Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Zambia Report #4 - Tuesday

Central Prison Visit

Today we visited Central Prison where they have over 1,000 inmates.  We had to wait out in the hot sun for almost an hour while they checked our paper work.  While waiting, we saw inmates come and go and met many people.  Once we got inside, we were given a yellow visitor’s jacket and we had to leave everything we had, like bags and phones, with the guards at the desk, and we were only allowed to bring in our Bibles.

After all the security and documentation checks, we waked into the prison and were just surrounded by what looked liked a sea of men.  The inmates had looks of anger, rage and despair on their faces.  Many men just laid on the ground with blank expressions because they had just given up on life.  When we came to the end of walking, we sat down on a small wooden bench in the hot sun and waited for the administration to gather the men together.

As we waited, one of the guards came over to me and told me that it was about to be lunchtime so I only had fifteen minutes to speak to the men and then we all had to leave.  I turned to Rev. Kalinsky and said. “It only took about 20 seconds to say “Let there be light in the Bible and it was,” so fifteen minutes is enough time.”

I preached on the bones from Ezekiel’s graveyard coming together.  God was going to take the dead, dry, scattered, broken, abandoned lives and send a word that would cause everything to come back together.  As I preached, inmates cried, screamed out, shouted.  God was delivering men and setting them free as I was preaching.  The inmates are supposed to sit still and be quiet while someone is teaching, but this time the Holy Ghost was moving and it spread over those inmates like a wild fire!  Inmates were crying out to Jesus, jumping, shouting, and dancing!  Their liberation had come; their victory had come.  God was giving them another chance.

The next thing I knew, the power of God had swept through that entire prison.  It touched administration in their offices, and they had to come out and join the meeting.  It even flowed over the wall and down the road to the women’s prison and we got reports that they were shouting and praising God as the Holy Ghost moved on them.

As God kept moving, over 1,000 men are being touched by God!  When I gave the altar call, all I could see were hands everywhere.  Hundreds asked Jesus in their hearts and then we held hands and prayed together and the power of God shook that place.  Some men were falling to the ground under the power of God while others lifted their hands to Heaven with eyes full of tears and just kept crying out to God.  One man, who served another god, threw down his hat and sobbed and accepted Jesus as his personal Savior!  A great transformation has taken place in this prison today.  God walked though this place!

When it was time to go, the inmates kept coming up to me just wanting to be touched.  Others pressed through the crowd just to touch my clothes.  They had been touched by the power of God!  I kept trying to move towards the door and many of the men formed a line so I could touch every head on my way out.

Once we left the prison, the guards said they have never experienced anything like this before.  They said, “We have never seen all of the inmates so moved by the power of God.  We were all touched and changed today because you came with the word of God!”

God bless you & Thank you for praying
Rev. Sanchez

Zambia Report #3 - Monday

God continues to move in Zambia, Africa...

Lighthouse Blessing School & Garden Church Branch

Greetings again from Lusaka Zambia. Today we visited the Lighthouse Blessing School.  All the students were outside waiting for us to greet them. There were hundreds of them, cheering and singing for us.  Rev. Kalinsky and I shared encouraging words then we shook hands and took pictures with the children.  It was such a wonderful time at the school.

Seeing all the children together, with their uniforms, really showed us the impact that this school has in the community and the importance of the T.E.A.C.H program.  T.E.A.C.H allows students who can’t afford to go to school a chance to be educated, loved, fed and most importantly given faith, hope and the restoration of dreams.  T.E.A.C.H gives children a chance to fulfill their desires in life.  As I spoke with the students, many of them could not see past the poverty they were born in until they started going to school and now they want to be doctors, lawyers and even presidents.  We went to the school to encourage everyone, but we left encouraged by the faith and determination of the children and the teachers who are so dedicated to teach these beautiful students.

Today, we also visited the Garden Church branch.  The people were so excited to see us.  The choir sang three songs in perfect harmony.  Then I preached a message called “Today Is the Day For Change!”  The power of God filled the church quickly as people responded to the word by faith!  As God moved, people were being touched by God and many were filled with the Holy Ghost, a woman was delivered from a tormenting demon, and young children and teenagers were falling out under the power of God.  We even witnessed young people re-dedicating their lives back to God.  As God kept moving, pastors were so touched they were on their knees, some even lying on the floor, just crying out to God in thankfulness for such a mighty visitation of the Holy Ghost!

As the sun began to set, we could still hear the saints in praise!  When the service was finally over, many people testified about how God touched them, healed them and answered prayer!  The church members left with great joy, some even singing as they walked the paths back to their villages.  We could still hear the laughter of God’s people as they disappeared in the distance.  Today was a great day because God moved in our midst and it was a great blessing!

God bless you
Rev. Sanchez & Rev. Kalinsky

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Zambia Report #2 - Sunday

Rev. Melvin Sanchez & Rev. Jerry Kalinsky share about Sunday's services in Zambia...
To God be the Glory!

Sunday morning was just great.  The church was packed and everyone in the building was full of joy and excitement.  The worship was powerful!  The people sang with strong, loud voices that filled the church like an orchestra.  All the choirs sang today, and right after Rev. Kalinsky greeted the people Bishop Misika turned the service over to me (Rev. Sanchez).

I preached a message on overcoming faith!  The more I preached, the more God began to move!  People were running and jumping, shouting and crying throughout the message.  Both the young and the old were dancing in the isles as the word of God was being brought forth.  The Holy Spirit was moving mightily!  Chains of discouragement and despair were being broken off of people’s lives!  The Spirit of the Lord brought equality and liberty and the children of God began to grab hold of the promises of God by faith!

People were being healed and some were falling out under the power of God!  Everywhere we looked the Holy Ghost was moving!  It was like a tidal wave of power in that building, and it moved everyone in the church!  God had brought a tremendous victory into His house today.

As the Holy Ghost continued to move, Rev. Kalinsky brought a prophesy about how God was going to move and how God sent His word to empower His people and if they grabbed a hold of it, God was going to move like never before!  After that prophesy, it was like a fresh wind it that building!  People were talking in tongues and walking the isles!  People were crying and hugging one another.  It was just tremendous!

Then, as the Spirit of God was moving, I said to the people, “I have got two words to tell the poverty, sickness and starvation that is trying to bury our families.  I have got two words to tell the discouragement of our hopes and dreams.  I have got two words to tell the enemy, who tries to steal, kill and destroy our faith, ministries and lives.  I got two words to tell the evil spirits of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes!  I got two words and they are: GET OUT!  You can no longer control our healings, you can no longer hold back our backsliding children, you can no longer hold up our finances!  The anointing has broken every yoke that has kept God’s people prisoner to a lie!  We command you to leave and in Jesus name we release healing, right now!  We release miracles, right now! We release whatever is needed to bring complete victory to the body of Christ right now!!!!!!”

When that word was spoken, it was like an atom bomb hit that building!  The cries and the shouts of the people blasted through the atmosphere and the church was on fire!  The power of God was moving!  People were everywhere, as the power of God moved on his people!  Even all the little children were jumping, crying and shouting! The church was on fire!

Then, as God was moving, Brother Abraham ran over to the piano and started playing some church revival music and it was all over!  People were at the altar, seeking God and getting prayer and being saturated by the Holy Ghost!  A young man named Gift, who is a cleaner at the hotel we are staying in, came this morning to church and got saved!  When he came back to the hotel, everyone could see a great change in him.  It was a great morning in God but the best was yet to come!

Sunday night

Sunday night’s service just flowed with Sunday morning.  It was like one long meeting.  Rev. Kalinsky preached on sojourning faith.  The people praised and worshipped God as he preached!  They really grabbed a hold of every word that came out of his mouth.  When the altar call was given, people filled the altar for prayer.  Teenagers were weeping and crying!  The power of God moved on our driver, Brother bright, and he could hardly stand as the presence of God moved on him.  Then Brother Roosevelt’s son was filled with the Holy Ghost and fell out under the power of God, speaking in tongues!  As God continued to move, Bishop Misika and the leaders of the church were praying for their members and God was ministering to lives!

After service, we went to get something to eat and the Lord led us to two young ladies that just needed to be encouraged.  After speaking with them, they both are coming out to the evangelistic night meeting this week.  When we got back to our hotel, a young lady named Dorcus asked if she could speak to me and our cook, Uncle George (that’s what everyone calls him), asked to speak to Rev. Kalinsky.  Well George told Rev. Kalinsky that ever since he testified to him the other night he has not been able to smoke or drink.  Rev. Kalinsky began to share with him how God was working on him and he needs to take that next step to get saved, and right there in the laundry room George gave his life to Jesus!

While that was going on, I was in the front with Dorcus and she was giving her life to Christ at the exact same time! Hallelujah!  Hallelujah! Hallelujah! It case you did not know it that was a shouting moment!

When all of us realized what happened, we were all just praising God together! And now Dorcus and Uncle George are preaching to us!  Dorcus said to us, “God has truly visited this place and everyone knows it and everyone feels it!”  All we say is, to God be the glory!

Thank you for your support and prayers,
Rev. Sanchez & Rev. Kalinsky

Zambia Report #1 - Saturday

Rev. Melvin Sanchez & Rev. Jerry Kalinsky are reporting from Zambia, Africa

Greetings from Zambia!

Today we walked the paths of Misisi compound.  Rev. Kalinsky and I saw the little houses made from mud bricks and some made from sticks and plastic.  We saw elderly people sitting outside on the ground, reaching their hands out to all those that passed by, hoping that some type of help would be given to them today.  We saw teenagers that have given up on life and have become captive to drugs and alcohol.  Poverty and hunger was everywhere and sometimes that can get overwhelming because it seems to have no end.  But if that was all we saw, this would be a sad story, but the best is still yet to come because the truth is that everywhere we went, frowns turned to smiles.  Despair turned to hope!  And even tears turned to laughter!  Half naked children with no shoes where suddenly clothed in joy and ran down the paths with radiant smiles, just to shake our hands!  We hugged and encouraged people along the paths and invited them to church!  Many would just start shouting out Bishop Misika’s and Pastor Gerald’s names.  Little children ran over and hugged Rev. Kalinsky like they knew him for years.  One man even played a small game of chess with Rev. Kalinsky, right on the paths.  We were welcomed and loved everywhere we went, and this community is really looking to the church like never before.  Many families greeted me (Rev. Sanchez) and were so excited that I was in Zambia.  It seemed like every corner we turned to we brought hope.  Even the drunk teenagers said to me, “You are the men of God who have come to deliver us.”  I took him by the hand and said, “Yes! Today, deliverance has come to you all and that alcohol that is holding you captive shall be broken in Jesus name!”  All the teenagers said they know the church and they are coming!

Everyone here is very excited about the conference.  Many of the members have been at church everyday, cleaning and preparing.  It was wonderful seeing so many people helping at the church!  They are singing and praising God!  There is a lot of excitement and anticipation for a great move of God.  We are also excited because every place we go, God is putting people in our path to minster to and these souls are coming to church.  Even here at our hotel, God has touched the staff and everyone is coming to the meetings on their day off.  They even asked us to do a small service here with a word and prayer for the staff.  So, we are just excited and tomorrow is our first service and we know God is going to do something good!

God bless you
Rev. Sanchez & Rev. Kalinsky

Thursday, July 25, 2013

More reports from the Dominican Republic

 Rev. Teachman reports...

Visiting rural areas in the mountains

We went high up the mountains, on a rugged dirt road, to visit two impoverished villages.  Along the way, there were groups of men picking potatoes and carrots on the steep hills.  These vegetables will be sold throughout this country and will also be shipped abroad.  We handed out lollipops, toys and clothes to the children.  Their faces lit up as they received their gifts.  There was a swarm of flies in one of these villages, but the joy of blessing the children far outweighed any slight discomfort we were feeling.  We sang songs together and prayed with each child individually before we left. 

Revival Meeting on the street

A meeting was set on the sreets of a local neighborhood.  Old wooden seats were placed in the middle of the street.  People were sitting on their porches and on the cement curbs.  Women were also sitting with their children in the doorways of their homes.  I ministered a very strong message about Jesus being the only way to salvation.  Many people came forward for prayer to be healed and for salvation.  The same thing keeps happening time and time again as we pray for the sick…they tell me that they are immediately healed.  One woman had pain all through her stomach and she told us that the Lord healed her.  Another man had constant back pain and he told us that he also was healed.  We had him bend and twist his back to see if there was any more pain.  All his pain was gone because Jesus Christ had healed him. 

God’s presence comes down like a cloud in the house

It was raining steadily so our outdoor revival meeting was cancelled.  We went to minister at a house where many people were new Christians and others were not saved.  Neighbors were also invited.  In all, there were about 25 people in the house, and about half of them were children.  The power and presence of God became very thick in this house. We ministered God’s word and prayed with everyone there.  Those that were unsaved gave their lives to Christ.  A neighbor, who was the first one to get saved, was crying and holding onto one of her neighbors as the love of Jesus filled her heart.  She told us after, in tears, that she had breast cancer and that she was in pain and always felt the pressure of the tightness the cancer in her breast.  She said that she spent much money on doctors but felt no better.  She told us that as we prayed, all the tightness and pain left and she knew that the Lord healed her.  We told her to be like the one man in the Bible that, when Jesus cleansed the 10 lepers, he came back to give Him praise.  She immediately lifted up her hands, crying and praising the Lord for the miracle that He had given to her. 

Many of the people in this area are very humble and very hungry for a move of God. 

God bless you from the Dominican Republic.

Rev. George Teachman

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

God Is Moving In the Dominican Republic!

Rev. Teachman is reporting from the Dominican Republic...

Revival meetings in the mountains

We were invited for 5 days of revivals meetings in a city in the mountains called Constanza.  This is a very beautiful area with fields of vegetables everywhere.  A local business that sells chickens has donated its land for the first two nights of meetings.

The Holy Spirit fell in tonight’s meeting in a powerful way.  The power of God was falling upon the singers as they sang, upon me as I ministered and prayed and upon Brother Rafael as he prayed at the altar call. The Lord called many people to Himself tonight, as about15 people either were saved or restored back to Him.  When we prayed for the sick in the name of Jesus, the Lord healed them immediately.  One man had a serious problem with his spinal column. When he picks vegetables in the fields, as many others here do, he has been in such agonizing pain that often he can not get himself off the ground.  He went to Pastor Rolando’s church for prayer on Sunday and came back with his family tonight and told us that after prayer all the pain was gone.  He was rejoicing and praising the Lord for the miracle that he had received.  His whole family received prayer and many of them were lying on the ground and weeping under the presence of God. God is truly being glorified here for the wonderful things that He is doing.  He is showing His love and mercy to all that are calling upon His name.

He opens the eyes of the blind

There was a man in his 70's who was totally blind.  He lived daily in darkness.  He was helped down to the altar by a brother from the church, and he was walking using his cane.  As we prayed for him, the Lord showed me that his optic nerve had deteriorated, and the Lord touched his nerve! The joy of the Lord was filling this man.  After prayer, I asked him how he was doing.  He told me that he could see both me and Brother Rafael.  He couldn’t see us clearly, but he could now see. We told him about the man in the Bible who, when Jesus touched his blind eyes, started to see but it wasn’t fully clear and in a short period of time his vision was fully restored.  We told this man to continue to walk in faith and that we would keep him in prayer that he would be able to see completely clearly.  Praise the Lord for all His wonders!

It is such a joy for me to minister to the people of the Dominican Republic who serve the Lord with such a passion and love Him so much.  We ministered in one of Pastor Apolinaria's churches in Imbert.  This small church was packed and it was quite hot and humid.  After ministering, every member of the church came forward for prayer.  Over half of the members had headaches.  Many others had problems with their backs.  All of the people that we asked how they felt, after prayer, told us that they were completely healed!  The Lord is gloriously saving souls and healing his people here in the Dominican Republic.

Outdoor Revival Meeting

People arrived at the outdoor revival meeting tonight by all different modes of transportation; some came on foot and others by car and some whole families came on motorcycles.  Many people came to tonight’s meeting that did not attend the first night.  You could hear shouts of “Aleluya” and “Santo” (which means Holy) as the presence of God descended on us.  Many individuals and entire families were seeking the Lord for salvation, to be healed, and for deliverance.  God answered prayer as many lives were transformed at the altar.

One man brought his teenage son who was crippled.  This boy’s hands and feet were twisted up.  He could not speak but he could hear and understand.  His wheelchair was placed in the front row and we knew that God was going to move upon this crippled teenager.  He was first ministered to for his salvation.  When he asked Jesus into his heart, a huge smile came over his face.  Together we prayed that God would give him a miracle.  As Brother Rafael laid his hands on his grossly twisted left foot, which had never moved, his foot was immediately straightened out!  Brother Rafael told me that this foot was very tightly balled up before the Lord touched it.  He had a look of amazement on his face as the Lord was touching him.  God has started a healing process in this young mans life to be a witness of the power of God in this city.  His father, who brought him to the meeting tonight, received the Lord Jesus as his savior!

God bless you from the Dominican Republic

~Rev. George Teachman

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Making A Difference - A Family Together

We received the following note from the Mack Family, who donated and helped pack a barrel for Haiti...

We were honored to be a part in the recent Haiti Barrel Donation Project.  Knowing that there are many children and families in Haiti who have so very little to meet their daily needs, we were more than happy to give since our family has been blessed in so many ways.  I believe this event not only helped to remind our children about how fortunate they are, but it also reminded all of us how lucky we are to be a part of a church that works so hard to help others near and far!!  Our kids, DJ, Jalynn, and Mason, have had opportunities in the past to be a part of similar donations through Sunday School and Friday night activities.  This time was extra special because we did it as a family
and with the guidance of our very own mother and grandmother, Sister Cris.  Jalynn was especially excited to find stuffed animals to donate to other children, knowing that she had so many and there are kids in Haiti who have never even had one.  Sister Cris shared special thoughts with us about how important it has been for our church to help in Haiti by sending these barrels.  It did not take long for all of us to do our part to fill the barrel...We filled one, but the kids actually wanted to fill more of them!

Damon, DJ, Jalynn, Mason and I (Jennifer) look forward to many more opportunities to help other families for many years to come!