Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pygmies in Lumbumbashi

This past September, Pastor Ngoy, our overseer for the ministry in the Democratic Republic of Congo, shared with us his vision to better the lives of the Pygmy people. Within his vision, he shared his desire to begin bringing small groups of Pygmies to the main church branch in Lubumbashi for training both naturally and spiritually. WWLM has partnered with his vision and made an investment of finances to help him bring the first group in.  How exciting to receive this wonderful report!  We just had to share it with you!

Pygmy brothers
Here (left) you see our beloved pygmies, very happy to be with us in Lubumbashi.

In the photo below, they drink Coca Cola for the first time.   

Drinking a Coke
After coming to Lubumbashi for the first month, things got hard for them as they faced the changes from living in the bush where they spent nights around the fire to being in Lubumbashi in another life style. They all got sick but God healed them all.  They did not want to eat the “Nshima” which is a meal prepared with maize flour because they preferred to eat “Cassava", which is a sour tasting flour. But thank God, today they are eating food without sorrow.

Studying in school
Two of our pygmy brothers have been admitted as regular pupils at the Friend of Knowledge school.
Organizing clothes

They are habituating to get bathed everyday, using body lotion and washing clothes etc. Here (right) you see a brother singing and praying when organizing Pygmy clothes.

 The photo on the left shows the small house that we are making wider for them.

And we will continue to train them to work the land without difficulty. Here (right) you will see them planting Maize and they are happy to do the work.

In church services our brothers are praying, singing and praising God! When they pray, they thank God for bringing them to Lubumbashi and changing their former lives, where they were considered by society to be like dogs, to becoming like every man, equal and created in the image of God. The stational pastor thanks God for giving them the opportunity to come. He says, “God your will has been accomplished, you have opened us the heavens, you have broken the chains that were limiting us to get contact to the world."

Once again, we thank you for every effort and sacrifice you made in giving financial assistance and prayers.  ~Pastor Ngoy

Friday, December 28, 2012

Successful Farming Project!

 Greetings Friends,

We want to share a report with you about the farming project in Lusaka, Zambia from the ministry overseer, Bishop Joy Misika.  We pray you will be blessed as you read his letter.

I am indeed grateful to God for making the farming project possible again this year. We have now come to an end of the farming work for the 2011/2012 season. We have collected all the produce and the harvesting is now done.
Collecting  Maize
Harvesting Maize

Despite facing some challenges we were able to get a relatively good harvest. We were able to produce 140 50-kg bags of maize grain. This project has made a great difference at our school, and at least for some time our children will have a sustained feeding program.
Bagging Maize
140 50-kg bags of Maize
Indeed we thank you and appreciate all the financial support given towards this project. Pray with us that God will bless us to own our own farming equipment in order to reduce unnecessary costs on plowing, as we have the desire to continue this project for the ministry. We thank God and thank most sincerely all the donors, our brothers and sister there.  ~Bishop Misika
Purchasing seeds for next year's crop
Seeds for planting next maize crop
Praise God!  How wonderful it is to know that many will be fed through the harvest that was reaped this year!  In the photos above, you can see our workers gathering seeds and getting ready to plant them for next years harvest. Your continued giving will help ensure a successful harvest for 2013. Thank you again and God bless you in your giving!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Love Can Build A Bridge

Church receiving bike
In this season of giving we would like to share with you what can happens when we share what we have to help someone else in need.  The Sunday School department of the Full Gospel Interdenominational Church in Manchester, CT has a vision to not only teach the young people about trusting and believing in God, but also to instill in them that they are never too young to make a difference in the lives of others around the world. Each class has a mission project in which the students raise money to either clothe the naked, feed the hungry or meet some need on the mission fields. Some of the classes raised money to purchase bicycles for workers in the DR Congo and Zambia. Below you will read how the pastors felt when they received those bikes. 
Thanking God for the gift

 "Greetings. We write to you today, thanking our beloved brothers and sisters from Sunday School for sending us the money to buy a bicycle for one of our pastors here in DR Congo.  We purchased the bike and brought it to the church. The entire Sunday School along with all our church members received the gift with great joy! Everyone began praying and thanking God for the young people that had a heart to give. May God bless you." ~Pastor Ngoy 

Bishop Misika
Giving bicycle to a Pastor
"Bishop Misika from Zambia welcomed the bicycle and put it to the test, pedaling it around the church before it would be taken to a pastor in Mumbwa. Pastor Chilfufya took the bicycle all the way to Mumbwa and gave it to the pastor. This pastor will be using the bike to cover over 9 miles to lead church services. God bless you and thank you for your giving." ~Bishop Misika

Love has truly built a bridge from the hands of the Sunday sShool children all the way to Africa; a highway of hope was created. Someone saw the need and gave to it.  Today it is a prayer answered!  We encouraged you, right now, to continue building bridges of hope through your giving. Your gift of love will be sent from your hands and travel the miles to make a difference in someone else's life today!

Friday, December 7, 2012

More good news from Zambia!

We'd like to share with you another wonderful report from Zambia, Africa.
Bishop Misika
I (Bishop Misika) would like to bring greetings to you, once more, from Lusaka Zambia. I thank God for the opportunity to share this report with you. We are indeed grateful for all the support you have given us to help with our August general conference. We had a very successful conference as the saints from all of our church branches came together to worship God.


Bishop Misika teaching

 I taught the church leaders and my subject was on loyalty and disloyalty. It was the first time they experienced such  teaching, and it really helped encourage them to stay faithful to God and their ministries as they returned to their various church branches.

Youth Pastor Nicholas

Our Executive Youth Pastor, Nicholas, also preached on prayer and faith! It was a marvelous and very powerful message that was delivered to the saints. Many souls were touched as they felt the power of God. 
Members at the Conference
Saturday afternoon we had a water baptism where 39 people were baptized! It was a glorious day for the newly born Christians. Sunday was the last day of the conference and I taught more on loyalty and disloyalty, with the help of the Holy Ghost.
After service, people of all age groups had a nice meal together. There was so much joy and unity. This conference really made a big difference in everyone’s lives.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Changing lives in Lusaka Zambia

Rev. Engman (left) with young man in Africa
Greetings Friends! Today we will be sharing with you some more good reports from the ministry in Zambia. We live in a time where there are so many people in need around our world. Storms and wars have devastated thousands of lives, yet in the midst of it all we can still make a difference. My prayer is that God will touch your heart, as you read this blog, and stir you to continue giving towards the work of the Lord.  May God richly bless you!   -Rev. Lynnette Engman
Woman's Seminar
Grace be unto to you in the wonderful name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  It is always a delight to share with you what God is doing here in Zambia, every month.  Our Main church in Misisi Compound is growing both spiritually and in number. One of our church branches, in Siavonga, organized a 3-day women's seminar and extended an invitation to all the ladies in the Lusaka region. During the seminar, the women enjoyed God’s word and presence as a great revival broke out!

Giving Hope

Giving Help

We are so grateful to God for making it possible again for us to do the feeding program in Siavonga. There are so many needs in this area. It is a blessing for us to have the food on hand to give to families in need. Here are just some of the elderly women who were really touched by God’s hand through our field workers. Our friends in Siavonga received help and thank God for every donor that is making a difference in their lives through giving. A great big thank you to all the donors who are sending their support because it is truly a big relief.

Giving Love
Giving Life
The wheelbarrow ministry continues to reach out to those in need, with the love of God. This lady in the picture, to your left, walks on crutches and the church women went to her home to bless her with a gift of love.  This was a great miracle for her because she could not imagine how God would send her food out of everyone in the entire community. Many people are blessed and, as young as some may appear, many of them keep orphaned children because life is so hard for them. That is why each time there is food at the church it is such a blessing for them.

Giving a chance
Giving a future
There are many orphaned children here in Misisi compound, but thank God today they are breadwinners.

What a great report!  Today, because you gave, many people will have something to eat. My friends, your giving reaches around the world.  It provides people with help and hope. It brings love and life. It also gives our brothers and sisters a chance for a brighter future. You gift of love stops the voices of despair and rings out a victorious cry of hope! The lives you see in these photos have been changed because somebody cared enough to give. And today, I want to encourage you to send a donation in to WWLM and help us continue to meet the needs of precious people around our world like these. God bless you!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Flood Ravages Two Villages

Recent heavy rains caused a lot of flooding in the Dominican Republic.  The Teachman’s share about 2 affected areas.

Flood Waters

The recent disastrous flood waters swept through the homes of almost all the members of 2 of Pastor Apolinaria’s churches in Montellanos and Imbert.  They have suffered tremendous loss. As the pastor of the Montellanos church brought us through the homes, each person told us the same story. On Friday evening the river rose from chest high in some of their houses to the top of the ceiling in others. 

A home hanging over
 the edge of a riverbank

All that is left in many homes are a muddy floor and four walls. They look like small abandoned buildings. In most houses, the beds, couches, clothes, and cooking utensils were either swept away or are not usable. In one of the worst areas affected by the flood, 9 homes are hanging over the edge of the river bank. A little help is coming in the form of used beds, but the local politicians go by a list of who to help. Most of the Christians are being skipped. The pastor has been working tirelessly to help the people.  All of the people left homeless in his congregation are sleeping in the church. 

Many people we talked to told us they know that God spared their lives and believe He can restore their belongings.

People's few belongings laying
in the street

The pastor of the Imbert church said that this stormed destroyed about 750 homes, 10 of which belonged to his church members. His house also flooded and, after getting his family to safety, he went from house to house helping to rescue other families.  Sunday’s church service was cut short as there were still a lot of families stuck inside of their homes.  The pastor went out with a couple of men to bring everybody to safety.

The pastor said he saw a lot of homes being taken by the river and that he had never seen anything like this before.

Please keep in prayer those affected by the flooding, that God would send the desperately needed help to restore these small homes and all the belongings that the flood waters either swept away or ruined.

God bless you,
Rev. George & Sister Candy Teachman

Highlights from the Dominican Republic

Rev. George & Sis. Candice Teachman shared these wonderful reports from their trip to the Dominican Republic.  These are just highlights of some of the things that God did!

They were invited to speak on a Christian Radio Station…
On the radio, the Spirit of God filled the room. So many people started calling in that all four phones were ringing. People with us started answering the phones. Even though people are in desperate need, they mostly want prayer for strength, more of God in their lives or salvation for unsaved loved ones.

We were asked to minister at a school in Santiago…
The principal brought about 300 7th, 8th and 9th graders out into a small courtyard to hear the word of God. Both the students and teachers got involved in this meeting. We talked to them about some of their Dominican heroes, such as the current major league baseball stars. We then ministered to them about our hero, Jesus Christ.

When we asked if anyone would like personal prayer, the first one to step forward was the principal. Then one of the teachers stepped forward. Both asked for prayer for healing of back pain.  After prayer, they were feeling better. They brought one young boy forward who had trouble walking without the use of a machine. As we prayed for him, the presence of God touched him so strongly.  He told us that he felt a burning inside of his afflicted leg that he never felt before. We told him that the healing power of God had begun to do a work in him.

As we left, the principal asked us to come back every time we come to her city. She said that they’ll get a larger place so all 500 students can hear the Gospel at once.

Home Visits…
Pastor Apolinaria took us to several homes to pray for the people.  The Lord moved in a powerful way.  Many people were set free by the power of God in several different homes. Glory to God for his great compassion upon the people. One woman, who was not a Christian, received prayer and was amazed as the lord immediately healed her. She was swollen and in pain and the swelling and pain left.

A paralyzed man, healed during a church service…
When the altar call was given, a man came for prayer who had been in a services accident. He was in a wheelchair, paralyzed, as the nerves had been severed from this accident. The presence of the Lord touched this man mightily. As all three of us, Candy, Rafael the interpreter and I were praying for him, we felt that the Lord was repairing the nerve damage and healing his legs, in which prior to prayer he had absolutely no feeling. After prayer we asked how he felt and he told us that he felt that the Lord completely healed him.  He said that he felt a fire burning in each of his legs and the only reason he didn’t get up and walk was that he felt the muscles were very weak from lack of use. We told him that shortly he will be walking, glorifying God and giving a testimony of His power.

Church Service in the Park…
For several years now God has been working through a man named Pastor Tomas. Every Friday, rain or shine, he has meetings in an urban park here in Santiago. The city government has tried to remove him from this park. The police have threatened him, but he has remained faithful to preach Gods word. People travel from other cities to attend these meetings, and others walk long distance to be there.

After I ministered the Gospel about salvation, a large group of people came forward for prayer. At least 15 people gave their life to Christ

God bless you and thank you for all of your prayers.
Rev. George & Candy Teachman

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2nd Report from the Dominican Republic

Reaping the harvest!

We went to the children’s hospital in Santiago to pray with the sick children here. We ministered God’s word in each and every room. There are 8 beds to a room and there are between 4 and 10 family members per room. Most of the people wanted prayer for salvation. Mothers and fathers, together, were asking Jesus to become their Savior. Ladies were crying as Jesus forgave their sins. People who barely spoke English or Spanish were getting saved. We ministered in the waiting room, where about 15 people received Jesus.  So many people were asking for prayer that we had to break-up into 4 groups to pray for everyone.  God did a wonderful, powerful, supernatural work in the hospital today.

We were invited to speak in a mountainous area, in the center of a small town that I had never been to before. As we came into town, there were a few people dancing on the street to the worldly music that was blaring loudly. The presence of God came powerfully upon this meeting. It started raining heavily, but we were under cover in this outdoor meeting. In 2 other meetings, when it rained, we prayed and the rain stopped. This time the rain increased, causing all the people to find cover under the area where we were ministering or across the street with the other music. Most of the people chose to crowd into our meeting. After we ministered the Gospel, the people flooded the altar call. We prayed for a large number of people, from the young to the old, seeking God for salvation and healing. The anointing came upon me very strong as we continued to pray for person after person. The Lord started doing physical miracles for the people.

Rev. George & Sis. Candice Teachman

Saturday, November 10, 2012

God is moving in the Dominican Republic!

Rev. George & Sis. Candice Teachman are currently in the Dominican Republic doing minsitry work.  They sent this wonderful report that we just had to share with you!  We know you'll enjoy it!

Pastor Apolinaria told me she has just opened another church in a village outside of the town of Imbert. Her current church in Imbert, of which the members are all Haitians, is full.  The people crowd into the small packed church to sing praises to God in Creole, their native Haitian language. This new daughter church, which is only a few months old, has 7 members coming faithfully to all the meetings. Pastor Apolinaria has two sisters helping her with these meetings and ministering to the new converts when she is not able to make it. When we arrived, the pastor had a wonderful meal waiting for us which would be the Dominican equivalent of an American Thanksgiving. She told me that she took up a special offering in her church and that all her members gladly gave to provide this wonderful meal.

About 1 month ago, I was driving into Hartford on a Friday night when a tractor trailer immediately came into my lane, coming within about 1 foot of crushing me. God miraculously delivered me. When I told this to my interpreter, Rafael, the Holy Spirit came upon him powerfully. He said that just before that date, his pastor and whole congregation were in a 4-hour prayer meeting when God gave a vision to his pastor, Jimmy.  It was a vision of a large truck hitting my truck and crushing me on the highway. He had the whole church pray for me for a long time until the Lord gave him another vision of me being spared. Right after I narrowly escaped that accident, the Holy Spirit spoke to me that I was spared because He had someone praying for me. I didn't realize he had a whole church praying for me about that exact situation. Praise the Lord for His mercy.

Rafael’s pastor, Jimmy Rodriguez, gets up daily at 3:00AM to have prayer meetings in his church. Between 3 and 10 people attend these meetings.  Because of the volume of prayer in his church, in many of his meetings the Holy Spirit takes over with people trembling under the power of God and dancing in the Holy Ghost all over his church. God also had called him to start a new church. He told me that recently he had his first meeting and 18 souls came to Christ. God is moving in powerful way through these dedicated servants in Dominican Republic.

In our Sunday night service the Lord set me on fire. The interpreter could barely continue to translate at one point. He said he felt the fire of God burning inside of him and the presence of God kept overtaking him. God had me warn the people, in the Holy Spirit, to stay in prayer and watch their children closely; that violent acts would he happening in their village shortly. Less than 1 hour after this meeting the police were called and lights were flashing outside of the pastor's house as one of her neighbors attempted to stab his wife to death. If we stay in prayer, the Holy Spirit will continue to warn and protect us. In this meeting, the Holy Spirit was falling upon the people powerfully. Children fell-out under the presence of God at the altar. Several young people, who were backslid when I was there in March, were back in church, established and working for God.

We are all full of joy here tonight. God bless you from the Dominican Republic.
Rev. George Teachman

Friday, October 19, 2012

We are able to go up and take the country! - Loreto Conference

What a powerful day in the book of Acts it was!  We can’t even begin to explain the mighty power of the Holy Ghost that moved in this church, as there are no words adequate to express what God did.  First, we do have to say that the progression of the ministers from when they first came to the meetings was phenomenal:  Many came burdened, troubled and just weighed down with the struggles of the ministry, but through the meetings and the questions and answers sessions, joy, freedom, strength and power are being restored to these precious ministers of the gospel!  Rev. Sanchez preached a mighty message and the Spirit of God moved throughout.  He focused on not letting go of the vision, never giving it up and taking the message from the King that has been given to them.  Rev. Sanchez went on to say that God had ordained this meeting to crown those pastors with Kingdom power and a greater anointing, in these last days, to accomplish the purpose of God in their communities. 

At the end of the message, everyone came to that altar praising God, with open hearts in total surrender and letting the power of God have his way.  As Rev. Sanchez moved in the gifts of the Spirit, God gave him words for many Pastors, ministers, their wives and children. As the power of God moved, people were everywhere weeping, speaking in tongues and just overwhelmed by the power of God!  God filled some ministers with the Holy Ghost for the first time and manifested His Spirit in their lives.  A young man came that was 16 years old, who had backslid and was troubled about his future.  He kind of kept to himself and we all befriended him and involved him every chance we had.  Each day, you could see God begin to work in his life and speak to his heart.  Well on the last day, he came to the altar and as the power of God hit him, he just broke and fell down under the presence of God!  He was there for a long time and when the altar call was over, he just went to a corner, smiling, weeping, laughing as the power of God still continued to move on him.  This young man was a changed man!  He could not stop smiling; he was so free and totally transformed! Now that he is filled with power, he has accepted God’s call for his life and is ready to do the work of the ministry!

The fellowship was wonderful and there was so much joy as everyone ate, talked and laughed together.  The questions and answers sessions were powerful as the ministers had very excellent questions.  One young couple, that just started a church in Iquitos, had questions about the Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues and if it is necessary because they had heard so many things.  Rev. Sanchez took time to really break it down and this couple was so thankful for the answers and excited.  The minister testified that he was so grateful that God led him to the conference as he is going back to his church in the power of the Holy Ghost!

The night meeting was awesome!  Brother Ken felt the fire in him to preach but he just had no idea what part to end with, and nothing in particular was coming to him, but he knew God was going to do something great.  So we had the pastors testify first.  As they began to share how the meetings have helped them and they proclaimed what they are expecting God to do in their churches and communities, a revival broke out!  The pastors jumped, shouted and danced as they encouraged one another!  They were fired up and some started walking back and forth, preaching and proclaiming God’s promises.  Bro. Ken preached in between all the testimonies and the ministers jumped up and shouted as the Word of God went forth.  There was so much joy and freedom as the pastors saw that they too had the power to lift each other up!  After this, we ended the meeting with rejoicing and singing.  The whole church roared with music, praise and worship as they sang and sang in joy and victory for much of the night! 

It is just amazing to see that the power of God will certainly move anywhere we let him.  Most of the time in the conference it was unbearably hot; the air was thick and humid; we were sweaty, covered with bug spray, getting bit by mosquito’s, watching out for snakes, surviving the thunder storms and lightning, but in the midst of the inconvenience of the flesh, God had is way and moved just as he did on the day of Pentecost!  These pastors have a message from the King and have His authority, and they are going back to their churches equipped with the whole armor of God, ready to turn their villages upside down!  Hallelujah! 

God bless you,
Rev. Sanchez & Bro. Kenneth Erha

Report #3 - Loreto Conference

Morning Meetings!
The morning meetings have been excellent!  The Pastors have been coming to church with their notebooks and Bibles, ready to get into God’s word.  Rev. Sanchez has been preaching for the last two days on “A Kingdom Mentality” (the mind of the Spirit) and it has challenged and blessed the pastors.  Everyday so far, we have had a mighty visitation from the Lord and throughout the teaching pastors have been just crying out to God! He has ministered and answered prayers through His word while the pastors were still in their chairs.  At times we just had to stop and glorify God because His presence was so strong that nobody could contain it.  What a blessing it is to watch the Holy Spirit minster to so many different pastors through out the church. 

When the altar call was given, the presence of God was so strong that, even before they could get to the altar, pastors fell to the floor, shouting and crying out to God!  Rev. Sanchez saw hands raised up to Heaven and tears flowing from many eyes as the Lord continued to move on his people.  There was a pastor who had pain in his stomach for months.  No matter what he did, the pain did not get better.  He went to the doctor and got medicine, but the pain just got worse and he could hardly rest or eat.  But thank God, this morning, while the power of God flowed around the altar, he felt something move in his stomach and then all at once his pain was gone!  There was another sister who had serious back pain for years.  It has hindered her from doing many things for God and this bothered her because she is a pastor’s wife, but while she was praying around the altar for somebody else she realized that for the first time in years she had no pain!  She even moved around looking for the pain but could not find it!  Her back pain was completely gone!  There was also a young man who recently got saved and he came to the conference looking for a touch from God.  While Rev. Sanchez was preaching, and the people were shouting, this young man felt like shouting too, but when he opened up his mouth to shout something else happened!  He felt a fire drop down all over his body and he started talking in tongues!  God filled him with the Holy Ghost!  Today was truly a day of breakthrough!

God has done so many things during these services, we can’t help but to shout and praise His name!  There was also a pastor praising God at the altar and the Lord showed Rev. Sanchez that he was worried about his child that had left the church.  Rev. Sanchez went over to him and told him not to fear because God was going to bring his prodigal child home.  This pastor started jumping and shouting because he was just praying about his daughter and only God could have known that!  After lunch, the pastor told Rev. Sanchez that he got a call from his daughter, whom he has not heard from in almost a year, and she is coming back home!  Glory to God!  So far, we all agree that this has been the most powerful conference we have ever been in and we are looking for God to do more!

This year more than ever, the pastors are making friends!  It is such a blessing to hear that they are visiting each other and helping one another.  This conference has truly broken down many walls that have kept these them separated.  People are in groups, laughing and singing.  Others are playing the guitar, while some are going over their notes from the meetings with new friends.  It is the most beautiful thing to see the young and old fellowshipping together.  Many of the younger pastors and leaders played soccer during the breaks, when it wasn’t raining!  People are just being blessed and having fun!  The food is awesome and the best words we can give you to sum up our time together is Abundant Joy!

Evening Services!
The night services have been filled with great singing and worship.  Bro. Ken Erha has been teaching on the Armor of God!  He has used props and examples to demonstrate the tactics of the enemy and how the armor of God is used to defeat him.  We just had a great time in God’s word.  Bro. Ken used the pastors here to help with examples, which caused great laughter at times and shouting!  The pastors and leaders really received the Word with applause and praise!  They always came to the altar looking for God to meet their needs and to add to their lives.  Bro. Ken said he is humbled to be in the presence of such great men of God!

God bless & thank you for praying!
Rev. Sanchez & Bro. Kenneth Erha

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Report #2 - Loreto Conference

Praise the Lord!  It is exciting be writing to you from deep in the jungles of Peru!  We had a wonderful opportunity to travel down the Ucayali river (a tributary of the Amazon) on a speed boat to a village called “Flor de Castana”.  The boat was fast, cutting 8 hours of time, yet took about 2 hours to get to this remote village.  We then headed up a steep ravine followed by a 20 minute walk on a muddy trail through the jungle.  The heat was intense and the humidity was very thick.  The 20 minutes took much longer because of all the water and mud on the trail due to the torrential rains the night before.  This is a very small, remote community, filled with banana leaf-roofed huts, no running water and the people have to take baths and wash their clothes in the river.  There are no fans and the electricity only runs 4 hours at night off of a big generator; and the church stands right in the middle of this community.  As we entered, the people of the village embraced us all with great joy and welcomed us and the expectation for God to move was unbelievable! 

The service was powerful!  The people were so open and in such a place of surrender and faith that the Holy Ghost took little time to start moving.  As Rev. Sanchez was preaching, the power of God started moving everywhere in that church!  During the message, Pastor Grandes, who pastors the church, leapt up jumping up and down, speaking in tongues across the whole front of the church.  People began to get up and shout and Rev. Sanchez moved in the Spirit, speaking to individuals throughout the church as God led him. 

EVERY ONE had a mighty breakthrough!  Glory to God!  Pentecost was in this church as teenagers, the middle aged and even the older fell underneath the awesome power of God.  Children that were only 5 years old came to the altar weeping, wanting the Spirit of God to move on them and they too were touched by the power of God!    There were people everywhere, basking in the presence of God; some on their knees, some sitting on the floor in tears as the Spirit of God overwhelmed them.  From the front of the church to the back, the power of God moved mightily.  This created a stir in the entire community and people began to come in from off the streets surrounding the church as God moved!  I have been to many nations and have seen many things, and I always stand in awe of how the Holy Ghost is the same Holy Ghost in the city, as it is on the mountaintop, as it is in the jungle!  If you could simply just take a hold of it and take God at His word; what He has done for others, He will do for you! 

The fellowship after was wonderful.  As we ate together, so many people greeted and talked with us.  There was just so much joy and excitement, from the youngest to the oldest.  And it was wonderful to see some of the young men and pastors work their way down the same muddy path to get on a boat heading to the convention, as we followed just behind!  Well, tomorrow begins the convention and we cannot wait to see the great things that God will do these next few days!  God bless you!

Br. Kenneth Erha

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Zambia Ministry Travels to Chongwe!

Walking to Village
Greetings Friends! We have another wonderful report to share with you from the Zambia ministry. God has been moving tremendously and we just have to share this great report with you. So sit back and relax and get ready to be blessed as you read this report.  

"Greetings in the name of Jesus. We have been privileged to travel to Chongwe, east of Lusaka, using public transport. After getting off the bus we waited for the next one, but it never arrived so as the sun was setting we decided to walk and we reached the village late in the evening.


 Here is the view of the church. When we arrived there was nobody there to greet us but in a short time the saints starting coming out to welcome us. Since it was cold, we built a very big fire to warm ourselves and some of the church members joined us.

Water Baptism
On Saturday morning we had some group sessions. After the altar call, all those that accepted the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior were baptized. We baptized 20 people!  The Lord indeed was in our midst as many people were set free from the oppression of the devil. Demons were manifesting right in the water and we prayed and cast them out!
Altar Call

Sunday Morning, a powerful message Was preached on salvation. At the altar call demons were defeated as many came to the altar crying tears of repentance. Glory be to God. Once again we thank you so much for all you are doing to help this ministry. May God richly bless you. Bishop Joy Misika"

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

God Continues to Move in Missouri!

Pastor Bert and Sister Anita Travis from the Fairview Community Full Gospel Church in Missouri are so excited because the Lord has answered so many of their prayers for their church and community this week. The revival has been absolutely wonderful!  God moved every night in a mighty way...  Here are just a few more testimonies of God's greatness:

A group of four young men attended the revival services.  They shared with us about many of the struggles they have faced in their young lives:  leaving home at young ages, deaths in the family, and so many things, time wouldn't allow us to tell it all.  One of them was in a car accident and died twice in the emergency room; but, God, in his mercy, let him live.  Well, one night, while we were all at the altar, we began to share with these four young men what it really means to have Jesus in their hearts.  When given the invitation to ask Christ into their hearts, they all agreed!  We all held hands and Rev. Mancini led them in the simplest, but most powerful prayer.  Glory to God, He started a wonderful work in the hearts of these young men, and we know they will grow to do great things for God!

One woman came to the service so bound and burdened down by the darkness of sin, but, when she came to the altar and cried out to God, He heard her cry and lifted her heavy burdens.  She shared with us that while she was at the altar the Lord delivered her from cigarettes!  To God be the Glory!!  She got so on fire she began to bring her husband out to the revival meetings and he always found a place at the altars seeking God along with her! 

Another brother shared that he has had a problem with anger and while he was at the altar somebody came up behind him and laid hands on his back and when they did he said that something went right through him and the anger left his life!  He is free from that tormenting anger!  Now he is happy and full of joy and he gives all thanks to God!

The last night of the tent revival was exciting!  People came into the tent with great expectation for the move of God!  Rev. Sanchez preached on "The Altar of God", and when it was time for the altar call the people came with great faith looking for a touch from God!

How wonderful to see faith arise as many reached out to pray for one another.  Sister Anita really ministered to a woman who came to the altar with the 'world on her shoulders', but after prayer she looked like a brand new lady!  Pastor Travis was all over the place, crying and praying for his people!  The presence of the Lord was so strong we were all drawn to the altar, and time was not a concern, as we all were letting God have His way.  Truly, seeking God was as easy as breathing because He was in our midst moving, touching and changing lives! 

We can’t help but praise the Lord for the mighty week we had in His presence.  We have seen such a great change in this church this week and we know that they are going forward with God!

God bless you & thank you for praying
Rev. Sanchez & Rev. Mancini

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Missouri Revival Meetings #2

Tonight was another great night under the gospel tent!  All throughout the service, people were ready to praise - lifting their hands, shouting, and crying out to God!  And the Lord answered by sending His power to that tent! 

One amazing thing happened:  A sister in the church that lives over a mile away from the church, attended the service, but her children were unable to come due to school sports activities.  Well, they told her that when they got home, the church service was still going, and they could hear me as I was preaching clearly on the Love of God!!!  They were so excited, they said to each other, “Lets go now to the tent meeting and get what God has for us!” They came into the service and the entire family went down to the altar and God truly met them there!  We also heard reports of others that heard the service while in their homes.  Who knows what God will do next!

At the altar call the Holy Ghost, once again, made himself known!  One man who was there for the first time, came to me with tears in his eyes sharing that he has been addicted to pornography and has had a lust spirit almost his entire life.  He said, "I don’t want this lust in my life anymore I want Jesus!"  When he lifted his hands & we began to pray in the powerful name of Jesus, the Holy Ghost came down with the anointing that breaks every yoke!  This man cried out and that spirit left his life!

Another man came to the altar looking to be set free from drinking.  Alcohol had consumed his life and caused him to lose out with jobs, family and friends.  He was tired of living a lie.  He was tired of the habit that controlled him.  While we prayed, Rev. Mancini began to cry out to God to take the taste of alcohol from his lips ~ and God not only delivered this man, but He also touched his roommate who brought him!

What a beautiful sight to see people surrender to the Hand of God.  No matter where you looked, God was moving.  People were getting prayer over bales of hay; others were in the aisles shouting and speaking that heavenly language; children were on their knees with the hands raised glorifying God!  Praise the Lord!  God is in our midst ~ so we can’t help but to praise Him for all He has done and for what He going to continue to do!

God bless you
Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

Monday, September 17, 2012

Missouri Revival Meetings

Rev. Mancini and Rev. Sanchez are preaching and sharing mission reports at Fairview Full Gospel Community Church's Annual Tent Revival in Missouri.  Their first report they share:

From the moment we walked in the door we knew it was going to be a powerful week!  The service had not even officially started, but the people were already praising God; walking the altar in full worship.  God was ready to move on their faith.  Right during the song service a sister of the church got really sick.  We were not sure if she was going to have to be taken to the hospital.  Her color faded and she was having trouble breathing and focusing.  Well, we knew we were in the right place & we began to pray with her and the power of God filled the church.  Her color came back and her breathing was restored!  The healer was in the house!  Jesus touched her and made her whole!

It was a blessing to share some reports of the good things God is doing on the fields, and we took the opportunity to share a video presentation from a recent Mission Trip that Pastor Kalinsky and some others took to Haiti.  These reports brought rejoicing and joy to everyone of God moving in this day. 

The night service was under the big tent!  The crowd was wonderful!  Church members invited family and friends.  Their was a singing group called "Daughters of God" whose song truly blessed everyone.  Rev. Mancini preached on "Drinking the Living Waters".  The Word was powerful, and many souls filled the altar.  People got saved, others made a determination to serve God even greater.  What a beautiful sight to see entire families praying together around the altar. 

This church here in Missouri is on fire!  They have grown and they are trusting and believing God for the miraculous to take place this week and it has already begun!

Please continue to pray that God will continue to move.

-God Bless,
Rev. Sanchez & Rev. Mancini

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

This truly is a “Year of Jubilee”

WWLM's Ministry Friend, Rev. Salvatore Mancini (also, Associate Pastor of our affiliate Church, the Full Gospel Interdenominational Church), is up in Canada bringing some spiritual encouragement through God's Word ~ God is moving & we just wanted to share this great report with you:

Hello all the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia, in Canada!!!  A good friend, Rev. Allan Emery who has come to our annual Minister's conference for years asked if I would come and minister to a rural country church in Newburne, Nova Scotia.  He said they really needed encouragement in the Lord.

The Pentecostal Church in the Pines was founded in 1932 and became a thriving Holy-Ghost-filled church until about 1985, when the church had dwindled down to only a few.  There was no Pastor that would take it on.  But God had other plans !!  A little 75-year old lady who was a faithful member of the church had a great burden, and kept the lights and the heat on for the next 12 years praying that God would send a Pastor to re-open the church.  In this time, she shared her burden with her nephew who was a successful businessman that had just given his life to the Lord.  Time went by and while here nephew was vacationing in Florida he found out that he a had brain tumor and needed an operation immediately.  It was life-threatening.  He came back to Canada to get a second opinion and the prognosis was the same.  They could not operate in Canada for months so he returned to Florida  to have the operation.  Before he went in for surgery he heard about a meeting a local preacher was having in St Petersburg.  So he attended that meeting and answered the altar call and he said to God, “Ill make a deal with you God... if you will heal this tumor I will open that church in Newburne and will start a ministry there."

The very next day he went to the doctor and asked for one more cat scan before the operation and, glory be to God, the results came back that the tumor was gone!!!  He flew back to Canada and went to see his Aunt and told her God has supplied a man to open the church AND that man is me!!  Needless to say she was overjoyed and happily turned the keys over to him. He and his wife fixed up the church, put in a new furnace and remodeled it with their own finances, and have now been pastoring there for the past eleven years.  Pastor Dunham and his wife Carolyn have such a heart for the people, and have built up the church to about 45 in attendance.

This past Sunday morning, I was received very warmly and with much excitement, they were hungry for God’s Word.  After a beautiful song service, I ministered on the “Year of Jubilee", sharing how God set the bondman free from their debts and their past and would restore their inheritance.  I brought this into what Jesus Christ is doing today and they just ate it up.  At the altar call almost everyone came forward to claim the promises that God has in this jubilee.  Even the Pastor Dunham and his wife came, hands clasped together, believing God for the promises.  People were seeking God with all their hearts, some with tears, some being overtaken by the Holy Ghost.  I sat on the altar while God was moving and one lady, filled with faith, came and took my hands and said, "God spoke to me through your message that I am worthy to receive his blessings in my life!"  While she was speaking she got taken away in the Holy Spirit!  Thank God someone was there to catch her.  :)

An elderly man came and said that all his life he thought he was not worthy of God's best, but this morning he knew he was and he went off speaking in tongues and praising God!.  Another middle-aged man came and said that something in his past had hindered him and stopped his ministry.  He didn’t think he could be forgiven enough to get back to the ministry he once had, but after the message he feels its time to return!!! 

All of these happenings, make me think of the words the songwriter said,  "Behold he comes Riding on a cloud, Shining like the sun, At the trumpet's call, Lift your voice, It's the year of jubilee, out of Zion's hill salvation comes!"

God did many wonderful things among these fine people.  This pastor and his wife were so happy and said to me that this is what they have been praying about.  They want to do more for God's kingdom and they know that this little church in the country is destined for greater outreach.  What a blessing to be able to meeting with the Dunhams to fellowship and talk about the things of God.

Pastor Emery and his wife Joan have been so kind to me to let me stay in their beautiful home during this trip.  We have had a wonderful time of fellowship and just encouraging one another in the Word of the Lord and others with needs who have come by to visit.  God is moving here in Nova Scotia!!  Thank you all so much for praying!!

Respectively yours, Rev. Sal Mancini

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Peanut Butter Collection

A Peanut Butter Plea!

 While the Edmé family from Mission of Hope International (Haiti) is visiting the U.S., they will be collecting jars of peanut butter to ship back to Haiti.  As our most recent mission team experienced first-hand while in Haiti, this is a very valuable 'resource'

From now until Sunday, Oct. 7th, WWLM will be collecting all types of peanut butters and nut spreads. Donations can be delivered to WWLM's Donation Facility located at 723 Main Street, Manchester, CT during donation hours of Mon - Thurs, 9am-4pm (closed 12-1pm).
Let's get NUTTY and
SPREAD the word!

Learn more about 
Mission of Hope International 


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Harvest Time Choir's Church Mission Trip

Greetings Friends,

We would like to share a mission trip report with you from Harvest Time Choir, of Full Gospel Interdenominational Church. They recently went to visit and do ministry with Pastor Jacobs of Faith Tabernacle Community Holiness Church in Chester, PA. We know this report is going to bless you life as you read how God is moving here at home in the great U.S.A
Friday August 17th 2012 

Crissaundra Mack
Hello everyone this is Crissaundra Mack the leader of Harvest Time Choir. Our Trip started off early Friday morning with 4 vans and 1 car, 46 people in all for Chester, PA.  We had a beautiful morning for traveling and everyone was so excited as Pastor prayed and sent us on our way. We arrived at the hotel at about 1:00 pm and we had lunch with Pastor Jacobs and her daughter and another lady from the church.  It was a great time of fellowship and Pastor Jacobs was so excited that we had come. We checked in to our hotel at 3pm.

Friday night – Church service

Harvest Time Choir
We arrived at the church at 6pm to set up the instruments and have practice.  When the people started arriving we were at the altar praying. Rev. Erha led song service. As we were singing the presence of God filled the church more and more.  After singing “You are Alpha and Omega, You are worthy to be praised”, Pastor Jacobs had us to sing it over and over and I thought that would be the end of the service. The choir did a great job singing. Our first song was “Sing Praises to the King”.  The church loved it.  We ended with “Spirit Fall Down”.  It was a night for plowing and the choir plowed through, until everyone was on their feet praising God.  Brother Marco Mancini ministered a simple but great message about being anchored to the Rock Christ Jesus. Souls flooded the altar to make sure they were grounded in Christ.  One woman drove five hours to be in the meeting and God was faithful to meet her need at the altar. One man came in off the streets.  He had been drinking, but the choir members began to minister to him and God graciously saved him.  All the while we were there he was there helping Pastor Jacobs and the church in any way that he could.
Saturday August 18th 2012

Youth Meeting
Saturday was a full day of activity.  We met at the church at 10am.  The church members were already at work putting up staging, cooking, and getting ready for everything that was to happen today. We set up teams for witnessing & evangelizing --  4 teams went out from the church. 2 teams went to the downtown area and 2 teams went into the project area. 1 other team stayed back to help with setting things up at the church. Still another team was busy putting up a 10ft Goliath for the Youth activity to be held while the others were out tracting.   Those of us who stayed back to help were peeling apples and oranges in the kitchen, and setting up and cleaning tables and chairs outside.  It was a busy time for all. The youth had a wonderful time.  You could hear them singing and praising God.  Then they did the Bible study. “Courage” was the subject and they did a skit “David and Goliath”.  They had a lion and a bear and David was able to slay them and went on the slay Goliath.  I heard that she (Elena) missed Goliath the first time but by the end victory was obtained.  A fourteen year old girl gave her heart to the Lord.  She told Rev. Hamlin that this was only her second time coming to the church.

Good Reports! 

Soon the teams returned.  They came with many victory reports from each area that they went to. One report was that they met a family that was sitting on the porch.  The family was surrounded by heaviness from the cares of this world.  But as the Christians begin to share the blessed hope that is found in Christ Jesus, this family was encouraged and as they were prayed for the expressions on their faces turned from sorrow to joy. 

Another report – As we traveled down the streets we talked with a group of  young men and the group was moved  by God’s presence as we spoke to them with compassion and ministered to them without reservation. 

There was also a young lady who stated that she had asked Christ into her life but she did not have a home church.  As we prayed with her God’s presence surrounded her.  We saw her again later on the porch with her family.  She called us to come and talk with her family. God has promised to save our whole house!  It was the same family we had prayed with earlier.

Then there was a man walking his dog.  To look at him on the outside it seemed that he was a very rough man.  However as they begin to minister to him he begin to sob and great tears rolled down his cheeks and God talked to his heart. After sharing, they prayed with him and he accepted Christ into his heart.

There was also a lady one of the groups stopped to talk to.  She said that this was her day off and that she was very busy and did not have time to talk.  One of the choir members asked her what did she do for a living and she said that she worked in a convalescent home.  He began to thank her for all her hours of labor of caring for the elderly and she was uplifted.  Then they were able to share Christ with her and she said that she was so happy to have talked with them. 

Lunch Time!
After a short choir practice the choir was free to eat and fellowship with all those that were in the churchyard.  It was a beautiful sight!  Children were running to and fro, and my grandchildren Melvin Jr and Isaiah right in the midst with them. The food was delicious! Fried fish, baked chicken, oh my it was a feast for Kings (kids)!

 Many people came with needs to the church on Saturday.  Some choir members prayed with a lady who just found out that her nine-year-old grandson tried to commit suicide.  She came to the church believing that God will make a way for her grandson. While some of the choir was resting in the church they brought in the lady who had driven 5 hours to get to the meetings.  She had a seizure and had collapsed in the yard.  They could not seem to get her conscious. Her father was holding her while others were praying without ceasing for her.  After about 20 min. the Ambulance came.  The CMT could not bring her to and one of the minister’s told the choir to start singing a song about the blood of Jesus.  We started singing “The Blood will never lose its Power” very softly.  Within a few min. after that she came to.  The CMT said that is was the power of prayer that made the difference.  She was then taken to the hospital where we heard that she was recovering.

Outside Service! 
Singing outside
It was time for the choir to sing:  We sang several songs and then Rev. Erha brought the Word of God.  There was stillness in the air as she began to speak.  Sitting there listening I could sense her voice being carried into every doorway, every window, to the discouraged and those needing to hear that God wants to give them a new name. God wants to give everyone a life worth living.  Cars that were passing by stopped to listen as the Lord used Rev. Erha to bring hope to the people of Chester PA.

Rev. Melissa Erha
As the altar call was given the choir gathered and began to sing "I’m trading my sorrows".  Everyone said the same thing when it was over.  God’s Word will not return void and it will accomplish wherever it was sent! The choir left at about 6pm to eat and then back to the hotel for a much-needed rest.

Sunday Morning!

Saints in Praise!
Just when you think what more can God do?  God shows up and shows us that He always has more for us. Song service was just the beginning of the joy that began to fill the church. The choir sang one song that I thought would end the service but God had more and it continued to build even through the offering. Then the choir began to sing again.  “Lord You're Holy”…the rafters began to shake…then we sang “Days of Elijah” (requested by Pastor Jacobs before we even arrived in Chester) and spiritually the house was set on fire. People were shouting all over the place! 

Rev. Lautenbach & Cris Mack praying
But I was praying Lord let the Word come forth.  It took about 30 minutes before Rev. Lautenbach could start preaching.  And preach he did.  Are you willing to go boldly where no man has gone before?...Are you willing to be a “trail blazer” for God? God has great things for a life that is dedicated to Him.  It was a beautiful message for the church.  The altar call was beautiful.  Everyone came down to the front. Our choir stood behind them and we started to pray.  People were slain out everywhere. Children were shouting and praising God.  The cooks came up from the kitchen and were soused with the Holy Ghost!  The church received two new members today.  One was a young Asian man and the other an elderly man who came in an alcoholic but left changed by the power of God. He never had another drink after Jesus came into his life!  Well this man had been coming since Friday’s meeting.  Pastor Jacobs was beside herself.  She told me later that she had prayed to God that if all of this was in His will to give her a soul.  Well God gave her two souls.  But we know that other souls will be born out of this weekend also because God’s Word went all over Chester PA and it will not return again void.

Pastor Jacobs playing the organ!
I feel like my words are so inadequate in trying to tell of our weekend in Chester PA.   The Lord was with us every step of the way.  I was so proud of our choir.  This was Sister Danielle's first trip but out of all of us she was the only one who got into the kitchen and was able to help through out the whole weekend.  You would have thought she was a member there instead of one of us.  She has a gift of helps and God made room for her gift.  The children clung to the ladies in the choir and our choir reached out to every soul that they came in contact with. Everywhere there was a choir member with a child by the hand or holding them in their arms.
It was a beautiful time in the LORD!
God Bless you - Cris Mack