Friday, January 24, 2014

Blog #3 - Dominican Republic Mission Trip Reports

Enjoy some more reports from Rev. George Teachman who is visiting the Dominican Republic...

In the Capital
We ministered 2 nights in a large, poor, rough neighborhood, just outside the capital.  This neighborhood is called Nigua and is notorious for being run by the local drug dealers.  The Lord had me preach very boldly and the Lord gave witness to His word by moving on the people during the altar call.  Many of the members were not used to the power of God moving in such a way, as most of them just started attending the church, and some were afraid to come forward for prayer.  The pastor encouraged them to come forward and receive what God had for them in the meeting.  Many young people came forward for salvation.  The pastor told us and all the people there that often times, and even very recently, the drug dealers have come into the church and tried to physically stop the pastor from preaching, and that he has been threatened several times and told to leave.  He told me he had prayed, that whoever came to his church must preach boldly, and he has been looking for a powerful manifestation of the presence of God at the altar. Exactly what the Lord revealed to him happened during these 2 nights of the meetings.

God Calls the Children
A large platform was set up in the street in a poor neighborhood near the capital of Santo Domingo.  ALL the Christians from the local church and a large group of people from the neighborhood had gathered for this meeting.  I ministered on the power of the Cross and the altar was filled with people seeking prayer.  My interpreter and I prayed for well over 100 people tonight.  At one point a large group of about 40 children crowded around us, tugging at us, and raising their hands to let me know they wanted prayer.  Many of these children who came up for prayer asked Jesus to forgive them of their sins.

The Lord is being glorified for the wonderful works He is doing.  A good report was shared by the pastor who has hosted us these 4 days.  He didn't know what to do with one of his churches.  He wasn't receiving any help from the members and little help from the church leader, which was leaving him very burdened.  But the way the Lord moved as we ministered His word has completely changed that church.  The people are all coming together to help him!

God Bless You,
Rev. George Teachman

Souls Saved and Bodies Healed!

God continues to move in the Dominican Republic.  Rev. George Teachman reports...

God Moves Upon the Doctors…
We were in the office of a Christian doctor that I know in the city of Santiago. At the end of the visit, we all prayed with her that God would bless her clinic.  We all know that God is pleased with the work that she is doing for those in need in her nation.

On another occasion, we were ministering in a service where a woman, who is a doctor, came up to us for prayer for her salvation.  She told the interpreter that she didn't feel worthy to come to the Lord.  We told her that she was worthy and that Jesus died for her personally.  She wept as we led her to Christ.  Her son also gave his heart to the Lord.  He was so overcome with joy that he started dancing to the music that was being played! That was his way of expressing the joy that he felt when he was in the presence of God at the altar.  
The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit…
There is a group of 5 of us that have been traveling together and ministering to the people in different churches, on the streets and in homes.  Many people are telling us that as soon as we pray for them the Lord is healing them.  One woman asked for prayer for her back and stomach, which was in continual pain.  She told us that after we prayed all the pain was gone!

Another woman, who had a lot of pain in her breast and her upper back, was instantly healed.

Another Christian man from Haiti asked us to pray for him and the Holy Spirit came down on him very powerfully.  He started shouting in a loud voice and he was crying and shaking under the presence of God.

We give all the glory to God for healing the people, saving their souls and filling people with the Holy Spirit on the streets and in the churches here in the Dominican Republic.

And the Church Was Packed…
We are in a mountainous area, on the border of Haiti, called Restauración. The church we were asked to minister in was too small to accommodate all the people that came out to the service tonight. There was almost as many people outside the church, crowded around the open windows and doors, as there was inside the church building.  The people in this area are very hungry for God and His word.

The same thing happened tonight that happens in every service.  When the service was turned over to our team, the Holy Ghost started to fall upon the people.  Many of the people started rejoicing and trembling under the power of God.  As in many of the services here, the altar area rapidly filled up with large groups of people seeking prayer for salvation, healing, deliverance and their personal situation.  You could smell alcohol on the breath of one man who kept motioning to us to pray for him.  After we prayed with this backslidden man, that God would restore him, he was so full of joy that he wanted to hug us over and over again.  One pastor came for prayer for liver and back pain.  He had been in pain and hadn’t been able to sleep well and was having difficulty eating.  The Lord healed him immediately!  He went home, ate a full meal and came back to the next night’s service to give his testimony.  Every person, including the leaders of the church, were blessed and touched by God tonight!                                                                        

Revival in the Park...
A one-night revival service was set up for us in the central municipal park.  Right across the street, there was a store which had a large television that was broadcasting a Dominican national baseball game (baseball is the national sport here).  There was a small group of men seated in front of this television, but there was a large group of people seated on the edge of the park.  There were people standing and the crowd continued to swell as the meeting progressed.  When the Holy Spirit started moving, many of these men, who were watching the baseball game, would turn around and watch what was happening in the meeting.

As usual, a large group of people came forward for prayer.  One lady, who was a principal of a local school, asked Jesus into her heart as her Savior.  Her eight year old daughter also accepted Christ at the altar call.  She told us that the next time we are in the area she would love to have us minister to all the students in her school for they are in great need.

Many, many people came to Christ tonight. And we all left this park full of the joy of the Lord.

God bless you from the Dominican Republic,
Rev. Teachman


Rev. George Teachman is reporting from the Dominican Republic!

Enjoy some wonderful testimonies of how God is moving in the Dominican Republic...

God bless you from the Dominican Republic.  WE have been receiving testimonies of answered prayers from when Candy and I were here in November.  There is an elder of Pastor Apolinaria’s church who has had a heart condition for a long time.  Candy and I prayed for her at the altar, believing with her for a miracle.  She went to the hospital to have an electrocardiogram test to see how she was doing.  To the doctors amazement she was pronounced completely healed! She was also amazed and thankful to God.  Praise the Lord for his wonderful works.

There was another man who was a sergeant major in the Dominican Air force.  We ministered to him in one of the meetings in November.  This morning the Lord kept prompting him that he had to go to Muñóz, which is the village that pastor Apolinaria lives in.  When he arrived, he was surprised to see me there.  He said he had to testify of what God did for him through prayer.  He said he was bound by sin and the chains fell of that day.  His life completely changed.  He said his relationship with his wife has greatly improved.  His children, who had been having no communication with him, are now speaking to him.  He also told us that shortly after prayer they promoted him to the rank of major.  He said that he will be there to help us with anything we would need help with.  He also told us that every morning they have a prayer meeting and short message in the military building where he works, and that he was ministering God’s word to the general yesterday.

We were asked to go to a home and pray for a sister who had just had a stroke.  When we entered the house, the husband told us she was not able to walk.  When we went into the room where she was, she told us that her left leg was totally paralyzed with absolutely no feeling in it.  As we prayed, the presence of God descended upon her powerfully.  After prayer, we asked her how she was feeling.  She took her right foot to touch her left foot and told us that she now had feeling in her foot and ankle.  She was very happy and we told her that this miracle that started would continue until she was completely healed. Jesus still heals the sick praise the Lord!

We have been asked to minister in churches, in various city-wide revival meetings, and in streets revival meetings.  We were getting prepared to minister in a late night vigil service, which are very common here, when a brother came to the home that we were staying at.  He told us that they were having a revival service with a large group of people and the preacher never showed up.  They were asking me to go preach to the church right then.  We quickly got ready and went with them, and as soon as we arrived, they gave us the microphone.  After ministering what God gave me, large groups of people came to the altar for prayer.  10 children came forward for salvation and a large group of teenagers, mostly young men, also called upon the name of the Lord for their salvation.

We were asked to minister in a night vigil meeting in the city of Esperanza.  When I was in prayer in the US, God gave me a message for this meeting and showed me a woman in a black dress receiving a miracle.  He had me minister on the power of the name of JESUS and had led me to call this woman out and have the whole church call upon the name of JESUS, as she would be a demonstration of the power of the name of JESUS over all sickness. The woman we called to the front was a Haitian woman and ss we all prayed for her, the power of God took over.  She later told us that she had AIDS and that she was in constant pain and was burning day and night, but as we prayed she felt something flowing through her body.  After prayer, all the pain and all the burning was completely gone.  Her face was glowing and she kept praising the Lord, telling Him how much she loves Him for the miracle He had done for her.  I encouraged her to go to the doctor to get the full report that God has completely healed her from AIDS, so she can be His witness to the people.

God Bless You!

Rev. Teachman