Friday, August 2, 2013

Report #6 - Zambia Pastors & Leaders Conference

Pastors & Leaders Conference

It is an exciting day today because all the delegates are arriving for the conference.  It has taken some of the delegates days to get here and many of them had to sleep outside on the side of the road, waiting for transportation.  But that did not discourage them because they were determined to make it to the conference.  The last delegation to arrive was Siavonga, which is a region close to Zimbabwe.  They all came driving onto the church grounds on the back of a huge truck, singing and clapping for joy.  They got off the truck carrying chickens, goats and vegetables to help with the meals while they are at the conference.

The morning and night meetings have been power packed.  The people have come really looking for God to move.  Both the teenagers and the elders are entering in and reaching out to God by faith and God is meeting their needs.  Many have already been healed and filled the Holy Ghost!  Lives have been encouraged, changed and transformed.  Many of the young people have already told us that they are going back to their churches to do a work for God.  The pastors are just being saturated by the power of God.  One pastor said to us, “I was tired and weary from battling the enemy but today, because of the Word of God, I am revived and my soul is on fire!  God has shown me that my enemy is already defeated, so today I walk in victory!”  Another pastor said, “Every day, I am praying for others and encouraging others, but today I have been prayed for and I have been encouraged.  Now my Spirit is full and over flowing and I am returning to my village with the anointing of God and revival is going to break out!"

When we are not in meetings, everyone is singing and fellowshipping.  You can here laughter in the different groups all over the church grounds.  Rev. Kalinsky taught the children “Simon Says” and they are having a great time.  I (Rev. Sanchez) have been playing and dancing with the children to gospel music and just enjoying each other's company in God’s house.

During lunch and dinner times we all gather around in small groups and each group is given a big pot of Nyshema, which is a thick porridge made from corn flour and you eat it with chicken and sauce.  Everyone enjoyed the meals, and all over the church and outside you can hear people sharing their testimonies and laughing.  There is just so much love, joy and victory in these meetings that it is hard to leave at night to go home.  As we were pulling out of the church grounds, at the end of the meetings, Brother Abraham, one of the choir leaders here at the church, was determined to teach Rev. Kalinsky words in their language…it was hilarious!

God is truly doing great things and we are just glad to be called into His harvest.  Thank for your prayers and remember, it is not too late for you to still give towards this conference and invest in the lives of our precious brothers and sisters in Zambia.

God bless you
Rev. Sanchez & Rev. Kalinsky

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Zambia Report #5 - Wednesday

Kamwala Prison
Greetings everyone!  This is Rev. Jerry Kalinsky and I have a great report to share with you from our visit to Kamwala Prison in Lusaka, Zambia.  It was very exciting for me to have the opportunity to minister to 252 inmates and guards.  It was very hot and we all sat out in the heat of the day while the prisoners sang songs of worship to God.  My heart was touched because these inmates worshipped God and many of them had only one shoe and one sock, some had torn clothes, others had just one flip flop to wear, yet in the midst of their physical needs they all sat with expectancy, waiting for me to preach the word of God. 

 I began to minister from Psalms 51 and shared how David had an affair with Bathsheba and Nathan, the prophet, pointed out his sin, causing David to cry out to God for mercy.  Because David was open and honest before God and did not try to hide his sin, God had mercy on him.  As the word of God was released, inmates began to respond because hope had come to their lives.  I went on to encourage the men saying, “we have all made mistakes, and even though we may not see any good or even love ourselves at times, God sees our value and He still loves us in spite of our failures.  If we are honest with God and ask for forgiveness, God will have mercy and forgive us.”

After the message, I asked how many would like to receive Christ and hands began to rise in the air.  I cannot begin to tell you how we felt as many souls said the sinner’s prayer and gave their lives to God.  Shouts of victory went all over the prison compound after we prayed.  Even the guards smiled and shook my hands after the sermon.

Lives were change by the power of God and I know these men will never be the same again.  Before I left, I told the men that if I don’t see them again on this side, we will meet again in Heaven and all the men shouted for joy!  Thank you for all of your prayers and to those who were able to give.  You have made a difference.  God bless you!

In His Service,
Rev. Jerry Kalinsky