Wednesday, April 17, 2013

God's Word Going Forth On The Radio!

Greetings everyone,

Today, Pastor Gustavo and I went to the radio station to share God's word.  This station was not a Christian station but they have given time each morning to a missionary here, named Crystal, who has dedicated her life to spreading the Gospel in the jungles of Peru.
I shared with the people that God does not want to be invisible and distant but present and alive in their lives.  He desires for the jungles of Peru to know that He is alive and He can touch and change their lives.

Pastor Gustavo shared about Jesus and how He is as close as the mention of His name.  He is not just the Jesus of the Bible from a long time ago, but He is still the Savior and can reach out and do miracles!  So, it was a blessing for us to share God's word all over this community by radio.

We also have a follow-up report to share with you.  One of the young girls from the high school we visited felt in her heart to come to the meeting.  She left her home after school and walked for miles in search of the church.  She said to herself "I must find that church and see what God is doing there".  She came during the time we do questions and answers from the Bible.  After we closed the meeting, she came down and we prayed with her that Jesus would come in her heart and lead her and guide her.  God really touched her in such a beautiful and peaceful way.

Brother Daniel, one of the youth leaders here, went to get her a Bible because he found out she did not have one.  She was very happy to receive her very own Bible and thanked him.  He went on to encourage her to read the word of God and to keep coming to church and seeking God.  Pastor William also spoke with her and she left with such joy and peace and will be starting to come to church regularly!

In closing, I would like to tell you that God is just moving through the Word and even in the fellowships!  And since a picture is worth a thousand words, I thought I would just show you what God is doing through these next pictures!




Friday, April 12, 2013

An Entire School in the Presence of God!

This morning we all went to the Jorge Bardales Ruis Elementary and High School. We were given to opportunity to share a word of encouragement with the entire school. All teenagers lined up in attention with great excitement. Their were over 600 students present and they all sang their national Anthem and a few other songs. Then the Principal got up after sharing a few words and introduce us. We presented the school with some new basketballs and soccer balls because we found out that they needed them. The students clapped and cheered. They were so grateful and excited that we would think to bless them with gifts for their school. 

           After we presented the gifts Pastor Williams invited the students and teachers to come to his church. He also spoke to the youth about coming to his youth meetings and conference in August. Then Ben greeted the young people and encouraged them to work Hard in school because they are the future of Lima the next generation of doctors, teachers and pastors. The young people really listened. They focused on every word that was spoken.

            As soon as Ben was done, I (Rev. Sanchez) shared how we were fearfully and wonderfully made. I spoke about how God has a plan for each and everyone of our lives. God put within us all different gifts and talents to help us fulfill our purpose. Then God gives us the church and pastors, schools and teachers, coaches and parents to all help teach, train, guide and impart in us everything we need to fulfill our destiny. As I looked around their were teachers crying and wiping the tears from their eyes because they were so touched by Gods word. And as I looked at the students tell were hanging on to my every word like a life line. God was talking to hearts, Gods was challenging a generation.

I went on to share about a dream. I told them anyone can dream! No matter where you are, no matter where you were born. From the richest to the poorest God has given every man the ability to dream. And dreams have no limitations. And God said I can do exceeding, abundantly above all you can ask or think so dream big!  

As I close my thought I spoke of  to Alexander Graham bell and how he dreamed to make a phone and about Henry Ford and how he dream to make car. Then I spoke about the Wright brothers and how the dream they could make a machine to fly. All these men failed in their attempts to succeed but they got back up and kept dreaming. They never let failure rob them of their dream! They never let discouragement or disappointment rob them of their dream! But they kept going forward believing that one day what they dreamed would become a reality and it did! The bible says I can do all things through Christ that strengthen me!

So never let anyone or anything steal your dream.  And when you have Jesus in your heart, Christ will send the Holy Ghost to give you power and lift you up and helped you accomplish the dream.

God moved on his word. I saw some young children listening with tears flowing. I saw others students that started off listening with their heads bowed to the ground but as the word went forth they lifted up their eyes because  faith was released in that school. Their was a great stirring as God’s word went forth. The teachers told us that the speakers caused my voice to go out from the school and into the street. Then people gathered in the entrance way of the school just to listen to the message. We were told that Many people stopped on the streets outside of the school to hear the entire message. The principal and all the teachers were so touched and moved by God’s presence.

Rev. Teachman closed in prayed and all the students and teachers prayed with him. You could fell the power of God all over that school! After we left one of the teachers came to me and told me that all the teachers were talking and they all have said they never felt the power of God move in the school like that before. They knew that God had sent us and wanted to thank us. The coach came over to me and said he was going to be bringing his entire soccer team to church because they need God in their lives to be successful. We also have an open invitation to come and share God’s word with the school anytime! Pastor William is so excited because this was the open door he had been praying for. God is stirring up the town! The doors are wide open , the harvest is white and ready! I believe that we are about to see the biggest revival takes place in the jungle than we could have ever imagined!

God bless you and thank you for your continued prayers!

Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day One of Pastor's Conference in Nauta - God is there!

Today we started the pastor's and leader's conference at Pastor William's and his wife, Sister Clementine’s church - The Apostolic Renovation Church.  It was great to see many of our old friends arriving. Some travelled down the river for days and then walked the dirt paths before they could take a motor car to the church.  But once they arrived the weariness of traveling seemed to fade away as we embraced each other. Everyone is just so happy that the moment for us to gather together in God’s House had finally arrived.

 It was also nice to meet many new pastors and church leaders that have come to the conference for the first time. We have many pastors from different churches attending this year. Some are Methodist, Nazarene, Baptist, church of God and Pentecostal. Everyone came because they heard that God was moving and they are looking for a move of God to take place in their lives and in the villages that they live in.

I (Rev. Sanchez) taught the first session on "The God of Impossibilities."  I taught how when God sends you to do an assignment the ability to accomplish that task comes with the command to go. Nothing can stand against you or conqueror you because God has equipped you and God is with you.  I went on to say it is impossible for you to fail! As I began to speak those words tears of joy flowed from many eyes. The Holy Spirit began to move and pastors began confessing that it was impossible for them to fail while they were going all over the church hugging one another. Great faith was in the church as God continued to move!

Then the Lord began to reach out and touch His people in such a beautiful way. The atmosphere was just adoring. God was welcoming us to step into heavenly places where He could talk to us. Many new pastors from different organizations were filled with the Holy Ghost this morning. One of the young pastors said “I am the leader of the youth all over Nauta and surrounding villages and we don’t have a move of God - the church has gone dead. But God spoke to my heart to come here and I heard the Word of God, but this time it was like God’s Word was alive. I felt God for the first time so real in my life and then I got filled with the Holy Ghost! I thought it was just for the apostles because that is what I was taught! But today I spoke in tongues just like Peter did in the upper room! So please keep me in prayer because and I am going back to my village with Holy Ghost power and God has shown me this morning that a great revival will take place in villages all over the jungle.”

Pastor William taught the afternoon sesson on "Hearing God's voice and Knowing You Have the Ability to Accomplish Whatever God Gives You to Do." It was amazing because he preached almost the same message but in a different way. He talked about the trials and tests that come your way when you are believing God, but you must press through every obstacle to victory! It was a powerful message that encouraged and challenged the pastors to go forward in God’s vision like never before!

After lunch it was game time! Rev. Teachman’s team verses Minister Ben Satagaj's team. Now I (Rev. Sanchez) was asked to play volleyball with everyone, but I did not want to show off my professional skills, so I just sat in the shade with Pastor Gustavo and refereed! All I can say is that they are not friends on the volleyball team. Each team tried to destroy the other team! There was a lot of joy and laughter. We have all bonded and become such great friends!

Rev. Teachman preached the night service on "Being a Deliver!" He taught on Moses and how God raised him up and sent him to set his people free. But Moses did not go alone because God was with him working signs and wonders in the midst of the people! As he was preaching a prophesy came forth about how God has come to establish His Kingdom in the jungles and His Word would go forth with signs and wonders by His Spirit. Pastors, Leaders and children flooded the altar and the Lord moved on them all. God gave Rev. Teachman a word for Pastor William and the power of God came on him and he fell to the floor as the Spirit of God ministered to him.

There was also a young man that came to the church tonight that had an evil spirit in him. As I walked over to him that spirit started to cry out. It knew it had to leave and there was nothing it could do against the anointing of God. As I laid my hands on him that spirit left screaming and the precious Holy Ghost came on the brother and filled him up with power. He told me after service that he had been bound since he was child. The spirit would come on him and torment him and then leave and return. I told him that this time it left and it can’t come back because you're filled with Holy Ghost power!  After I said that the young man started shouting! He was free and just had to give God the praise!

It was a great night! God moved in such a beautiful way and this is just the first day! We are expecting God to continue to have His way for the rest of the conference and we thank you all for praying!   Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Chains are broken in the Jungle!

Today Rev. Teachman, Ben Satagaj, Pastor Gustavo, Pastor William and I (Rev. Sanchez) rode on the motor cars to the rivers' edge. Then we got on a boat and departed from Nauta as we went down the Maranon River. We rode about an hour before we crossed into the Ucayali River. The landscaping was dynamic! Looking at Gods' beautiful creation always amazes me. As we continued down the river we saw giant fish, colorful birds, lizards and snakes before reaching the Hegaremos District. This District is home to over 4,000 people. 

When we finally arrived at the village we found out that we were only 60 miles from Brazil. As we got off the boat we were met by Pastor Emerson and his family along with some members of his church, the Apostolic Renovation church. We were all given many hugs and kisses from the children as well as big hugs from some pastors from surrounding villages that came today to hear an encouraging Word from the Lord.
As we walked through the village we saw many houses being built and a community that was just starting to develop. I asked Pastor Emerson how long he had been in this area and he said just since the last conference we had in the jungles (that was in October 2012). He went on to say that God really stirred his heart about starting a church and he partnered with Pastor William and prayed and God sent him to this community where he has the only Pentecostal church. Currently they are having church services in his house while the new church building is being built. Pastor Emerson said he goes into the jungles and chops down wood and little by little he is getting everything ready to build God a house.
One of the greatest things he faces in this area is drugs. Right down the street from the new church site is an area where tourist and young people go to get high on drugs. These drugs are destroying the minds and lives of young people, but in the midst of the apparent danger Pastor Emerson is not afraid, he knows that God has called him to make a difference in that community and he believes that a great revival is going to break out in the area of the jungle.
When it was time for service the people along with four guest pastors from other villages gathered in the house where they have church and clapped their hands as they sang a song of praise unto the Lord. After the song was sung Ben and Rev. Teachman testified and encouraged the people through God’s Word before I shared a quick thought.
As I talked about Gods' desire to manifest His power in the midst of the jungles, pastors were just weeping. The people really came with a heart open and ready to receive from God.  They were praising God, clapping their hands and giving God the glory as His Word went forth and His presence filled the church!

When the message was over pastors quickly came to the altar looking for God to do something in their lives. As the pastors moved the people quickly moved behind them. As they stood at the altar with their hands raised to heaven crying out to God, the Holy Ghost swept through that house like fire! Pastors were falling out under the power of God and many people were filled with the Holy ghost and spoke in tongues for the first time. Teenagers and young children were just being saturated by the presence of God. Right here in the middle of the jungle the power of God was just flowing! People could hear the cries and shouts of praise from outside of the church and came over to look in the window to see what was going on.

Ben and Rev. Teachman were just laying hands on people and God was moving! People were falling in the doorway and out the doorway as God moved! We even had to go outside the church house to pray for the ones who could not get inside and God was filing people with the Holy Ghost outside of the church building!   

After that the little children started coming for prayer looking for a touch from God. Many of them were crying and talking in tongues! Others fell to the ground as God’s power overwhelmed them. These kids were captivated by Gods' power! Pastor Emerson came over to me crying and He said, “This is what I saw in my dream, this is the beginning of the mighty move of God that I saw moving like a river when God first sent me here!” He could not contain his joy because even his children were being moved on by God!

Many lives were just touched and blessed. People also testified about how God healed them and took their pains away during the altar call and the pastors came over and told us that they would see us at the conference.

After service we all fellowshipped and took pictures. Then we walked back to the rivers' edge just waiting for our boat to take us back to Nauta. Many of the young people and church members walked the paths with us so excited about what God had done.

Our hearts are also full of joy because of the great move of God in this village. We know that this is just the beginning of an awesome move of God and we are thankful that God has called us to be a part of it. What a wonderful thing to know that in the jungle conferences that we have been teaching here, God has raised up a pastor, filled him the Holy Ghost and put him in a village where His Kingdom can go forth saving souls and changing lives!

God bless you and thank you for your continued prayers as we head into the Pastor's Conference!

Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez