Monday, December 21, 2015

Zambia Church Construction - Victory Report

Due to lack of adequate funding to buy the proper materials for longer lasting structures, the Pastors and field workers in Zambia, Africa have struggled for years trying to build and rebuild their Church buildings.  Hearing of their plight, WWLM began to search for how to help them realize their dreams of permanent structures where they could come to worship God, a place where as Ministry Overseer, Bishop Misika says, "...where souls are saved and sealed for heaven!"

God answered our prayer, and WWLM was able to send enough funds to complete 4 churches in Zambia!  During the months from October to December 2015, they have worked diligently to see the completion of all 4 churches.  As we speak the Munenga and Linda Branch Churches are completed, and the Chamulimba and Airport Assembly Churches are expected to be completed by Christmas!!

We thank everyone who gave to help meet this need, and for the faithful prayers for all of the Field workers who have given their all - laboring for the Glory of God! 

Below are just a few pictures of these Church Construction projects:

Chamulimba Church

Airport Assembly Church

Linda Church

Munenga Church

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