Wednesday, September 26, 2012

God Continues to Move in Missouri!

Pastor Bert and Sister Anita Travis from the Fairview Community Full Gospel Church in Missouri are so excited because the Lord has answered so many of their prayers for their church and community this week. The revival has been absolutely wonderful!  God moved every night in a mighty way...  Here are just a few more testimonies of God's greatness:

A group of four young men attended the revival services.  They shared with us about many of the struggles they have faced in their young lives:  leaving home at young ages, deaths in the family, and so many things, time wouldn't allow us to tell it all.  One of them was in a car accident and died twice in the emergency room; but, God, in his mercy, let him live.  Well, one night, while we were all at the altar, we began to share with these four young men what it really means to have Jesus in their hearts.  When given the invitation to ask Christ into their hearts, they all agreed!  We all held hands and Rev. Mancini led them in the simplest, but most powerful prayer.  Glory to God, He started a wonderful work in the hearts of these young men, and we know they will grow to do great things for God!

One woman came to the service so bound and burdened down by the darkness of sin, but, when she came to the altar and cried out to God, He heard her cry and lifted her heavy burdens.  She shared with us that while she was at the altar the Lord delivered her from cigarettes!  To God be the Glory!!  She got so on fire she began to bring her husband out to the revival meetings and he always found a place at the altars seeking God along with her! 

Another brother shared that he has had a problem with anger and while he was at the altar somebody came up behind him and laid hands on his back and when they did he said that something went right through him and the anger left his life!  He is free from that tormenting anger!  Now he is happy and full of joy and he gives all thanks to God!

The last night of the tent revival was exciting!  People came into the tent with great expectation for the move of God!  Rev. Sanchez preached on "The Altar of God", and when it was time for the altar call the people came with great faith looking for a touch from God!

How wonderful to see faith arise as many reached out to pray for one another.  Sister Anita really ministered to a woman who came to the altar with the 'world on her shoulders', but after prayer she looked like a brand new lady!  Pastor Travis was all over the place, crying and praying for his people!  The presence of the Lord was so strong we were all drawn to the altar, and time was not a concern, as we all were letting God have His way.  Truly, seeking God was as easy as breathing because He was in our midst moving, touching and changing lives! 

We can’t help but praise the Lord for the mighty week we had in His presence.  We have seen such a great change in this church this week and we know that they are going forward with God!

God bless you & thank you for praying
Rev. Sanchez & Rev. Mancini

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Missouri Revival Meetings #2

Tonight was another great night under the gospel tent!  All throughout the service, people were ready to praise - lifting their hands, shouting, and crying out to God!  And the Lord answered by sending His power to that tent! 

One amazing thing happened:  A sister in the church that lives over a mile away from the church, attended the service, but her children were unable to come due to school sports activities.  Well, they told her that when they got home, the church service was still going, and they could hear me as I was preaching clearly on the Love of God!!!  They were so excited, they said to each other, “Lets go now to the tent meeting and get what God has for us!” They came into the service and the entire family went down to the altar and God truly met them there!  We also heard reports of others that heard the service while in their homes.  Who knows what God will do next!

At the altar call the Holy Ghost, once again, made himself known!  One man who was there for the first time, came to me with tears in his eyes sharing that he has been addicted to pornography and has had a lust spirit almost his entire life.  He said, "I don’t want this lust in my life anymore I want Jesus!"  When he lifted his hands & we began to pray in the powerful name of Jesus, the Holy Ghost came down with the anointing that breaks every yoke!  This man cried out and that spirit left his life!

Another man came to the altar looking to be set free from drinking.  Alcohol had consumed his life and caused him to lose out with jobs, family and friends.  He was tired of living a lie.  He was tired of the habit that controlled him.  While we prayed, Rev. Mancini began to cry out to God to take the taste of alcohol from his lips ~ and God not only delivered this man, but He also touched his roommate who brought him!

What a beautiful sight to see people surrender to the Hand of God.  No matter where you looked, God was moving.  People were getting prayer over bales of hay; others were in the aisles shouting and speaking that heavenly language; children were on their knees with the hands raised glorifying God!  Praise the Lord!  God is in our midst ~ so we can’t help but to praise Him for all He has done and for what He going to continue to do!

God bless you
Rev. Melvin L. Sanchez

Monday, September 17, 2012

Missouri Revival Meetings

Rev. Mancini and Rev. Sanchez are preaching and sharing mission reports at Fairview Full Gospel Community Church's Annual Tent Revival in Missouri.  Their first report they share:

From the moment we walked in the door we knew it was going to be a powerful week!  The service had not even officially started, but the people were already praising God; walking the altar in full worship.  God was ready to move on their faith.  Right during the song service a sister of the church got really sick.  We were not sure if she was going to have to be taken to the hospital.  Her color faded and she was having trouble breathing and focusing.  Well, we knew we were in the right place & we began to pray with her and the power of God filled the church.  Her color came back and her breathing was restored!  The healer was in the house!  Jesus touched her and made her whole!

It was a blessing to share some reports of the good things God is doing on the fields, and we took the opportunity to share a video presentation from a recent Mission Trip that Pastor Kalinsky and some others took to Haiti.  These reports brought rejoicing and joy to everyone of God moving in this day. 

The night service was under the big tent!  The crowd was wonderful!  Church members invited family and friends.  Their was a singing group called "Daughters of God" whose song truly blessed everyone.  Rev. Mancini preached on "Drinking the Living Waters".  The Word was powerful, and many souls filled the altar.  People got saved, others made a determination to serve God even greater.  What a beautiful sight to see entire families praying together around the altar. 

This church here in Missouri is on fire!  They have grown and they are trusting and believing God for the miraculous to take place this week and it has already begun!

Please continue to pray that God will continue to move.

-God Bless,
Rev. Sanchez & Rev. Mancini

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

This truly is a “Year of Jubilee”

WWLM's Ministry Friend, Rev. Salvatore Mancini (also, Associate Pastor of our affiliate Church, the Full Gospel Interdenominational Church), is up in Canada bringing some spiritual encouragement through God's Word ~ God is moving & we just wanted to share this great report with you:

Hello all the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia, in Canada!!!  A good friend, Rev. Allan Emery who has come to our annual Minister's conference for years asked if I would come and minister to a rural country church in Newburne, Nova Scotia.  He said they really needed encouragement in the Lord.

The Pentecostal Church in the Pines was founded in 1932 and became a thriving Holy-Ghost-filled church until about 1985, when the church had dwindled down to only a few.  There was no Pastor that would take it on.  But God had other plans !!  A little 75-year old lady who was a faithful member of the church had a great burden, and kept the lights and the heat on for the next 12 years praying that God would send a Pastor to re-open the church.  In this time, she shared her burden with her nephew who was a successful businessman that had just given his life to the Lord.  Time went by and while here nephew was vacationing in Florida he found out that he a had brain tumor and needed an operation immediately.  It was life-threatening.  He came back to Canada to get a second opinion and the prognosis was the same.  They could not operate in Canada for months so he returned to Florida  to have the operation.  Before he went in for surgery he heard about a meeting a local preacher was having in St Petersburg.  So he attended that meeting and answered the altar call and he said to God, “Ill make a deal with you God... if you will heal this tumor I will open that church in Newburne and will start a ministry there."

The very next day he went to the doctor and asked for one more cat scan before the operation and, glory be to God, the results came back that the tumor was gone!!!  He flew back to Canada and went to see his Aunt and told her God has supplied a man to open the church AND that man is me!!  Needless to say she was overjoyed and happily turned the keys over to him. He and his wife fixed up the church, put in a new furnace and remodeled it with their own finances, and have now been pastoring there for the past eleven years.  Pastor Dunham and his wife Carolyn have such a heart for the people, and have built up the church to about 45 in attendance.

This past Sunday morning, I was received very warmly and with much excitement, they were hungry for God’s Word.  After a beautiful song service, I ministered on the “Year of Jubilee", sharing how God set the bondman free from their debts and their past and would restore their inheritance.  I brought this into what Jesus Christ is doing today and they just ate it up.  At the altar call almost everyone came forward to claim the promises that God has in this jubilee.  Even the Pastor Dunham and his wife came, hands clasped together, believing God for the promises.  People were seeking God with all their hearts, some with tears, some being overtaken by the Holy Ghost.  I sat on the altar while God was moving and one lady, filled with faith, came and took my hands and said, "God spoke to me through your message that I am worthy to receive his blessings in my life!"  While she was speaking she got taken away in the Holy Spirit!  Thank God someone was there to catch her.  :)

An elderly man came and said that all his life he thought he was not worthy of God's best, but this morning he knew he was and he went off speaking in tongues and praising God!.  Another middle-aged man came and said that something in his past had hindered him and stopped his ministry.  He didn’t think he could be forgiven enough to get back to the ministry he once had, but after the message he feels its time to return!!! 

All of these happenings, make me think of the words the songwriter said,  "Behold he comes Riding on a cloud, Shining like the sun, At the trumpet's call, Lift your voice, It's the year of jubilee, out of Zion's hill salvation comes!"

God did many wonderful things among these fine people.  This pastor and his wife were so happy and said to me that this is what they have been praying about.  They want to do more for God's kingdom and they know that this little church in the country is destined for greater outreach.  What a blessing to be able to meeting with the Dunhams to fellowship and talk about the things of God.

Pastor Emery and his wife Joan have been so kind to me to let me stay in their beautiful home during this trip.  We have had a wonderful time of fellowship and just encouraging one another in the Word of the Lord and others with needs who have come by to visit.  God is moving here in Nova Scotia!!  Thank you all so much for praying!!

Respectively yours, Rev. Sal Mancini

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Peanut Butter Collection

A Peanut Butter Plea!

 While the Edmé family from Mission of Hope International (Haiti) is visiting the U.S., they will be collecting jars of peanut butter to ship back to Haiti.  As our most recent mission team experienced first-hand while in Haiti, this is a very valuable 'resource'

From now until Sunday, Oct. 7th, WWLM will be collecting all types of peanut butters and nut spreads. Donations can be delivered to WWLM's Donation Facility located at 723 Main Street, Manchester, CT during donation hours of Mon - Thurs, 9am-4pm (closed 12-1pm).
Let's get NUTTY and
SPREAD the word!

Learn more about 
Mission of Hope International