Friday - Showers of Blessings!
The morning and afternoon sessions have just been incredible! God has been moving and confirming, establishing and empowering His leaders in mighty ways. Many people have come up to me telling me how they got their answer and direction. God has renewed lives and restored dreams.  Many young preachers that lost focus have now got their eyes back on the assignment that the Lord has given to them. Pastor William shared with us how a part of the vision that God has given him has seemed to die over the duration of time. He went on to say “You labor and labor trying to do what God has called you to do, you direct, you preach, you build, you plan and you even write a mission statement with goals and directives only to see very little results.  When you are full of vision and potential and you don’t see results, it is very discouraging. But the Lord has visited me and renewed my vision. The Lord has made His path plain. I can see it clear. I feel like I did when I first got filled with the Holy Ghost! Renewed and regenerated! I am strong like a young man and ready to do what God has called me to do. And I feel like he has given me back everything I need to do it."

The visitation of the Lord just seems to keep increasing! The power of God is just moving mightily in our midst. Pastors are being saturated in the power of the Holy Ghost! God has called young people in the ministry! God has been directing His people by His Word and by prophesy! Pastors and leaders are not even able to get up from the altar because the power of God is moving so mightily. People are just crying out to God and God is hearing their cries and meeting their needs.

This afternoon people were slain out all around the altar. The Lord really spoke to Daniel, Pastor William’s son giving him the charge to take up the call and the vision that the Lord has given to him. The power of God hit that young man and there is a fire in his spirit that has ignited his zeal for God. He is ready to fulfill his destiny. He is ready to work in the field that the Lord called him to labor in! All over the altar pastors were weeping and crying! The Holy Ghost was moving and lifting up hearts. God is encouraging and equipping his people to go back into the jungle and set his people free! The Spirit of the Lord just kept moving. It moved in waves!

As the presence of the Lord lifted. I saw pastors and wives crying together. I saw young men slain out on the floor. Others were at the altar singing songs of praise to God. Some people were walking around the church praising God. It was like the cloud of God rested in that church. All the children were around Rev. Teachman and myself just crying and glorifying God. The very little children just smiled and hugged us as the Lord was moving. They just had to be close to God’s presence.  When I looked outside it was now dark and soon we were going to have dinner. No one closed the meeting and some people did not move for a long time. I believe with all my heart the greatest revival Peru has ever seen is about to hit the jungles!
Thank you so much for praying! I love and appreciate all of you!
Rev. Sanchez

Paths of Jungles-Rev. Teachman

We went out his afternoon with Cesar our translator and we were testifying to two ladies outside a small building. They invited us into their home to share the Gospel with the rest of the family.  They set up chairs and we ministered to them. I asked if any of them wanted prayer and the woman in charge said please pray for all of us together. We held hands and as we prayed and the presence of the Lord filled the house. Many we crying as God touch them in their hearts.  They were very thankful for prayer.

Friday Night Service-Rev. Teachman    

Tonight I ministered on how God has revealed Himself to you. At the altar call all the children were standing in a line at the front of the altar. And as I touched them each one of them was slain out in the Holy Ghost. All these children remained under the presence of God for quite a while. When they got up they all went to the altar and stayed on their knees crying out to God. Many people were overcome by the love of God, They were crying in thankfulness for what the Lord has done in their lives! The presence of God was so strong that many pastors and leaders fell over under Gods power as we spoke to them. Sister Clementina came and asked for prayer for her arthritis. After prayer I asked her if she had any more pain. She said she could find no pain because God completely healed her. Praise the Lord God does all things well.

Travel the Roads- Rev. Sanchez
As you read these reports you can see why we need to continue giving towards these meetings in the jungle. God wants to empower his people to go into the jungles and win the lost, heal the sick, deliver the captives and build churches for his glory. You can be apart of that!  The next conference will be scheduled in October 2011.  You have the opportunity to give right now and pay that conference off so more men and women of God will be touched and changed forever. The greatest investment you will ever make is when you invest in the lives of humanity. Be a part of this next conference through your giving today. Travel the roads, ride down the rivers with us, pray with us, walk the paths of the jungles with us! Feel the out pouring of the Holy Ghost with us.  Feed the pastors and hug the children with us! You may be asking, HOW?  You can do it  through your giving! Let us fulfill the call of God together! Give today and help make a way for the next conference in Loreto Peru!