Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wednesday Afternoon & Evening

Wednesday Invitations - God makes a way!

After the morning session. I sent Rev. Teachman and Brother Caesar around to some of the local churches to personally invite the local pastors to come to the meetings. Pastor William had already done this but we felt since most of them are in their churches during the day it would be a great opportunity for us to meet some of them. Well as they went out and met pastors they had so much fun and many of pastors said they would be coming starting Thursday.  As they continued inviting pastors, Rev. Teachman was asked to speak on the radio. Brother Caesar's uncle has his own radio show.  Rev. Teachman went to the radio station and preached on the radio for 15 minutes. The host of the radio show came to the afternoon session and was saturated by the power of the Holy Ghost!

 Wednesday Afternoon Session - The Move is on!

The afternoon question and answer session was amazing. Pastors and leaders had the opportunity to ask questions from the teaching as well as other questions from the Bible. They asked questions about the anointing, salvation prophesy, gifts of healing and order in the church. As each question was answered, God began to establish and settle His people in the faith. Brothers and sisters began to clap, cry and shout as God unveiled His truth and wiped away the lies that the devil used to bind and oppress God's people for years.  By the time I began to explain what "Making your call and election sure " meant, the meeting began to shift. The Holy Ghost took over that meeting and the power of God began to fall in that church.  God showed me two young men that were wasting their potential and I began to talk to them as the Spirit of God led me. The power of God fell on these young men vey strong and they were slain out weeping and crying and talking in tongues.  After that the Holy Ghost just began to move in a powerful way. People were getting slain out all over the altar. Some were on their knees, some were on the floor, others were laying on the benches, but the power of the Holy Ghost was moving!

The Lord gave me a word for Pastor William's son, Daniel. As I spoke to him the power of God rested mightily upon him. Daniel began to glorify God and tears flowed from eyes as he embraced his father and they cried out to God together. Sister Clementine had a group of young people around her at the altar and she just cried and spoke in tongues. The Lord Gave me a word of prophesy for a young minster concerning what God was about to do next in his life and the Holy Spirit hit that young man - it was incredible! God just kept moving and moving at the altar! People were crying and talking in tongues and God’s power just kept flowing and flowing! By the time the Spirit lifted it was after 6pm and we only had an hour and a half until the night service.

Wednesday Evening Service - Anointing fall on me!

Rev. Teachman preached like a man on fire! He was intense from beginning to end.  The anointing of God was strong upon him. The people clapped and shouted as he talked about what God wanted to do in their lives. When the message was over, everyone gathered around the altar and began to really seek God. Rev. Teachman went around the altar laying hands on people and people just fell over under the anointing of the Holy Ghost! Tonight young people got prayer, elders got prayer, young children got prayer. Pastors were on their knees looking for the Lord to meet their needs and He was faithful to meet them at the altar! We had a few more pastors show up tonight so it was great to see them. We also had a missionary lady who is in her late 60’s and she has been in the jungle for three years. She heard about the meetings from Sister Crystal, Pastor William's assistant. Well this woman has been shouting, crying sand praising God. She has been entering in and has been blessed all day. She said she has never been in meetings like this and is so glad she came! She plans on coming to the entire conference. She is so excited because God has revived and refreshed her soul.

Thank you for praying!
Rev. Sanchez

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday morning - First Service!

We had 21 people in service this morning. We are expecting more this afternoon and tonight. I told Pastor William that I am not concerned about numbers. God is looking for a people that did not come looking for anything else but His presence. If God sent us here to reach just one pastor than that pastor will set the jungles on fire! The conference started off very powerful.  Brother Daniel sang songs of worship with his guitar and it was absolutely awesome. People were singing and really worshiping God.  When it was time for me to teach I shared about sitting in heavenly places and taking dominion in every place God has called you into.  This does not come without a Gethsemane experience.  We had times of laughing, crying and shouting but a thick presence of God filled that church. God was calling us into a deeper commitment and closer relationship with Him.  Nobody prayed for anyone! But everyone was all over the altar seeking God and crying out to God and talking in tongues. Some people where in great travail! The Holy Ghost was moving mightily in our midst.  As we kept praying the tongues were intensifying! The sounds of praise and tongues filled the air like a cloud! The Glory of God filled that church this morning because there was a people that were hungry and thirsty for God and He filled us! We went way over our scheduled time but it did not matter - people were still on the floor and in their seats crying out to God. Something is different about this conference. I feel like God is drawing those that have a desire to see Him move and He is going to infuse His servants with power to go back and build His Kingdom like never before!

Rev. Sanchez

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday -Arriving in Nauta

We had a wonderful time driving from Iquitos to Nauta.  The time went by so quickly because we were all sharing about the goodness of God.  After we checked into our hotel we met Sister Clementine (Pastor William’s wife) and Daniel (Pastor William’s son). They both were so excited to see us. We were greeted with great joy and big hugs.  After our small reunion we all went to dinner together and then we went to the church grounds to meet with anyone that may have arrived early. We met a group of excited young men and some children.  We talked with them for a while and played with all the children. The pastors are due to arrive early in the morning.

Back at our hotel, Rev. Teachman went outside to play with the children and the pastor of the church next to the hotel asked him to  preach because the pastor had laryngitis.  He was praying that help would come and help was right outside! Let’s just say revival broke out in that church and God was truly glorified! 

God bless -Rev. Sanchez

Greetings from Rev. Teachman

Praise the Lord, I am very excited about this pastor's conference here in the jungle area of Peru. It has been a great blessing being with Pastor William, Pastor Gustavo and of course Rev. Sanchez. As I have been in prayer seeking God about this conference the presence of God has been touching me in a powerful way.  Last night Rev. Sanchez was sharing with us a little about what he would be ministering in the conference.  What he shared went right along with what God has given me. I know great things are about to take place.

 Special Guest Minister

On Tuesday evening I ( Rev. Teachman) was going for a walk after our visit with Pastor William. I was playing with some of the local children as I love to so. I was invited to come into a Pentecostal church near our hotel. The pastor knows me from our previous trips to Loreto. So he asked me in the middle of his service to minister to his people because he had lost his voice. We started to pray with the congregation and 30 minutes later almost everyone in the church was in tears. The Holy Ghost had filled the house with his mighty presence. When it was time to minster I asked the pastor who was going to interpret? He said no one speaks English so just preach in Spanish. I ministered to the people for 15 minutes using the best Spanish I had and God did the rest. At the altar call every person even the children were seeking God. There was a great move of the Holy Ghost! We are going to invite this pastor to our conference.  God bless you!

Rev. Teachman

In Iquitos and on our way to Nauta!

The plane ride into Iquitos was very smooth. We were able to get exit row aisle seats. When we landed in Iquitos Pastor William (from Nauta) was at the airport waiting for us. Once we got outside it was like a family reunion. We laughed and hugged and began to catch up on everything that the Lord had done in our lives since the last time we were in Nauta. After we checked into the hotel we went to the Yellow Rose of Texas restaurant and I ordered baked fish with vegetables wrapped in banana leaves. Oh my goodness - it is like a little slice of heaven on a dish!  As we ate our dinner we all began to share a little of what was on our hearts concerning this pastor & leader’s conference. It is truly amazing but we all feel that God is going to do something tremendous in this conference. We are looking for a great visitation and a mighty out pouring of the Holy Ghost. Tonight as I sit behind this desk typing, my heart is traveling down the rivers counting down the moments that we will be reunited with our brothers and sisters from the jungle. God has truly given us a word and we are ready to fulfill our assignment. The song writer said “We are able to go up and take the country and possess the land from Jordan to the sea. Oh the giants will be there our way to hinder BUT GOD WILL SURELY GIVE THE VICTORY!

God Bless You,
Rev. Sanchez

Monday, March 28, 2011

Safe in Peru!

Greetings from Peru,

Everything about this trip so far is a blessing. Our drive down to JFK Airport was very smooth. No traffic! There was no one in line at the Lan Airlines desk so they checked Rev. Teachman and myself in right away. We were able to get aisles and exit row seating! When we went through security there was hardly anyone in line so we went right through. When we got on the plane it was 1/3 empty so I had all threee seats to myself!!!!!!! Praise the Lord.
After arriving in Lima, we both got through customs very fast. They checked our bags into Iquitos and now we are waiting to take our flight to Iquitos. Rev. Teachman and I are feeling good! Pastor Gustavo was just excited to see us. He is so happy we are here in Peru! Sister Jenny, Pastor Gustavo's wife sends her love and she is top in her English class. So it was great hearing her ask me about my family in English. We all had a wonderful time eating around the table, sharing about God's Word and looking with eyes of faith and a heart of expectation for what God is about to do in Nauta.

Talk to you soon, love you all & thank you for praying!
Rev. Sanchez

Sunday, March 27, 2011

On My Way...

I am so excited to be returning to Loreto, Peru with Rev. George Teachman. We are headed to a Bi-Annual pastors and leaders conference. Most of the pastors come from the remote areas of the Peruvian Jungle. Some of the pastors travel on rivers for days, others walk for miles or bike but all are coming to hear a Word from the Lord that will transform their lives forever.

There will be times of preaching, teaching, workshops, questions and answers. We will also have great food & fellowship. I know the Lord is going to move in a mighty way. God has truly given me a word and it is burning in my heart. I will be boarding the plane for Peru very soon and I can't wait to get there. I will see my old friends and make many new friends. But most of all God will be in our midst doing a wondrous work! So stay tuned because great things are going to take place!

God bless you,

Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez