Monday, January 23, 2012

Something for the New Year!

This year is truly going to be an exciting year!  We already have plans to go back to the mission fields and hold conferences for pastors and leaders.  We are planning many wonderful fundraisers and church visits. There are also going to be many opportunities for you to give, volunteer and fund raise on behalf of the mission fields.  We can truly say that 2011 was an awesome year! The mission trips to Zambia, Lima and Loreto,  Peru, Dominican Republic, and Spain were all fantastic. We truly thank God for all the donations received and for the lives that were touched, healed, and saved!  We know that many children were fed and educated. Many people were encouraged and most importantly lives were changed.  But the Bible reminds us in Philippians 3:13-14 to reach forth for those things which are ahead…  God is just simply telling us, "I know you have done well, but don’t stop now -- but stretch out your hand for what I am about to do next! I have got even more things for you to accomplish in 2012!"

On Sunday January 8th we visited Harvest Hope Church of God in Christ in Rhode Island. This church is so excited because they know that their giving to missions has caused a door to open for them to start the process of purchasing a new church building! What a wonderful thing! On Monday January 9th, we were so happy to have  Pastor Williams and her leaders from Bread of Life Fellowship Center come visit and see what the Lord is doing through this ministry. God confirmed many things to them, causing their hearts to be full of joy and He impressed upon their hearts to become monthly donors.  Oh what a great thing!  On Sunday January 15th we visited New Gethsemane Outreach in Meriden.  They were excited because they see that God is rewarding them for their giving to the poor! And in their church people are getting saved and healed and the Holy Ghost is moving in the church! They all know God is moving because of their giving!

You know the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 2:9 “… Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”  This scripture just excites me because God has things prepared for us. He has great things in store for you and I to accomplish for Him! Yes, He will bless us, He will heal us, He will answer our prayers but He also has things He has prepared for us to accomplish for His glory!

This year let's get ready to do more things! Let us all rise up and accomplish the things that God has prepared for us.  We all have things we can do! What are "things"? Well one of the definitions of "things" is: a variety of stuff.  So God has fundraising things He wants you to be a part of, God has mission things He wants you to be a part of, volunteer things, donating things, giving things, sharing things, blessing things, working things, financing things! He has prepared so many things for you to do, to keep you active and blessing the Kingdom! He wants your life to be exciting and full of joy! And that comes with accomplishing things. So this year don’t do nothing ( no – thing) but do something ( some- things ) to bless the Kingdom of God today!

God bless you!
Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

Friday, January 6, 2012

God’s Power Falls in the Radio Stations

A man, who was our driver in the Dominican Republic, whose name was Rolando, mentioned to me the name of a local pastor named Edwin Santana. The Lord bought this man’s name back to me several times. I enquired about meeting with him but our schedules would have made it difficult to arrange this meeting. We ministered on three different radio programs and the Power of God filled the room in each of these broadcasts. On the last night, we were ministering on the radio and the Power of God came into the room so strong that we could hardly contain it. Whether it was Candy speaking, myself ministering the Word of God, Pastor Apolinaria praying, or another sister who was with us praying; we were all at different times trembling under His Presence. The calls started pouring in so fast that the three workers in this station who answer the calls could hardly keep up with them. This is a powerful radio station that transmits to almost the whole nation. They have had a 3 to 4 am prayer meeting in this station daily where people call in prayer requests and they told me that typically 40 to 60 people call in at that time for prayer.

As we were leaving, I felt to offer up a prayer for the workers there for their kindness in allowing us to minister God’s Word over the air. Immediately, God’s power fell and the Broadcaster and the Engineer were slain out. Thank God the station was set up to continue playing songs because none of us knew how to work the controls of this channel! As we were leaving, the Engineer of the station said you need to come with us to meet the owner of this station and the Pastor here. We went into his home which was next to the radio station and his church. As we started to pray together for his station, his family, and ministry; the Lord started revealing much of this man’s life to me. Pastor Apolinaria, which knew him well, told me later that what the Lord led me to speak to him was all true. When we were introduced to this man, it was Edwin Santana, the man God had laid upon my heart to meet! He has 18 churches and he told me that the next time we are in the Dominican Republic he wants us to minister in his churches.

God Bless You!
Rev. George Teachman