Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pygmies in Lumbumbashi

This past September, Pastor Ngoy, our overseer for the ministry in the Democratic Republic of Congo, shared with us his vision to better the lives of the Pygmy people. Within his vision, he shared his desire to begin bringing small groups of Pygmies to the main church branch in Lubumbashi for training both naturally and spiritually. WWLM has partnered with his vision and made an investment of finances to help him bring the first group in.  How exciting to receive this wonderful report!  We just had to share it with you!

Pygmy brothers
Here (left) you see our beloved pygmies, very happy to be with us in Lubumbashi.

In the photo below, they drink Coca Cola for the first time.   

Drinking a Coke
After coming to Lubumbashi for the first month, things got hard for them as they faced the changes from living in the bush where they spent nights around the fire to being in Lubumbashi in another life style. They all got sick but God healed them all.  They did not want to eat the “Nshima” which is a meal prepared with maize flour because they preferred to eat “Cassava", which is a sour tasting flour. But thank God, today they are eating food without sorrow.

Studying in school
Two of our pygmy brothers have been admitted as regular pupils at the Friend of Knowledge school.
Organizing clothes

They are habituating to get bathed everyday, using body lotion and washing clothes etc. Here (right) you see a brother singing and praying when organizing Pygmy clothes.

 The photo on the left shows the small house that we are making wider for them.

And we will continue to train them to work the land without difficulty. Here (right) you will see them planting Maize and they are happy to do the work.

In church services our brothers are praying, singing and praising God! When they pray, they thank God for bringing them to Lubumbashi and changing their former lives, where they were considered by society to be like dogs, to becoming like every man, equal and created in the image of God. The stational pastor thanks God for giving them the opportunity to come. He says, “God your will has been accomplished, you have opened us the heavens, you have broken the chains that were limiting us to get contact to the world."

Once again, we thank you for every effort and sacrifice you made in giving financial assistance and prayers.  ~Pastor Ngoy

Friday, December 28, 2012

Successful Farming Project!

 Greetings Friends,

We want to share a report with you about the farming project in Lusaka, Zambia from the ministry overseer, Bishop Joy Misika.  We pray you will be blessed as you read his letter.

I am indeed grateful to God for making the farming project possible again this year. We have now come to an end of the farming work for the 2011/2012 season. We have collected all the produce and the harvesting is now done.
Collecting  Maize
Harvesting Maize

Despite facing some challenges we were able to get a relatively good harvest. We were able to produce 140 50-kg bags of maize grain. This project has made a great difference at our school, and at least for some time our children will have a sustained feeding program.
Bagging Maize
140 50-kg bags of Maize
Indeed we thank you and appreciate all the financial support given towards this project. Pray with us that God will bless us to own our own farming equipment in order to reduce unnecessary costs on plowing, as we have the desire to continue this project for the ministry. We thank God and thank most sincerely all the donors, our brothers and sister there.  ~Bishop Misika
Purchasing seeds for next year's crop
Seeds for planting next maize crop
Praise God!  How wonderful it is to know that many will be fed through the harvest that was reaped this year!  In the photos above, you can see our workers gathering seeds and getting ready to plant them for next years harvest. Your continued giving will help ensure a successful harvest for 2013. Thank you again and God bless you in your giving!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Love Can Build A Bridge

Church receiving bike
In this season of giving we would like to share with you what can happens when we share what we have to help someone else in need.  The Sunday School department of the Full Gospel Interdenominational Church in Manchester, CT has a vision to not only teach the young people about trusting and believing in God, but also to instill in them that they are never too young to make a difference in the lives of others around the world. Each class has a mission project in which the students raise money to either clothe the naked, feed the hungry or meet some need on the mission fields. Some of the classes raised money to purchase bicycles for workers in the DR Congo and Zambia. Below you will read how the pastors felt when they received those bikes. 
Thanking God for the gift

 "Greetings. We write to you today, thanking our beloved brothers and sisters from Sunday School for sending us the money to buy a bicycle for one of our pastors here in DR Congo.  We purchased the bike and brought it to the church. The entire Sunday School along with all our church members received the gift with great joy! Everyone began praying and thanking God for the young people that had a heart to give. May God bless you." ~Pastor Ngoy 

Bishop Misika
Giving bicycle to a Pastor
"Bishop Misika from Zambia welcomed the bicycle and put it to the test, pedaling it around the church before it would be taken to a pastor in Mumbwa. Pastor Chilfufya took the bicycle all the way to Mumbwa and gave it to the pastor. This pastor will be using the bike to cover over 9 miles to lead church services. God bless you and thank you for your giving." ~Bishop Misika

Love has truly built a bridge from the hands of the Sunday sShool children all the way to Africa; a highway of hope was created. Someone saw the need and gave to it.  Today it is a prayer answered!  We encouraged you, right now, to continue building bridges of hope through your giving. Your gift of love will be sent from your hands and travel the miles to make a difference in someone else's life today!

Friday, December 7, 2012

More good news from Zambia!

We'd like to share with you another wonderful report from Zambia, Africa.
Bishop Misika
I (Bishop Misika) would like to bring greetings to you, once more, from Lusaka Zambia. I thank God for the opportunity to share this report with you. We are indeed grateful for all the support you have given us to help with our August general conference. We had a very successful conference as the saints from all of our church branches came together to worship God.


Bishop Misika teaching

 I taught the church leaders and my subject was on loyalty and disloyalty. It was the first time they experienced such  teaching, and it really helped encourage them to stay faithful to God and their ministries as they returned to their various church branches.

Youth Pastor Nicholas

Our Executive Youth Pastor, Nicholas, also preached on prayer and faith! It was a marvelous and very powerful message that was delivered to the saints. Many souls were touched as they felt the power of God. 
Members at the Conference
Saturday afternoon we had a water baptism where 39 people were baptized! It was a glorious day for the newly born Christians. Sunday was the last day of the conference and I taught more on loyalty and disloyalty, with the help of the Holy Ghost.
After service, people of all age groups had a nice meal together. There was so much joy and unity. This conference really made a big difference in everyone’s lives.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Changing lives in Lusaka Zambia

Rev. Engman (left) with young man in Africa
Greetings Friends! Today we will be sharing with you some more good reports from the ministry in Zambia. We live in a time where there are so many people in need around our world. Storms and wars have devastated thousands of lives, yet in the midst of it all we can still make a difference. My prayer is that God will touch your heart, as you read this blog, and stir you to continue giving towards the work of the Lord.  May God richly bless you!   -Rev. Lynnette Engman
Woman's Seminar
Grace be unto to you in the wonderful name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  It is always a delight to share with you what God is doing here in Zambia, every month.  Our Main church in Misisi Compound is growing both spiritually and in number. One of our church branches, in Siavonga, organized a 3-day women's seminar and extended an invitation to all the ladies in the Lusaka region. During the seminar, the women enjoyed God’s word and presence as a great revival broke out!

Giving Hope

Giving Help

We are so grateful to God for making it possible again for us to do the feeding program in Siavonga. There are so many needs in this area. It is a blessing for us to have the food on hand to give to families in need. Here are just some of the elderly women who were really touched by God’s hand through our field workers. Our friends in Siavonga received help and thank God for every donor that is making a difference in their lives through giving. A great big thank you to all the donors who are sending their support because it is truly a big relief.

Giving Love
Giving Life
The wheelbarrow ministry continues to reach out to those in need, with the love of God. This lady in the picture, to your left, walks on crutches and the church women went to her home to bless her with a gift of love.  This was a great miracle for her because she could not imagine how God would send her food out of everyone in the entire community. Many people are blessed and, as young as some may appear, many of them keep orphaned children because life is so hard for them. That is why each time there is food at the church it is such a blessing for them.

Giving a chance
Giving a future
There are many orphaned children here in Misisi compound, but thank God today they are breadwinners.

What a great report!  Today, because you gave, many people will have something to eat. My friends, your giving reaches around the world.  It provides people with help and hope. It brings love and life. It also gives our brothers and sisters a chance for a brighter future. You gift of love stops the voices of despair and rings out a victorious cry of hope! The lives you see in these photos have been changed because somebody cared enough to give. And today, I want to encourage you to send a donation in to WWLM and help us continue to meet the needs of precious people around our world like these. God bless you!