family that I have known all my life. The ladies laughed and cried as I shared about Ruth and Naomi's journey.
After the message, we gathered in a circle and began to pray. The Lord was faithful to move upon these beautiful women of God!
After prayer, all the ladies began to ask Sis. Nicole and I about our lives and families. We all laughed and just had a great time, as we shared stories about our families.

It was a beautiful service and these women have gotten in my heart. The ladies call me ‘mom’ and just shower me with love. Even though they have great needs, they also have great faith in a great God that is able to meet their every need. It is so difficult to put into words what is in my heart but I am so grateful to be a part of this team.

-Bishop Gallaher

Monday, August 17, 2015

Report from Bishop Gallaher

Bishop Gallaher reports:

Let me start by giving honor to God, to Bishop Joy Misika and to the executive board for holding this beautiful annual conference.  I would also like to give honor to Minister Benjamin Satagaj and his wife Nicole.  Last but not least, I’d like to give honor to Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez and World-Wide Lighthouse Missions, Inc. who thought it not robbery to bring an 80-year-old lady to Lusaka, Zambia so she could preach the gospel!

Everything here has been so beautiful…the children, the people and the singing. It's hard to put into words, but God's people here in Zambia are a precious people – they are a strong people and they are mighty in their faith toward God.

While here in Zambia, God spoke to my heart to preach a message entitled – Just Believe.  In the middle of my message, I also shared a personal testimony of how God raised up one of my children for His glory. When all others had given up hope, God told me to, just believe.
I know the message challenged people and stirred their faith because many lives came to the altar crying and seeking the face of God. They began to believe that God was able to meet each and every need. The entire U.S. and Zambia team worked together at the altars of God, ministering to the young and the old. God was faithful, so very faithful, to move on his people with the power of the Holy Ghost!  It was just precious!  At times, all I could do was lift my hands and glorify God, with tears running down my cheeks as I watched God work in the mist of his children.

In closing, I’d like to say how very evident it is to see the many needs that our friends here in Zambia have.  They need churches to be built, and children fed and educated – some may think it takes a lot to help change a life, however, the Lord spoke to me years ago and said, “Use what you have and do what you can.” So today, I want to encourage you to use what you have and do what you can, and God will do the rest!

First Day of Conference

Today was the first day of conference and there was such an excitement in the air!  Preparations were made, grounds were cleaned, and water buckets had been filled.  People were singing and everyone was getting ready for the members of all the church branches to arrive for the annual conference.
It wasn’t long until the members started arriving - the atmosphere was filled with great joy!  People hugged, embraced and cried because they hadn’t seen one another since last year, while others came in singing songs.

As people entered the church grounds, they brought potatoes, rice, chickens, and goats, for all the meals that were going to be served this week!
The worship service was amazing, listening to everyone lift up their voices to Glorify God…and I absolutely loved the handmade instruments they use.  You don't even miss the guitars, drums or trumpets that we are used to back home because when people begin to open up their mouths, they create something that sounds like a heavenly symphony – it truly is captivating.

After song service, every choir wanted to sing, but there was not enough time. So, they gave each choir a chance to sing throughout the week. As the songs were sung, people clapped their hands and praised God. One Pastor said to me, "We owe God all the praise because we made it through another year…in the mist of poverty and hunger, unemployment, discouragements, deaths and sickness, God through His love and mercy, chose to keep us alive. God has kept us safe, He has provided and we just had to give Him the glory!"

When it was time to preach, I preached the first message on the Divine Destination! This message was embraced with great joy and faith.  God was so faithful to remind His people in the message that they're on a journey and He is walking with them.  He has a divine purpose and call on the lives of each and every one of them and the Holy Spirit has come to empower His people to accomplish the call.

As the Word went forth, people were dancing, shouting and running around the church because they knew that they had purpose!  They knew God's hand was still on their lives. They knew that nothing they went through this past year was without purpose. Even what they are facing right now, God was working it out for their good!It wasn't just a meeting, it was a celebration!  It was a revival!  It was like God had come down and empowered His people to keep moving forward!  No matter what happens, don't stop!  Keep moving forward!

When the altar call was given, many people were blessed by God and filled with the Holy Ghost. Older people were at the altar thanking God for his faithfulness, younger people were at the altar thanking God for their future. We even had sinners at the altar thanking God for destroying the past.

As the altar call went on, people were falling out under the power of God. Elders were praying for one another and families were gathered together calling on the mighty name of Jesus. It was a beautiful, beautiful service.  Thank you for all your prayers!

Please forgive the poor quality of the following video, but we wanted our viewers to catch even a small glimpse of what God did during these meetings!

Youth Meeting Report

Written by: Nicole Satagaj

What an amazing experience it was, to gather with the youth and leaders in the church and head out to the paths of Misisi!  As we walked and sang, children on the street ran from every direction to join the group with big smiles on their faces.  They followed us into the church and sat down to hear the Word of God.

I have such a desire for these young people.  They are so special in God's sight. The first meeting, I preached on how the enemy is out to steal their future, their purpose, and their identity, but Christ has come to give them life and hope! The next day, God gave me a word to tell them that they are not forgotten! God has called them and wants to anoint their lives with the Holy Ghost and power!  In the last meeting, I preached how God wants to use their lives even now, as children.  God doesn't need to wait to use them until they are grown up, they can have a ministry now!

The altar calls were beautiful.  Little children and teenagers flooded to the front, anxious to receive from God.   The team, along with the youth workers, prayed over their lives that God would anoint them.  The presence of God just settled over the young people like a blanket.  God also gave us a special time to pray with the youth leaders, that God would anoint them to reach the young people of this generation!

During one of the meetings, I felt such compassion rise up in me for these young people.  Through the Holy Spirit, I began to pray for this generation that God would raise them up.  I prayed that they would serve Jesus all the days of their lives!  These children are the future of the church and the future of Zambia!  Let's pray that they will be world changers for Jesus!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Sunday School Report!

The children in Misisi Compound are just beautiful. They smile, follow you around, and laugh when you sing a silly song. They play soccer with homemade balls, love to shake your hand, and enjoy saying in their best English, "Hello, how are you?"

Even though they are young, life is hard on them…many of them, even children as young as 2 or 3, wander the streets alone during the day. As you walk the streets, you see children crying all alone.  Others play in garbage piles and wander around with no shoes.  Siblings take care of other siblings and it is not uncommon to see a 5 year old with a baby on their back, whom they are responsible to care for.  They face hunger, sickness, and uncertain futures...but thank God for a church that reaches out to the young people in this community! A church that teaches them that there is a hope for their lives and it's in Jesus Christ! During Sunday School, I shared with the children that God wants them to come to him.  I felt to share with these children that God sees them, He's there when no one else is, and He wants to bear their burdens (Matthew 11:28).

How beautiful it was to see these young people pray! If they can learn to trust in Jesus, He will bring them through the storms of life. They love to pray!  In fact, later on during the altar call of the main church service, I found myself praying for a child.  As I prayed fervently, eyes closed, hand resting on the child's head, I began to feel other little heads bumping up into my arms as other children pressed in to receive prayer as well. They did not want to be passed by!

We must continue to pray for these young people, that they will never lose their desire for Jesus!  Let's pray that God will draw more young people into the church so that their future isn't swallowed up by the desolation that they face, but that they find their purpose and hope in Jesus Christ!

God bless,

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Linda Church Visit Report

Benjamin Satagaj reports:

These first few days in Zambia have been so beautiful.  I have felt so at home, so welcomed, and so loved. I have also been challenged like never before.  My heart has been stretched until it felt it might break and then I have been encouraged and strengthened by the men and women who have a vision to meet the needs.  There is a hope and it's in the church.

Today was such a beautiful experience!  When we pulled up to the church, the entire congregation came outside to greet us.  They lined both sides of the walkway into the church singing and praising God like only the Zambian people can. This is the branch church that our youth choir visited a few years ago and helped raise support to put a new metal roof on the building. The church is still in great shape and the house was full, even though it was a special weekday service.

The people were excited to see us and couldn't wait to hear from all of the team members. They shouted and praised God as we greeted them and when it was time for the Word, they were all anxious to see what God was going to say.  I preached on the 4 lepers. God never called us to sit still and die, but he has empowered us to launch out by faith and move forward.  He always makes a way.  

The altar call was awesome!  It started with people calling out to God in their seats, and we went through the aisles to pray with them, but it didn't stop there. Soon after, they flooded the altar, proclaiming the promises of God by faith. The Holy Spirit was falling! 

One lady was crying out with a loud voice and when Sis. Nicole went over to pray with her, she broke through and became free. Soon, she was praying along with us for the other souls at the altar. Bishop Misika was a man on fire!  He was praying for everyone at the altar, shouting in prayer and leading them to victory.

 It has been so beautiful to watch Bishop Gallaher in action. At every location we've gone to, she's found someone who just needed the love of God and she pours out her heart to reach them.  Every time I see her, she has her arms wrapped around some young lady or some elderly mama. There are tears running down their faces as they feel God's heartbeat and know that He sent her to love on them.  Plus, she's a powerhouse every time she touches the microphone!  She has a beautiful ministry.

We left tired, but full of joy and gratitude toward God for his faithfulness.  Personally, I am so blessed that he chose me. I don't think there are adequate words to describe the satisfaction that comes when you obey God's will for your life and he allows you to be the instrument that changes another person's destiny. This is God's desire for each and every one of us no matter where we go every day.  I'm in Zambia, you're at the grocery store, or at work, or in a convalescent home.  In every place, God is glorified and lives can be changed because of the great hope that lies within us.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Chongwe Church Visit Report

Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez reports:

Today was our church branch visit day. Bishop Misika, the executive board and our team packed into the van and headed for Chongwe.

The Chongwe church branch is located about 2 hours by car, straight in the heart of Lusaka. You leave the city and head to a more rustic area with no electricity or running water. It is almost as if you take a step back into time… you leave paved roads and begin to travel down dirt roads for miles, having to go through various military check points the further you go out from the city.

As we drove, we saw small groups of shepherds bringing their cattle to graze in the fields and passed by villages where most homes are made out of mud bricks and sticks.
When we finally arrived at the church, we were met by a choir. They sang a beautiful song in their native language to greet us as we entered into the church.

The church was so excited to see us! The women were shouting, children were laughing and dancing and the whole church sang a special song just for us.

Each team member greeted the church and was met with a round of applause. This church had been waiting for years for us to come. Today was truly an answer to their prayer!

I preached a message called ‘God is bringing it all together’. It wasn't long until the Holy Ghost took over the service and God moved on His people. All over the church, people were being blessed, healed, delivered and others were just saturated in the precious Holy Ghost. God moved on the very young and the very old! It was glorious!

After service, one of the elderly church women came over to me with our translator. This woman had tears in her eyes as she spoke. She grabbed me and said:

"I have been waiting for you to come for years. I saw you preaching in our church here, in a vision as a little girl… and when you came, there was great blessings and joy in our village. Today almost 65 years later, you're here in my church and I have seen blessings, miracles and a moving of the Holy Spirit. I know that we are blessed because God sent you and the team to be here with us. My wait is over and the door of blessings is open to us, for the servants of the Lord have come.”

Before we left the church, the leaders began to show us their plans for a new church building. Please keep this project in your prayers because we know that God, who started the work in them, will be faithful to complete it!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wheelbarrow Ministry

Today the team prepared bags of corn meal, salt, oil and cabbage in preparation to hand these gifts of love to the many people in need in Misisi Compound. All of us worked together with the leaders of the church, and it was so joyous because we all knew we were going to bless lives today!

As we worked, somehow word spread that help had arrived and it could be found in the House of God. In what seemed like moments, mothers, fathers, teenagers and children ran and lined up at the door. They hoped and prayed there would be something left they could bring home to help their families.
Read along, as a few members of the team share their hearts about helping the wheelbarrow ministry.
-Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

Bishop Gallaher reports:
All I can do is cry, when I think that our great God put us on the giving end to be a source of life to our sisters and brothers in Lusaka, Zambia. I hugged and encouraged everyone that came in looking for help. I was thinking, when you see a people that are struggling to survive, it causes you to reevaluate your life and you begin to realize how many things you easily take for granted and how blessed you really are. The Zambian people were so grateful for everything that was given to them. Everyone wanted prayer because they knew that the gifts could only last so long…but their help and hope comes from Jesus Christ. I am just so blessed and honored to have been a part of a Mission that is changing lives!

Nicole Satagaj reports:
I don't even know how to put today into words.  The whole experience was just overwhelming.  It is one thing to hear about the need at home.  Your heart is moved with compassion, but a completely different burden overtakes you when you are the one handing out the bag of food to someone who has nothing.  Desperate souls clamor at the door as they line up to receive blessings. You watch their faces as they count out how many bags are left to see if they will receive one.  You can't even leave the church because of the people pressing in and you struggle as you realize that one bag is only one meal for 2-3 people; maybe it will feed a family, if it stretched into a watery porridge.  Your heart fills with increasing dread as you watch the pile grow smaller and smaller and you know it will run out soon.  You weep as the food is gone and yet a group of children still press their beautiful faces into the entrance way hoping to be blessed. You feel the weight that this ministry in Zambia faces every single day. Your heart breaks under the pressure and cries out, ‘I have to do more.  Lord, I have to do more.’

The church is a light.  Amidst such great need, you are handing out hope, one bag at a time.  Today, God has answered someone's prayer.  Today, word gets out in the streets that there is help. Where?  In the church.  As each person comes, they are ministered to. Their hearts are hungry.  Every single person wants you to pray with them, so you pour out your heart and you ask God to watch over the young child who comes in for food, happy to surprise their family, who comes home, knowing that they will eat today.  You pray for God's presence to touch a man's life who is deaf and dumb, but yet you know God understands him.  You ask for God to provide for an elderly lady who has no sight, yet others lead her into the church to receive her blessings.  You minister to a drunk man, telling him that there is a hope and a purpose for his life.

All the while, you pray earnestly for God to send more laborers into the harvest, for the need is great.  You ask God to lay the burden greater on people's hearts to give, so that the work can go forth. Finally, you believe God that His love and provision will go with these people because He is a great big God, who can do more in these people's lives than just what they received today.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Sunday Morning Service

Sunday morning service was just dynamite. It always blesses me going to church early and listening to the praise team sing praises unto the Lord, as the people get together and come into church with their families excited and ready to receive something from God.
Song service was amazing! There is no sound in the world that can compare to anointed African harmony. There is no way to describe it; it just has to be experienced because it is captivating and heaven sent.

As the praise team began singing, people began to weep and cry as they lifted up their hands in worship to our heavenly father.
After the praise team, various choirs got up to sing their special songs. Some choirs marched up to the platform and some choirs danced up to the platform, but everyone sang with such joy in reverence to God, it was beautiful.

Soon after, it was time for the team to greet the church.
Ben and Nicole were on fire as they shared a word of encouragement that blessed the entire church.
When Bishop Gallaher got up, she just began to weep and cry and she lifted up her hands to God thanking him for sending her to Africa. She said she was so overwhelmed with the beautiful people in the presence of God that she could not contain herself and it wasn't long until the power of God came on her and she started dancing and running. Then, the church jumped up, clapping their hands and started rejoicing with her! It was great!

Right after that, I got up and preached a message about how the oil is still in the house and how the oil represents the anointing. The anointing can't just be in the house, it has to be in our lives and it has to be flowing out of us in order for us to be effective in the kingdom of God.
As I preached God's word, waves of the Holy Ghost would flow over the people and they would jump up, shouting, crying, and dancing. Even our driver, Benson, said he has never experienced the power of God come on him so strong. He said his whole body was trembling and he couldn't control himself because God was moving in his life so strongly! Benson said “You people are true men and women of God, for I have never experienced the power of God so strong in my life!”

As the message went on, different people were getting delivered and set free. Mothers and children were crying out to God. Fathers and sons were shouting and even the little kids were magnifying God! And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, the Holy Ghost took over the service and the Spirit of God had his way in the house! You could feel the shift in the atmosphere when the Holy Ghost took over. Instantly people’s needs started being met!

 One lady reported that she had problems with her bones for years and even walking was painful, but when the spirit began to move, it took the pain out of her bones and she no longer had any pain!
Another man reported that he had a head injury which caused him great headaches. He had it for years and it wouldn't go away, but today when the power of God moved, he noticed that his head wasn't hurting anymore. He was healed by the power of God!

Another young man said that he was having sharp stomach pains and it wouldn't go away but as the message was being preached, he felt the fire in his stomach and when the fire left so did his stomach pain! Can I just stop and tell somebody that our God is still a miracle worker! Can I give God the glory and just say he still does the impossible and he's just waiting for somebody to reach out and take him at his word, because He's got more miracles for his people! Hallelujah!

God was moving all over the church…He was healing and He was delivering. As service continued, a young lady in the back of the church was praising God, shouting and dancing. All of a sudden something got a hold of her and she began speaking in tongues for the first time as the Spirit gave her the utterance! God not only filled her but He also filled her friends with the Holy Ghost that were shouting around her!

As The Holy Spirit was moving, people filled the altar crying out to God, worshiping God and calling on his holy name. The rest of the team met God's people at the altar and began to lay hands on them in agreement with their faith!

As we began to pray, God began to move even more in the lives of his people. All we can say is thanks be unto God for the victories he has brought into His house and in the lives of His people today.

God bless you and thank you so much for praying!
Rev. Melvin Sanchez


Sunday, August 9, 2015

Zambia Church and Team Report

Greetings from Lusaka, Zambia! The entire team is so excited to be here at the main church branch. Everyone received such a warm welcome, full of handshakes, hugs and kisses. It seemed more like a family reunion, than an introduction. 

Bishop Gallaher, from Deliverance Haven Church in Middletown, CT said that at 80 years old, God is doing something new in her life because He is allowing her to put her feet on African soil and she feels like she's already home.  She said “The people are so beautiful and the singing is just incredible.”

Ben and Nicole have made friends with all the kids and the people. They fit right in here, in Misisi Compound like they've been here their whole lives. You can tell that their heart has already walked the paths before their feet ever left the plane.

For me, it is always a great joy to be back in Zambia. Seeing my church family here again causes my heart to overflow. What a blessing seeing church growth and also seeing people that got saved and are still serving God and in ministry. To see the young children that you prayed for in youth meetings, now young adults serving God beside you and in ministry is just mind blowing! It's a wow moment when you think of all that God has done in the lives of these precious people, through the many prayers, donations and teams that have come here through World-Wide Lighthouse Missions, Inc. (WWLM)

The atmosphere here is electric! There's a great anticipation for a mighty move of God and we all can feel like God is going to do something spectacular and we are excited He has called us all to be a part of it.

Some of us He has called to pray, some of us He has called to give, and some of us He is allowed to go, but we're all going to reap the same reward for the great outpouring that's about to take place in Lusaka, Zambia.

God bless you,
Rev. Melvin Sanchez