Friday, June 29, 2012

In the Midst of it all!

Greetings Friends!

Rev. Melvin Lewis & Abigail Sanchez
The last few services here in Auburn, Maine have just been incredible. We are going to share with you just a few more testimonies of God’s goodness towards His people. One minister’s son was away from God, and he came to service. He had left the church over twelve years ago saying he was not sure if there even was a God. Yet as the power of the Holy Ghost swept through the house, he could no longer resist the presence of God. He came to the altar crying, and he gave his life back to the Lord. God saved him! He said, “Now I know there is a God!”

Another young man had server pain in his jaw. He came to the altar for prayer. While we were praying, the Holy Ghost hit this young man.  He went leaping, jumping and shouting because he was healed by the power of God! This caused great rejoicing in the church. Many of the saints joined in dancing and shouting with this brother. It was awesome!  As the altar call went on, many people lives were being touched. This one lady came to the altar so bound. She could not even smile. The guilt of sin and the shame of her past gripped her until she could no longer forgive or love herself. As we began to share about God’s amazing love and grace, tears began to fall from this woman eyes. The more we talked to her, the more God’s word began to hammer away at the chains that bound her to the lie that she could never be free or loved. As God’s love broke through, this woman lifted up her hands and forgave herself! Then she opened her heart and let Jesus come in. He gloriously saved her and set her free! There was a smile on her face, and she was glowing like the morning sun! God had given her a new beginning!

At this point, people were all over the altar and the church getting prayer! Our sons Melvin Jr. and Isaiah helped to pray for people with us as the Spirit of the Lord was moving! Young people were getting filled with the Holy Ghost! Children five and six years old were falling out under the power of God, crying and speaking in tongues.  Teenagers were making choices to serve God, and many were set free from the bondages of this world! God was restoring dreams in the lives of people. He was giving them a vision to work for him and to take their place of ministry in the house of God. The Holy Ghost truly had the right of way in the services. God was just moving on whoever wanted Him! There was a woman who had severe pain in her stomach. God took her pain away! He not only healed her, but he filled her with the Holy Ghost!

My friends time would not allow us to tell you of all the families God put back together, the lives He healed and filled with the Holy Ghost. God orchestrated these meetings. He was in the midst of it all having His way and getting the glory! All we can say is “There is a river whose streams make glad the city of our God! Yes, there is a river whose streams make glad the city of our God! It came and it healed me. It came and refreshed me, and it came and it washed my sins away! So I will rejoice. I will rejoice and be glad!”

God bless you and thank you for praying!
Rev. Melvin & Abigail Sanchez

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Revival continues in Auburn, Maine

Praise the Lord!

We were so glad to see members from Harvest Hope Church of God in Christ in Rhode Island and Bishop Coleman and his wife at the service tonight.  Everyone was truly excited and ready for the Lord to have His way and He did not let us down. There was an awesome explosion of Holy Ghost power in the church! Many people were filled with the Holy Ghost and delivered from bondage at the altar tonight. We cannot even begin to tell you all that God has done but we will just share with you a few testimonies of how God is touching and changing lives.  

There was a lady who was not able to raise her hands or move them well for sometime but in the service as the Spirit of God began to move she was able to lift her hands.  Praise God, she was so excited that the Healer was in the house! God moved on her need and she was thankful! There was also a biker who had a long beard, biker jacket, and tattoos. This is not a guy you would want to mess with but he came into the church and when the power of God hit that building he came running to the altar with his hands raised in the air, tears filled his eyes and as the power of God fell upon this man he was filled with the Holy Ghost and fell out under the power of God! He was changed! There were two men who never really experienced the moving of the Spirit of God but when they came to the altar the power God saturated them and they could no longer contain it, they tried to stand but the power of God hit them so strong they fell to the floor shouting and crying, trembling and talking in tongues! It was a great night to be in the house of God!

My friends we just want to take a minute to encourage you today to seek first the Kingdom of God and all His righteousness and the Bible says, then all these things will be added unto you. Don’t spend all night worried about your problem and then all day talking about your problem because that wont change anything. You see you can’t keep thinking about your problem and then expect change; you must seek God! And God is not attracted to fear, worrying or complaining but He is attracted to faith, prayer and praise! So today whatever you are going through seek God by faith, praise His name and know that He is able to make a way out of no way! He makes the impossible possible, He opens doors that no man can shut! Nothing is too hard for Him! God is more than willing and able to meet your need! The Bible says to come boldly before His throne! So put your situation in the hands of God right now and leave it there! He can and He will work it out for you!

God bless you
Rev. Melvin & Abigail Sanchez

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"He's my friend!"

Hello friends!  This is Sister Abigail.  I preached at night on your relationship with God.  It was nice to see Pastor David Gilbert along with his family and church members from Harbor Light Full Gospel in Topsham Maine in the service. After this morning service people came in just ready for a move of God. As I preached the presence of the Lord just kept moving and moving! The anointing of God was upon me mightily and God helped me deliver His Word with power!  As the Spirit of God moved upon the church a prophecy came about how God was going to endue the church with power to accomplish His will in these last days. And how we should not be distracted by the storm because He still rides the storms and no weapon or enemy shall be able to stand in the way or hinder the work of God in this hour! It was truly powerful! At the altar call pastors and elders were praying for people all over the church. People were in groups praying! Pastor Gilbert and his wife were praying! And God was just moving mightily!  I felt the leading of God to pray for the drummer, when I first started to pray he lifted up his hands and it seemed as if their was a wall blocking his life so I told him to just surrender and as he did the power of God began to move upon him, he began to shake and tremble as the life changing power of the Holy ghost came upon him. He hit the floor under the power of God and I got down and kept praying with him until he broke through! God changed this young man life. He said “ I have never felt the power of God like this in my life! All over the altar souls were being filled and touched by God! It was a truly a great day in the Lord! Only God could do what was done today. The songwriter was right when he said “ Can’t nobody do me like Jesus because He’s my friend!

God bless you & Thank you for praying
Abigail Sanchez

"Can't Nobody do me like Jesus!"

Glory to God! This is Rev. Sanchez and Sister Abigail reporting from Christ Temple Church of God In Christ in Auburn Maine where the pastor is Rev. Alvert Jackson. Well we truly had a great day in the House of the Lord!  It was like a family reunion coming back to this church for revival. The church has grown! Everyone was excited and happy to see us. Hand shakes and giant hugs were given to us from the very moment we entered into the church. The song service was dynamic! The people of God were just singing and praising the Lord with fervency; you could feel expectancy was in the building! The choir sang till the power of God moved that congregation. Some of the choir members were so touched by God’s presence that they just had to leave the choir and begin to kneel before God at the altar in thanks for all He had done for them.

I (Rev. Sanchez) shared this morning about up coming mission trips and some great things that are  taking place on the mission fields. The church clapped and shouted just to hear how God is the same God in Africa and Peru as He is in America.  As I began to preach the Word of God about forty minutes into the message the wind of the Holy Ghost blew in that church! Elders and ministers went running, leaping and shouting! It was truly a blind Bartemaeus moment because nothing was going to stop these people from getting to God! This was their moment and they were determined to get what they came looking for from God! People were weeping, talking in tongues and crying out to God! It was a very powerful presence of God that filled that house! People were leaping in the isles both shouting and crying, it was like ocean waves glory all over that church!  The presence of the Lord swept through that house like a rushing river, it saturated everyone in His path!

Young children were baptized in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues God! Teenagers that were in a decision-making process came to the altar and God broke chains off of their lives. Screams from deliverances were heard all over the church.  One man came to the altar so bound he could not speak or move. I could tell something was binding him - I could feel the presence of demonic spirits all over him. Those demons started attacking him, they were afraid! They knew they were about to lose their power on that man! The closer I got to him the more they began to cry out! They were not afraid of me but I am the temple of the Holy Ghost and greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world! I commanded those evil spirits to release that man! Immediately that man hit the floor and that powers of darkness had no choice but to release that him, he was free! Why was he free some may ask, well I will tell you why, its because there is a name that is greater than sickness, it is greater than trouble; it is greater than every army, demon, power and any name you can name! It’s the name of Jesus! Oh my goodness, I just have to say that again it’s the name of Jesus! When I am in trouble all I have to do is call on that name! When I am sick all I have to do is call on that name! When the enemy surrounds me and I don’t know what to do, all I have to do is call on that powerful name of Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Oh I dare you to take a minute and call on the wonderful name!

Well that man was not only free from demon power but God filled him with the Holy Ghost! As the meeting went on the altar was filled with sinners crying out to God and the Lord was faithful to meet them. So many people testified of healing and deliverances that we can’t help; but to glorify God!

Be sure to read our next post from Sister Abigail as she continues this report!

God bless you and thank you for praying!
Rev. Melvin Sanchez

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Mission Trip To Haiti

Greetings in the Wonderful Name of Jesus!

Pastor Kalinsky holding a Zambian baby
We are so excited to tell you that on June 27th, Pastor Eleanor Kalinsky (Pastor of the Full Gospel Interdenominational Church
 in Manchester CT and President of World-Wide Lighthouse Missions Inc.), Adrienne Lautenbach (WWLM T.E.A.C.H. Director), along with Mable Saunders and Dorry Judd will be traveling to Haiti to partner in ministry with  Mission of Hope International.         
Adrienne (right) hugging Peruvian girl

 Mission of Hope International was founded in March of 2000, in the village of Thozin, Grand-Goâve, Haiti, by Pastor Lexidan and Renée Edmé along with their two children Alexis and A Jay.  The Edmé’s came to Grand-Goâve with a vision to positively impact the population spiritually, physically and emotionally. The first work to begin was spiritual, with a church planted in the front yard of a dear elderly gentleman named Pastor Bauvais Gabriel. He welcomed MOHI with open arms and an open heart. At this same time preparations were being made to open the mission’s first school, with preschool through 3rd grade students, including children ages 3 to 17.
Pastor Lexidan, Renee ( on right) Alexis (on left) &
A Jay
Pastor Lexidan was born and raised in Haiti and had moved to the US for several years prior to returning to Haiti to start the Mission. Because he is native to the Haiti, he understands all the little nuances and language that foreigners may never pick up on. Being American, Renée brings a different sense of order and accountability to the mission. Working together, Lex and Renée have brought a wonderful balance of Haitian/American values and skills to the mission field.
Many people are still in need!
After 11 years in Grand-Goâve, they are esteemed by their community and are known for being fair, sharing food and supplies with everyone, no matter their religious or political beliefs. They also are not easily taken advantage of, since Lex already knows all the tricks people are accustomed to playing on foreigners.

World-Wide Lighthouse Missions has been a proud supporter of Mission Of Hope International for many years. Pastor Kalinsky, Adrienne and the team are very excited to put their feet where their hearts and prayers have already been.
Adrienne recently said "I can't wait to get around the children and just hug them and love them." This truly sums up the hearts of the entire team. While in Haiti the team will take part in the St. Etienne Campus Elementary School and the Thorzin Campus High School graduations. This team will preach, teach and sing at the Annual Pastor and leaders conference that Mission of Hope sponsors. This conference in open to pastors all over Haiti and everyone is expecting a mighty move of God! Please keep this team in your prayers; we know that their hearts will be enlarged with all the things they will see, feel and experience. Every time they walk through a village or embrace a child it will be another testimony they can share of God's faithfulness. We know that God is going to do great things through them and we would like you to keep this team in your prayers. If you would like to give a towards this team's mission trip or towards Mission of Hope in Haiti please click on to our donation page and designate your donation to either mission team to Haiti or Mission of Hope. May God Richly Bless you in advance for your heart in giving to help those that are in need.

Friday, June 15, 2012

We Can Make A Difference!

Greetings Friends,

We have a wonderful report to share with you from the overseers of our Donation Center (aka. Blessing Center).  This Center is a place where general gift-in-kind donations are received on a regular basis and made available to those in need within our local and worldwide community.  We are just so blessed by the many wonderful people that God has sent our way, so that we can continue to make a difference in many lives.  We hope this report blesses you.

A woman has been donating clothes to us for a few years.  She came into the Blessing Center at Easter time to see if we had a suit for her grandson.  We did and she was so thankful.  She said the suit fit him perfectly and that it made him feel so proud.  She later sent a nice thank-you note saying that he would have had nothing if not for our help.  This was a blessing.  Then, she called again a few weeks later with a request for clothes for her grandson, because at age 17, he is now applying for a job.  She also had a request for a young girl having a baby.  So we decided we wanted to know more about this woman who had so much compassion for people. 

When we contacted her we found out that she was an older woman who loves to help the needy people in her area.  She collects clothes for women in need, most of whom are just out of prison.  Her heart is so big, and she says “Somebody has to help these women and believe enough to give them a second chance.”  Come to find out, this woman was once herself incarcerated for robbery.  While in prison, she gave her life to Jesus Christ through the faithfulness of a wonderful ministry that held church services there, and her life was miraculously changed.  When she was released from prison, she continued on in her walk with the Lord and had a passion, which she continues today, to help similar women in need.

Lately, she is finding many men and children, have been needing help but she doesn’t have the resources to help them.  She has reached out to us at WWLM to help her supply clothing for these people in need.  She shared that when she gives them anything she tells them about Salvation.  She said they become her friend, and with that connection is winning them to Christ. She always wants to have prayer when she calls or comes here, but this most recent visit, she brought her mother with her and asked if we could go out to the car & pray with her; which we did gladly.  This blessed our day,  It’s encounters like this that mean so much to us here at the Blessing Center.  Some of this work can be at times monotonous, but more and more we are getting a chance to reach into the lives of people and offer not only a needed item but also offer what is needed most ~ Jesus.  These people stay on our hearts and when we are praying we don't forget them but lift them up in prayer.

My friends this is just one report of how simple it is to reach out and help some one else in need. God Almighty has given all of us a blessing that can flow through to others. Whether you volunteer with us at the Blessing Center, or you give physical goods, or support financially, you truly are making a difference in the lives of those around you.  Without YOU, it wouldn’t be possible.  In addition to all that you do for WWLM, we encourage you to take a look around and find a way to bring some joy to another’s life.  You may be at school, work or in your neighborhood.  It is so simple! Just start by smiling at someone. Hug someone! Shake someone’s hand. Call somebody and tell them that you love them! Get out and volunteer!  And continue to give to help the poor! There are so many people that need you!  It doesn’t matter the size of your ‘gift’, it just matters that you give.  Do something to change someone’s life today and watch how it will impact and change your life!

God richly bless you
Crisaundra Mack & Krislynne Krukoski
Blessing Center Overseers 

Monday, June 4, 2012

October 2012 Conference in Loreto Peru!

Pastor William
 We are so excited to announce that the Bi Annual Conference in Loreto Peru will be held on October 17th – October 24th 2012.  Pastor William the Host pastor of the conference said that this would be one of the greatest conferences the jungle has ever seen. During our last conference so many pastors were encouraged through the teachings, strengthened through the fellowships and empowered by the moving of the Holy Spirit!  As the pastors left the meetings they were filled with excitement ready to go back to their villages to do a work for Jesus Christ.
Traveling to the Conference

Now that it is time for us to meet again we are expecting even more Pastors and leaders and we know that they are coming with an expectation to experience a mighty move of God! Some Pastors will be traveling for days down the various rivers. Others will travel by foot, bicycle and motorbike with joy just to hear a Word from the Lord.


The pastors will stay on campus and be fed three meals a day. They will have times of prayer, fellowship and teaching.  There will also be time to spend time around the altar where we will allow the Lord to pour out His glorious Holy Spirit upon us and minister into our lives.


My friend, these meeting are so important to the advancement of the Gospel. Many pastors have gone back to their villages and won many souls for Jesus Christ. Revival has broken out in the jungles. Reports of people being healed and filled with the Holy Ghost have come in.


We must continue to keep these conferences going. Please send a generous donation today and be a part of what God is doing in the jungles. Remember no gift is too small to make a difference and you can go online right now and designate a donation to the Loreto Pastor's Conference.  One pastor while thanking us for never giving up delivering God’s Word to the jungles said “The meetings and the fellowship have been a lifeline, strength and a healing to my life.” 

Altar Call

So many other pastors will be coming that will need God to do the same thing for them and your donation will make it happen! Thank you in advance for giving towards this conference. The Bible says in Isaiah 52:7, "How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!" This conference is truly one that will be filled with those beautiful feet that will bring good tidings, publish peace and salvation! God will truly get the glory as many souls will cry out in the jungles, "My God reigneth!  May God richly bless you for your giving!