Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hurricane Sandy Relief

A great big THANK YOU to all who participated
in our collection for Hurricane Sandy Relief:

Tom Kulig
Tom Kulig - for your huge heart to take action - thank you for partnering with us in this effort, and for your generosity in covering the expenses for the box truck rental and driving to New York to make the delivery.  We are glad to have met you, and even happier to call you our friend!

Donors - for your kindness to dig down deep, and give once again.  God's word speaks of His blessings that are sure to come your way, because you have considered the needs of others!  Luke 6:38

Faithful WWLM Volunteers - for ALWAYS being there!  We could never do what we do without YOU!  You are the truest missionaries... whenever the call comes - you answer "Yes!"  Thanks for being a part of our team!

FGIChurch Youth Activities - for your willingness to be a part of loading the truck.  It was a night filled with joy and excitement for the younger generations to have a hand in blessing those in need - their heart was truly in all they did.  Your notes of love & prayers brought smiles and warmth to the hearts of the workers that will be distributing the aid and they will be sharing that same love with all those they bless.

Hope NYC Church - for keeping your doors open for the needy of your community, and for sharing God's love to all who come to you.  God will truly reward you for continuing to be His hands extended.  Our prayers are with you as you make a lasting impact for Christ in this day!

Through the combined efforts of all involved, we were able to deliver 6 pallets of aid on Saturday 1/19/13 to Hope NYC Church!  They were very appreciative for the outpouring of love shown through this giving and are blessed to know that through this support they will be able to continue to meet the needs of those devastated by Hurricane Sandy! 

God Bless You All!

Monday, January 21, 2013

God is saving souls in the Dominican Republic!

Ministering at the Branch Churches
The pastors that God has had me working with, down here in the Dominican Republic, are all birthing new churches.  Pastor Jimmy Rodriguez, my interpreter’s pastor, has just started a new church in the city of Santiago.  They have no building, but they hold their meetings in a street next to the home of a sister in the church.  There is an open field next to this home and they are believing for God to supply the funds so they could purchase this land and build a church there. 

In the meeting tonight, the presence of God immediately took over.  The Lord was pleading with people to hear His call for salvation.  After I ministered, 8 people responded to this call, giving their lives over to Christ.  Jesus faithfully saved every soul when they called upon His name.  We are all rejoicing here for the great things the Lord is doing.

We were also invited to minister in an open field where the people are believing that God will give them a church building too.  This is in a rural area, a little distance from the city of Santiago.  About 60 chairs were set-up for the first outdoor revival meeting they have ever had in this area.  These chairs filled up very quickly, and other people were standing.  God’s presence fell powerfully, as it has been doing in all of the other meetings.  At the altar call, 13 people gave their life to Christ.  Our God is doing a quick work in bringing many people to himself and preparing them for his soon coming.

Into the Mountains to Minister
We were invited to a cool, mountainous region of the Dominican Republic called Constanza.  The road to get into this area has an incredible amount of sharp curves and steep hills.  There are farms everywhere here and the temperatures dip into the 30’s at night because the elevation is close to 6,000 feet above sea level.  One of our night meetings here was on a dirt road in front of a small local market where a large group of people gathered to hear God’s word.  There were more children than adults in this meeting.  Every seat in the front row was filled with children.  In one seat, 3 children huddled together because it was quite cold.

I preached tonight about how God’s call upon Samuel’s life began as a child.  Every child in this meeting wanted prayer.  14 of them asked Jesus into their heart as their savior, and 7 adults also repented and turned their life over to Christ.

We are getting many invitations from Pastors in various regions of the Dominican Republic to minister in their churches and in large revival meetings.  We are so thankful that God is dealing in so many lives and calling so many people to the foot of the Cross.

God bless you from the Dominican Republic
Rev. George Teachman

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Report #3 - Dominican Republic


When I was here with Candy (my wife) in November, there was a flood that destroyed many homes.  Today, we went out to visit two of the areas that the flood had affected.  We purchased and distributed food to thirty eight families in the hardest hit areas, where many homes were totally destroyed.  The Dominican government has placed many of these families in apartments, but the need continues to be great here, and the people are always thankful for any and all help they receive.


We also went to one of the Haitian villages near Pastor Apolinaria’s Church.  As we started ministering personally to the people sitting outside of their homes, God started speaking to their hearts.  In the relatively short time that we had to minister, 14 people received prayer.  Some received prayer for their salvation, some gave their life back to Christ, and others wanted God’s help to make the right decisions in life.  Even though we minister as a group in 3 languages, English, Spanish and Creole, there is a wonderful unity among us.  We are all led by the precious Holy Spirit. 


There was a woman, who wanted prayer, in an area where Pastor Apolinaria has started a new church.  This woman told me she had breathing problems and feels at times like she is suffocating.  She was also suffering from back pain. She told us, after prayer, that all the pain left her back and her breathing was perfectly normal!  God is being glorified here for all the wonderful things he is doing!

God Bless you from the Dominican Republic,
Rev. George Teachman

Friday, January 11, 2013

More Good Reports from the Dominican Republic

God's Presence Visits the Radio Station
We were invited to minister on a radio program for 2 hours. We were like tag team preachers. We had 3 Dominican pastors and evangelists, 2 Haitian pastors, a church leaders, myself, and Brother Rafael, our tremendous interpreter. When the Dominican evangelist started to talk, the presence of God came into the room so strongly. God moved on the pastors in that radio room.

At the end of the broadcast, God's presence spread to the waiting room. People were trembling, crying, hugging each other and tears were flowing.

Preaching At the Outdoor Market
Today we went to preach at 2 market places. At one market place, the Haitian pastor was preaching the Gospel under the anointing of God. When he called the people forward for personal prayer, over 20 people rushed forward. The whole group, together, sought the Lord for their salvation. Tears were flowing down their faces.

The Sick Are Healed
Nine of us walked through the bustling city of Santiago for one and a half miles to pray for a young lady named Anna. She had not been able to walk without the aide of a walker, not even one step, for the last 3 years. Her body was slightly twisted. She has a young family and her face shows the pressure she lives under. Together, the nine of us continued to pray for her and worship God. God touched Anna and she got up out of the bed and started to walk, unaided, across the room.

She was battling fear in her mind. We continued to pray. Her whole countenance changed. Tears fells down her cheeks and a smile came across her face. She got up again and walked, one more time, across the room. Her husband came in the room and gave his life to Christ. While this was happening, her friend also came in the room and gave her life to Christ. We are definitely in the last days where God is pouring out His Spirit and doing signs and wonders among HIs people.

Visiting Other Cities
We have been receiving invitations to minister in cities that I have never visited before. We were in one church, in Esperanza, and you could tell that the pastor wanted a move of God, but many of the people in the church were bound and not lifting their hands up to worship God. It wasn't long until the Holy Spirit came down and changed all that. 5 souls came for salvation and the Lord spoke to many others, setting them free to worship Him.

The next church we visited was the same way. Once again, God came down in the service, visiting us with His presence and His word. Each person in this service came for prayer. Once woman's back was immediately healed. Those who sat in their seats, not entering into the service, were touched mightily by God at the altar. In every service, every person who was not saved came to Christ for salvation. The Lord is truly gathering in His harvest.

God bless you!
Rev. George Teachman

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Good reports from Rev. Teachman!

Rev. George Teachman has sent us these great reports from the Dominican Republic.  Let your faith be stirred as you read about the miracles that God has performed!

Campaign Meeting
We were invited to preach at a baseball stadium on January 1st.  Buses had brought people in from different areas of the country.  It had been raining on and off all day.  The clouds were getting darker prior to the meeting.  There was a circle of about 200 people praying.  It started lightly raining, and people were walking all over the field in prayer that God would move these black clouds which were in every direction.  A rainbow appeared, not just once but four times.  After about 45 minutes of intense prayer, the clouds departed and our meeting started.

God gave me a very strong message that His people have to live a holy life, totally separated from the world, if they want Him to use them in this generation and to be prepared for the Lord's soon coming.  One Haitian man couldn't wait for the altar call.  He was weeping and crying his way through to salvation long before the altar call was given.  At the end of the preaching, the people flooded the altar seeking God for salvation and healing.  Souls were getting saved gloriously by the blood of our Savior Jesus Christ.  One man reported that God had healed him from epilepsy.  Tonight it felt like the Heavens had come down upon us.

Street Evangelism
The Christians, here in the Dominican Republic, remind me of the disciples in Jesus' day where they preached every where they went.  We were at a car wash, and one man that we ministered to asked Jesus in.  God had at one time spared his life, and now he had saved his soul.  One woman asked Jesus in as her Savior in the bus station.  As the Gospel was ministered on one street corner, the Presence of God started falling.  Several people asked Jesus to save their souls. 

We went to a crowded, impoverished neighborhood.  There was a large group of both Haitians and Dominicans outside, listening.  I ministered the Gospel of Salvation in English, being interpreted in Spanish.  Then Pastor Leonce minsitered in Creole.  When he called the people to come forward for prayer, about 12 Haitians surged forward.  Each one of them asked Jesus in and God gloriously saved each person.

When I come here, every time you turn around, someone is getting saved, healed or God is doing something supernatural.  God bless you from the Dominican Republic

Rev. George Teachman

Friday, January 4, 2013

Letter from the Dominican Republic

We recently received a beautiful letter from Pastor Apolinaria Silverio of the Dominican Republic expressing her gratitude for Rev. George & Sis. Candice Teachman's visit in November 2012.  We'd like to share it with you today!

To: Pastor Kalinsky
From: Pastor Apolinaria, your sister and friend here in the Dominican Republic.

I thank God first for allowing Rev. George and Candy Teachman.  This trip was a great blessing because God really got glorified.  Rev. George and Candy were used very powerfully and a lot of people gave their lives to our great Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  People were saved, healed and delivered from their sins.  Others were healed completely with problems in their bodies but our Lord healed them all.

I am very happy for all of the blessings that you have allowed our great Lord to continue touching your lovely heart.  May God bless you and your family, always.  Have a very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Years.

Love, Pastor Apolinaria