Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Greetings from Peru!

We wanted to send a quick hello to you and our entire church family!  We started our journey early on Saturday and arrived in Lima around midnight. It was a long day but overall a very smooth flight.

Noah and Max are doing great and seem to genuinely enjoy it here.  Despite the language barrier Maxwell thinks he is being understood and believes he is speaking Spanish right back to the people. Noah has been his shy self but on Sunday, as the day went on, he began to open up and is very excited about our time here.  Renee and I were very tired on Sunday and got maybe 2 hours of sleep but we feel rested at this point.

Sunday Pastor Gustavo had me preach to the church after they did their praise and worship. The passion of the people is evident and their love for God is very deep.  I was given the privilege to minister on the subject of "Being Blessed but not feeling that way".  Many times in life the blessing of the Lord is accompanied with challenges and obstacles. This is why Paul said "I earnestly contend for the faith".
Life isn't easy all of the time, and nothing having any value is attained without some form of a struggle.  The reason why diamonds are expensive is because they are rare and they are hard to attain. This is why we fight for the faith, it cost heaven God's only Son.
Altar call was beautiful and the people gathered to receive prayer.  Some where slain out in the spirit asking God for strength and courage to face their obstacles, some fell to their Knees as God asked for more of their heart and trust to be placed in Him.

Noah followed me around and helped Dad pray with the people. After altar call, we were able to greet everyone and feel the "love of Peru" as we fellowshipped after service. I let them know the FGIC is believing God for their building...God is going to answer their prayer!

Prayer for my voice is coveted as we have 6 meetings to preach at withing just 3 days...there are 179 registered guests and more that want to be there at this camp. A pastor and his wife from Chile will be in attendance as well. I believe the Lord is going to do great things.  I cant wait for this time of prayer, worship, word, and fellowship.

God bless you all and we'll see you soon...but not too soon!
Ben, Renee, Noah, and Max

Monday, December 21, 2015

Zambia Church Construction - Victory Report

Due to lack of adequate funding to buy the proper materials for longer lasting structures, the Pastors and field workers in Zambia, Africa have struggled for years trying to build and rebuild their Church buildings.  Hearing of their plight, WWLM began to search for how to help them realize their dreams of permanent structures where they could come to worship God, a place where as Ministry Overseer, Bishop Misika says, "...where souls are saved and sealed for heaven!"

God answered our prayer, and WWLM was able to send enough funds to complete 4 churches in Zambia!  During the months from October to December 2015, they have worked diligently to see the completion of all 4 churches.  As we speak the Munenga and Linda Branch Churches are completed, and the Chamulimba and Airport Assembly Churches are expected to be completed by Christmas!!

We thank everyone who gave to help meet this need, and for the faithful prayers for all of the Field workers who have given their all - laboring for the Glory of God! 

Below are just a few pictures of these Church Construction projects:

Chamulimba Church

Airport Assembly Church

Linda Church

Munenga Church

Monday, December 7, 2015

Sunday Night LIVE! - Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez's visit to a church in Maine

Written by: Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

Sunday night’s service was incredible!
People gathered from three different churches – everyone arrived with great expectation and anticipation of what God was going to do!  The church was packed – almost standing room only!
The worship was dynamic; people were singing and praising God at the top of their lungs. You could feel faith in the atmosphere and the longing for God to do something in His house.
I shared mission reports about our recent trip to the Amazon and some good reports from Zambia – the people were just thrilled.
As I began to preach on the power of God's Word, the Spirit of the Lord swept across the church in a powerful way!  The wind of the Holy Ghost blew through the church and Sister Gilbert started talking in tongues and dancing in circles.  Then all of a sudden, Pastor Gilbert began running around the church talking in tongues and shouting! Then Pastor Jackson started walking the aisles with tears in his eyes glorifying God.  Then the place exploded – even Abby was shouting and dancing!  Joshua, who was sick, was absolutely fine dancing with the people of the church!  People were falling out everywhere talking in tongues, dancing, running, lying on the altar crying out to God.  Teenagers were getting filled with the Holy Ghost and talking in tongues.  Healings began to take place; people testified of stomachaches and headaches disappearing, backaches leaving, pains that people said they had for years, left them the minute the power of God began to flood the church!
Revival had broken out – people from one church were praying for people from the other churches.
God showed up and moved mightily by His spirit. Prophecies begin to come forth giving church leaders direction, confirming the calls of young people!  It was just amazing!
God said in His word, that in the last days I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh and my sons and daughters shall prophesy and old man shall dream dreams and young men shall see visions and up on my handmaids and upon my servants I poured out of those days of my spirit and God did just that!  You see, the last thing this world needs is another book on church growth and we don't need another CD on the seven steps of faith…all we need is an old fashion outpouring of the Holy Ghost!  We need the Spirit of God to saturate our churches and to empower the people of God!  This is the answer for our world and especially for our young people – they need the power of the Holy Ghost!
As church came to an end, we were picking people up from the altar and off of the floor. People were still praying for one another. I watched grandparents embracing their grand kids talking in tongues with tears pouring down their cheeks as the Spirit of the Lord moved on the next-generation.  It was a powerful meeting!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

God Still Speaks!

Reverend Aaron Tipton writes:

Hello family and friends!  My time here in Lima has been nothing short of amazing!  From the food all the way to the church services!  I appreciate Pastor Gustavo, Bro. Roger and their family here in Lima Peru for the hospitality!

It's amazing how much God can do in such a short amount of time!  It's been only three days here in Lima, Peru and God has restored, rejuvenated and empowered His people!  God not only touched the people but He also has done a major work in me that I feel is critical to my next step in Him!

The services have been absolutely amazing!  Rev. Sanchez was absolutely amazing and we all worked well as a team!  I preached Tuesday night on "God Still Speaks"!  I preached on how many times the devil attacks us through our thoughts and speaks defeat to us!  But Jesus came to silence every voice of the enemy!  He IS the dominant voice!  One word from God is more powerful than every demon in hell combined and there's nothing the devil can do to stop God's word or promise from getting to you!  God moved and touched the people in a mighty way in the altar service!  Chains were being broken, dead dreams were coming back to life, the enemies voice was being silenced and God was speaking life to dead situations!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support while here in Peru!  This trip has radically changed my life FOREVER!  I'm sad to leave because the people have grown so close to my heart that, to me, we have become family!  Please keep us in your prayers as our time comes to a close here in Peru!  Thank you for your support and thank you World-Wide Lighthouse Missions, Inc. and Rev. M.L. Sanchez for this amazing, life changing opportunity!  God bless!

Arise and Shine!

Reverend Jeremiah Collins writes:

God has moved so much I stand in amazement at all he has done these couple of weeks.  I just hate to see our trip come to an end, but I know what God did in the lives of these people will continue on.  I couldn't even begin to describe all the lives that have been touched and changed this week by the power of God, both young and old.  Every service we have been in since arriving in Lima has been powerful.  From the teachings of Reverend Sanchez, the sermons preached by myself and Reverend Aaron Tipton to the alter calls at the end of every service - all of it has been God ordained.  Only eternity will tell all that has happened this week in Lima.

God has continued to do a work in my own personal life while being here in Lima.  He has reminded me of who I am and my rightful authority in His kingdom.  I now possess a new found confidence and boldness that I didn't have prior to this trip, and already have begun to operate in it.  Thankful we serve such a personal God!

I had the opportunity to preach the last night of the conference here in Lima and the Lord moved mightily.  I preached from Isaiah 60:1, on "Arise and Shine."  I felt the Lord deal with me that there was going to be two types of people in the service that night; those who had fallen and those who the enemy has thrown down.  Both groups of people needed to hear that they had the power and authority to get up!  And that is exactly what they did.  I felt so much victory in the church.  Many people left delivered and encouraged to get up and fulfill their dreams and start the ministry God has called them into.  I feel the devil no longer has a foot hold on God's people.

Thankful for all that God did in all the services this week in Lima.  I know this is only the beginning of what God wants to do in Peru.  Thank you WWLM, Inc. and everyone for all the prayers and support.  Love you all and God bless!

What a Mightly God We Serve!

Reverend Melvin L. Sanchez writes:

The three day conference here has been amazing!  The level of faith and expectation was just incredible. During the worship, people were singing, shouting and dancing before the Lord. There was such a freedom and liberty in the atmosphere; it was beautiful.  Normally, it would take two or three days of meetings to get the people unified – not this time.  This time, it seems like every church and Pastor came into the meetings looking for God to do something in their lives. The church was so packed during the services that you could hardly find a seat. As people came into the church, they added additional seating.

I taught on the Last Day Outpouring of the Holy Ghost and the church’s responsibility to take this anointing out and do the impossible – all while establishing God’s kingdom and reaping the harvest of souls for Jesus Christ.  I cannot and I do not think I could ever be able to express the outpouring of the Holy Ghost that took place service after service.  The move of God was so rich and so powerful that at one point, it seemed like everything in the building shook.  God filled many believers with the Holy Ghost and fire! They spoke in tongues as the spirit gave them the utterance.  There was no struggle nor any resistance…the Spirit of the Lord just simply fell upon the believers.

As God moved, people were falling out everywhere – this was not a move of emotions, but a call of God.  It was an empowering of a people that God was getting ready to send forth into his vineyard.  The praise, the cry and the worship of God’s Peruvian children filled the air which drew more people into the church causing them to come down to the alter for prayer.

As the power of God continued to move, God was so gracious to allow me to operate in the gifts of the Spirit. Words of wisdom and the word knowledge flowed through me like water.  God revealed to me peoples plans, prayers, desires and dreams.  I was able to speak into peoples lives which brought great healings and confirmations.  It also brought forth mighty deliverances from hurts and pains of the past.  Our great Lord Jesus, (the balm of Gilead) did not just heal physical pain but he healed deep emotional pains that medicines would never be able to reach!  As the Spirit moved, people were healed of physical aliments, arm pain, leg pains, stomach and pack pains, headaches and many other sicknesses were healed instantly.  God was in the church and He was making His presence known!

It was so wonderful to see unbelievers coming to the altar for prayer. Not only did God save them, but He healed them and filled them with the Holy Ghost! Families were completely restored; they stood in circles crying and hugging one another!  Husbands and wives cried as they embraced their children!  The prodigal sons and daughters came home!  Halleluiah!

Altar calls seemed to last for hours but the only thing that mattered to us was that God had His way.  It was amazing to see how God walked through the church and transformed so many lives.  Even the children were empowered by the Holy Ghost!  They were falling out and talking in tongues…just like the adults!  God was not about to wait another 20 years to rise up the next generation…He was doing it right then and there.
God was calling Pastors, sunday school teachers, youth leaders, evangelist and missionaries; it was powerful. The spirit of the Lord just kept raining down and God started breaking chains of bondage off of people’s lives! The spirit of fear had to go! Depression and suicide left peoples lives as the light of Gods glorious love broke the dark shackles that bound people to a lie!

One lady said this dark demonic thing was in her life and was holding her prisoners with some kind of chain – it had bound her for years.  I laid my hands on that the lady and said, “In Jesus name, women thou art loosed!”  The minute I said those words, it was like a lightning bolt struck us booth and she was free!  She exclaimed, “The chains are gone, the dark demon is gone, the fear is gone, the pain is gone!  I am free!  I am free!  Freedom!  Freedom!”  Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!!  I’m sorry, I am Pentecostal…I just had to shout all over again!  She was free from sin, free from her past! Free from the tormenting demons that haunted her mind!  Tears filled my eyes and I cried as I watched God filled her with the Holy Ghost!  I said to myself, “Take that devil, you will never be able to torment her again because greater is He that is in her than he that is in the world!”  As God continued to move on her, my mind began to think of the song that says:

I’m free from the fears of tomorrow
I’m free from the guilt of the past
I’ve traded my shackles for a glorious crown
I’m free, praise the Lord free at last.

God just continued to amaze me…He touched my mouth and I was able to speak to the people better than I ever have.  Pastor Gustavo didn’t even have to follow me to translate on one particular night because somehow, and for a moment in time, God was helping me to speak and understand Spanish better than ever before.

I could go on and on but just know this…Pastors have been restored, empowered and encouraged.  There is such joy and expectation for the move of God in every church!  God moved on the people but He moved on us just as much!  There were times when the cloud of God’s presence just filled the church and nobody could minister we all just wept and cried.  We laid on the floor and around the altar as God dealt with our lives.  This was precious time with God!

It was hard to leave because everyone was hugging and praying for one another!  God just kept moving!  Surely the presence of the lord was in this place and I could feel His mighty power and grace.  This is truly one conference none of us will ever forget!  We give God all the glory, honor and praise for the marvelous work He has done!  What a mighty God we serve!

Thank you for all your prayers!

Monday, October 19, 2015

God has done a great work in Nauta Peru!

Reverend Melvin Sanchez writes:
It’s hard to believe our time in Nauta has come to an end.  We have seen God do great things in the lives of His precious people, here in the Amazon jungle.  We’ve had great time of fun with our old friends in addition to making many new friends.  We have laughed, cried, prayed and worshiped God together. We’ve been able to empower and encourage one another through the word of God.  It has truly been one of the best conferences I’ve been part of here in the Jungles.  I believe with all of my heart we lived the scripture of Psalms 133 where it says, “How good and excellent it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.”  It was that precious ointment that brought both healing and restoration to many lives.

On this trip, I was not an American and they were not Peruvians...instead, we were all sons and daughters of God Almighty.  We were boldly going before His throne, seeking His face and God was faithful to hear the cries of His people in both Spanish and English.  He answered us, He healed us, delivered, filled and renewed us!  He gave us power to fulfill His will and accomplish the call on each of our lives.

One of our last meetings was so powerful – it was as if God himself stood in the midst of the congregation, reached out and laid His hands upon His people. Hot tears flowed from my eyes as I watch God move.  Many people were filled with the Holy Ghost.  Young people were called into the ministry and accepted the call to Pastor, to be Youth Pastors, Missionaries and Sunday School teachers.  Pastors and Leaders that had given up were restored and empowered.  God has given them visions of schools and training centers. God was setting things up for the biggest revival these jungles have ever seen!  Nothing is going to stop these men and women of God!

We were all in tears as God moved on our lives!  Every team member, including Pastor Gustavo and myself, had been touched by the awesome hand of God. We all left filled up and on fire!  We have been in the presence of the Lord and greater things are going to take place in the jungles of Peru!